AmEx Q4 Profits

American Express reported fourth-quarter consolidated total revenues net of interest expense rose to $9.1 billion from $8.5 billion a year ago, up 7% (9% when adjusted for foreign currency translations). The revenue increase primarily reflected the previously reported gain of $719 million ($453 million after-tax) on the sale of the company’s investment in Concur Technologies. The increase also reflected a rise in cardholder spending and higher net interest income.

Biometric M-Payments

By 2020, global mobile biometric market revenues will reach $33.3 billion annually. This includes 4.76 billion biometrically enabled smart mobile devices generating $6 billion in biometric sensor revenue, 4 billion biometric app downloads generating $20 billion in annual revenues from direct purchase and software development fees, and 825 billion biometrically secured payment and non-payment transactions generating $6.8 billion in authentication fees.  

Fiserv Lending

Fiserv made available its “LoanLaunch” enterprise loan originations on a single platform. Giving lenders a holistic view of borrowers across all channels and products, “LoanLaunch” gives greater transparency across departments, customers and business processes. As the new name suggests, the solution allows lenders to respond to continually changing business needs and easily “launch” new opportunities within the organization to address increasingly diverse borrower segmentation. The latest solution empowers the lender through its optimized control over virtually all retail and business origination operations.