Robert McKinley, Senior Analyst/Editor Robert McKinley is an analyst of the payments industry on a daily basis for 32 years covering payment cards and payment systems from both the business side and the consumer side. McKinley is the retired founder and chief executive of RAM Research, CardWeb and CardTrak. In his prior position, McKinley has participated in more than 10,000 documented news media interviews, testified as an expert witness in two separate $billion+ U.S. anti-trust trials, testified before the U.S. Congress, assisted the GAO with paymentsIMG_2006 (1).jpeg reports, chaired numerous business conferences and provided C-Suite opinion to a multitude of Fortune 500 companies. In retirement, he has continued developing and funding digital media assets as well as contributing payments related analysis/content to a broad list of online publishers, including CardFlash, CardTrak and CardData. McKinley is also a national certified mentor with the non-profit SCORE organization with a focus on assisting Fintech startups.

Fiserv Inks Partnership with PayChoice Payroll Platform

Fiserv financial services technology solutions made available the PayChoice payroll solution through its latest partnership agreement. Targeting financial institutions utilizing online business banking solutions from Fiserv, PayChoice provides payroll services to small- and mid-sized businesses. The strategic agreement will offer businesses multiple levels of service in a single technology platform by combining PayChoice online payroll, tax, human resources (HR) and employee benefit administration solutions with the strength of online banking solutions from Fiserv.

JPMorgan Chase Posts 1Q/13 Net Income of $6.5B

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] JPMorgan Chase reported record net income of $6.5 billion for the first quarter of 2013, compared to the year ago net income figure of $4.9 billion. Revenue for the quarter was $25.8 billion, compared with the 1Q/12 figure of $26.8 billion. The Firm’s return on tangible common equity for the first…

MoneyGram Renews India Post Agreement

MoneyGram global money transfer renewed its agreement with India Post. MoneyGram’s growth strategy includes aligning with post offices, among other types of agents, providing consumers with convenient access to reliable and affordable money transfer service close to where they live and work. Currently, MoneyGram has nearly 30 postal relationships globally in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Italy with plans to expand further in the coming years.

Ingenico Partners eMoney on Remittance

Ingenico payment solutions launched its Money Transfer solution in partnership with eMoney Solutions, specialized in the implementation of Vertical market’s solutions, allowing under and unbanked population to access to financial services. This solution was born from both companies’ commitment to bridge the gap between their cutting edge electronic transaction technology, and the great difficulty that most individuals in Africa face on a daily basis to carry out simple money transfers. The transaction model is based on immediate compensation: the agent enters the beneficiary’s name which generates a secret transaction code, sent by SMS to activate the transaction. The end-users thereby access easily to fast “anywhere, anytime” money solutions and also benefits of reduced commission rates with no obligation to credit their own account.

NCR Anounces Movie Time App

NCR launched its Movie Time mobile app, letting cinema operators engage customers on a custom-branded smartphone platform. The app features a user interface making it easier for consumers to navigate, purchase and share movie tickets and is integrated into NCR’s cinema solutions. The “NCR Movie Time” securely stores loyalty and credit card information with password protection and allows users to redeem orders at any point-of-sale, kiosk or usher stand. It is designed to be easily customized for individual cinema brands, making it seamless for theater operators to maximize valuable marketing opportunities with consumers and to build loyalty through an exceptional user experience.

DataCash Launches Fraud Management Tool

DataCash global payments services launched its GateKeeper:2.0, allowing online merchants and acquiring banks advanced technologies to offer end-to-end fraud monitoring, detection and prevention. Merchants can detect fraud and risk and crucially identify genuine customers with pin-point accuracy, regardless of the channel or geographic market that the transaction originated from. Merchants reduce costs of fraud with an average chargeback rates of less than 0.1%; increase web sales revenues; ncrease efficiency – through reduction in transactions sent for manual reviews & resourceful handling; and enhance visibility and control as able to process, manage and report on all transactions despite currency, geography and payment type through one solution.

PayAnywhere Expands mPOS Footprint

PayAnywhere mobile mPOS announced five new regional retailers are now offering its solution in their stores. Making the PayAnywhere reader available at these regional retail chains gives contractors and small business owners the opportunity to shop locally for the mobile point of sale solution proven to boost businesses’ cash flow. With the ability to conduct on-the-spot credit and debit card transactions using the PayAnywhere mobile credit card reader, the PayAnywhere app, and a standard smartphone or tablet device, PayAnywhere eliminates the need for contractors to chase down payments from customers once a service has been provided and gives businesses an easy and safe way to accept credit cards from wherever they are. Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android smartphones and tablets, and BlackBerry devices, PayAnywhere provides merchants transaction fees of just 2.69% per swiped transaction.

CyberSource Expands Global Presence

CyberSource eCommerce payment management services opened its French subsidiary in Paris to bring its fraud management solutions to French online retailers. This will be CyberSource’s second expansion into Europe following the opening of its EMEA headquarters in Reading, UK, in 1997. CyberSource is an eCommerce payment and risk management pioneer helping businesses reduce fraud. CyberSource’s ‘Decision Manager’ is an extremely sophisticated fraud management system that provides online retailers with the ability to systematically detect and eliminate fraudulent behaviour sooner, enabling them to optimise the performance of their internal review teams. Vitally, the system can not only help to reduce fraud; it does so while preserving the customer experience by minimising the rejection of valid orders and speeding genuine transactions through. Faced with the growth of online fraud, merchants should take a proactive approach and implement tailor-made solutions to help prevent fraud and and reduce false positives.

MoneyGram and First National Bank Launch mMoney Transfer

MoneyGram money transfer and First National Bank (FNB) launched their first mobile money transfer service, giving FNB account holders a convenient option for sending and receiving international money transfers using their mobile devices. The service features an advanced data encryption system that protects account holder information. Transactions sent from a mobile device are available for collection within 10 minutes, subject to an agent’s hours of operation and local laws and regulations. MoneyGram announced an agreement with First National Bank to solidify MoneyGram’s growing position in South Africa and makes it one of the largest money transfer companies in the region. Adding FNB to its agent network means customers have an additional nearly 1,000 MoneyGram money transfer locations across South Africa from which to send and receive money.

HP Cards and Payments Deploys Tango Processing

Lusis Payments and HP partner on payments switching. TANGO brings payments systems into line with the broader IT developments and provides a clear edge over systems that were relevant and capable once. The TANGO solution will be deployed across three central hubs with the first instance already installed in HP’s Regional Cards and Payments Utility in Sydney, Australia. It will run on HP NonStop, the platform of choice for critical on-line transaction processing globally. TANGO’s resilient system software coupled with the well-known capabilities of the HP NonStop platform provides a fully fault tolerant system.

Common Origination Platform and Fiserv Integrate Data-Sharing

Fiserv financial services technology announced its Common Origination Platform and LoanServ solutions have been integrated to provide real-time, full-circle loan boarding processes for all mortgage, lines of credit and installment loans. The integration improves efficiency for all users by sharing data points and eliminating potential errors caused by manual data entry. With an increasing number of financial institutions supporting both production and servicing operations, the integration of the Fiserv solutions provides a consolidated view of each customer as well as a single view of risk for their loan portfolios. The integration eliminates duplication within processes and the business management of the systems. With the LoanServ solution, data transactions are available online, in real-time so lenders don’t have to contend with the limitations associated with an end-of-day batch processing cycle.