Dwolla Direct

Dwolla remittance announces new experience similar to direct deposit. With a paperless, safe way to route payments directly to a recipient’s bank account, Dwolla no longer requires recipients to register for a full Dwolla account and all future payments made to their email address will be routed directly to their bank account in as little as one to two business days. Dwolla Direct users can get access to additional features”like the ability to send or request money”at any time by converting to a free full Dwolla account. The sender can send payments to emails: No need to collect, and then protect, sensitive bank account information to send a payment. Set it and forget it: Once your recipient’s email is connected to a bank account, future payments to the email address will notify the recipient and automatically route the funds to their bank or credit union account.

Scotia ATM Protection

Scotia Security Group has announced its intention to enter the US market with its ATM Cassette Guard device for protecting staff during cash replenishment. ATM Cassette Guard restricts access to the ATM’s cash cassettes during cash replenishment; programmable access codes and a full audit trail ensure complete access traceability, so the opportunity for fraud is extremely low. Integrated security features defend against physical attacks including thermal, cutting and explosives. Scotia Security Group has earned an enviable reputation for advanced banking security products; its customer list includes most major UK banks, many multi – national banks operating in the UK and several building societies. ATM Cassette Guard can be installed very quickly and easily; it uses existing fixing points so downtime is minimal and servicing can be carried out as normal.