Misys & SWIFT

Misys software has been awarded the SWIFT Certified Application labels for trade, supply chain finance and corporate supply chain finance. Having won the recognition for the seventh consecutive year, Misys was namely awarded for its FusionBanking Trade Innovation and FusionBanking Corporate Channels, FusionBanking Trade Innovation and FusionBanking Corporate Channels – Supply Chain Finance and FusionBanking Corporate Channels – Corporates-Trade Supply Chain Finance. Misys’ dedication to SWIFT best practices over the years has ensured the firm’s trade services platforms are compliant with the latest standards in trade finance. In upcoming releases this will include support for the SWIFT FATF 16 changes, due in 2015 as part of SWIFT’s roadmap to address financial crime in payments and trade finance.

Skrill Partnership

Skrill digital payments has partnered with Linden Lab to integrate the Skrill Digital Wallet as a payment option for Second Life user-created virtual world. Users can buy Linden Dollars (L$) with their currency of choice at the market exchange rate. Linden Dollars are then used for transactions among users for a wide variety of user-created virtual products and services in the Second Life marketplace. Since Second Life first opened in 2003, millions of people from all over the world have participated in the vibrant virtual economy, and Linden Lab pays out tens of millions of dollars to successful Second Life content creators every year. Skrill’s Digital Wallet provides users with a secure and easy method to send and receive Linden Dollars. Skrill 1-Tap, Skrill’s recurring payment solution, allows users to enter their information only once to enable continuous payments thereafter with just one tap or click.