PayPal & InComm

InComm integrated POS technology announced PayPal will utilize the InComm Digital Solutions (IDS) platform to support PayPal’s digital gifts services. IDS will enable PayPal to expand the number of leading retailers’ gift cards that it sells real-time on the PayPalDigital Gifts store and on the eBay marketplace. With this PayPal customers can now purchase digital gift cards from more of the leading brands, can quickly purchase and send digital gift cards either for gifting or self-use and can benefit from future mobile payment capabilities, driven by PayPal’s innovation and integration to the IDS platform.

Green Dot Support CFPB

Green Dot Corporation (GDOT) supports the CFPB’s newly released prepaid debit card Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). Green Dot’s Founder testified yesterday at the CFPB field hearing on the topic and believes that its business will not be materially impacted by the CFPB’s newly proposed rules. Furthermore, Green Dot fully supports the proposed rules that mandate “Regulation E” consumer protections for lost or stolen funds and disputed transactions, including the providing of provisional credits to consumers, and the CFPB’s proposed rulemaking dealing with the new framework for overdraft programs attached to prepaid cards.


IN-based Allied Payment Network, a provider of online and mobile bill payment services to the financial industry, announced the availability of BizPay, a small business payments solution that enables organizations to make bill payments, send payroll funds electronically, transfer funds to an external account, and email electronic invoices to their clients from within a single platform.

India & Breaches

The vast majority of Indian consumers (88%) but fewer than half (45%) say retailer data have read or heard about major retailer data breaches in the past year, breaches have increased their concerns about their personal data privacy during the same period. The majority (46%) characterize the way they manage data privacy on connected devices they own as Take-Charge rather than Reactive (39%) or Passive (15%).