UnionPay Targets Online Merchant Acceptance with Acculynk

Acculynk “PaySecure” user-authentication for e-commerce partnered UnionPay International to provide e-commerce authentication (UPOP) service to US based merchants. UnionPay International is a subsidiary focusing on international business of UnionPay, a global bankcard network with over 3.5 billion UnionPay cards issued worldwide. A single PaySecure implementation on the merchant’s e-commerce site also provides the capability to generate sales lift from new PIN-debit customers in North America, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean. Acculynk provides a flexible, customizable online- and mobile- authentication technology that meets local needs and regulatory requirements in international markets. Country-specific authentication changes can be incorporated without disrupting the merchant or acquirer. The “PaySecure” solution two-factor authentication provides online merchants with a secure, low-cost, guaranteed funds payment in which the merchant also benefits from a 100% shift of fraud chargeback liability.

Credorax and payworks Partner on chip and PIN mPOS

payworks white label mobile payment processing platform for payment providers implemented Credorax as an acquirer for its Chip & PIN mobile payment processing platform. Subsequently, payment providers can implement mobile POS market quickly without having to make major investments in a processing gateway, system integrations as well as meeting certification requirements. Credorax, a Principal member of Visa and MasterCard Europe and a PSD-licensed financial institution, will serve as a digital acquirer for merchants that process EMV transactions through the payworks compliant white label mobile payment processing platform.

Bluefin Payment Announces Partners Commerce Science

Bluefin Payment Systems secure payment gateway technology to integrated software vendors partnered Commerce Science Corporation (CSC) to integrate their “PayConex” payment gateway with its “eStoreXpress” software platform. The “eStoreXpress” platform allows CSC customers to provide their members, franchisees, customers or dealers with a personalized online eStore where they can sell products and services to their clients, without purchasing or managing inventory, processing orders or having any IT support to operate the eStore. Bluefin Payment Systems focuses on enabling full-service payment solutions to software platforms offered by companies in a diverse range of verticals, including business management, health/fitness, medical, legal, transportation and more. Commerce Science will integrate Bluefin’s payment gateway into “eStoreXpress,” allowing any customer to quickly and easily process electronic payments directly within the eStoreXpress interface.

AmEx Deploys Serve for FDIC Insurance with Wal-Mart

American Express and Walmart announced expanded security and funding capabilities to Bluebird, a debit and checking alternative that provides Americans with a better way to manage and control their everyday spending. Bluebird “Accountsi” will now be eligible for FDIC insurance, providing an extra layer of security. As a result, permanent Bluebird Accounts will now have the ability to receive direct deposit of government payments, such as social security payments, military pay, and tax refunds. Customers can also balance their Bluebird checkbook in real-time with pre-authorized check writing, add checks to their Bluebird Account by mail and add funds up to $100,000 annually. Bluebird is built on American Express’ “Serve” platform and is in addition to existing premium features such as the ability to add checks via smartphones, family sub-accounts and no fee access to cash at 22,000 ATMs for Bluebird members who have enrolled in direct deposit. To preauthorize a Bluebird check, users simply obtain a unique authorization code online or through the Bluebird mobile app. The payee can confirm that sufficient funds are available by calling American Express.

Card Rates Remain Unmoved

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] Average credit card APRs are holding steady, showing no signs of a drop off, which historically trends from January to February. Holding at a steady 14.96% March average, notably higher than the year ago figure of 14.87%, after a nearly 0.50% jump in October and hardly any fluctuation-either way- since. Meanwhile,…

hyperWALLET Launches New Payment Services on Expanding Global Network

hyperWALLET global payment solutions made available new payment services and increased global payment network reach. hyperWALLET has added faster payment services, or same day clearing, in the United Kingdom, Europe and Mexico through financial partners in the UK, Germany and Mexico using the SPEI network. This is part of the hyperWALLET international expansion it is experiencing worldwide.

Barclaycard Deploys MetricStream on Software Solution Compliance

Barclaycard US implemented MetricStream to provide Governance, Risk, and Compliance software solutions. Barclaycard creates customized co-branded credit card programs for some of the nation’s most successful travel, entertainment, retail and financial institutions. MetricStream provides Enterprise-wide Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Quality Management Solutions for global corporations. MetricStream solutions are used by leading corporations such as UBS, P&G, Constellation Energy, Pfizer, Philips, BAE Systems, Twitter, SanDisk, Cummins and Sonic Automotive in diverse industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy and Utilities, Food, Retail, CPG, Government, Hi-tech and Manufacturing to manage their risk management programs, quality processes, regulatory and industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance initiatives, as well as several million compliance professionals worldwide via the www.ComplianceOnline.com portal.

PayPal Partners Mirantis on Solution Migration

Mirantis OpenStack systems integrator opened its “FUEL” private library of configuration and deployment tools for OpenStack to the public. The “FUEL” library consists of verified deployment scripts for implementing a variety of OpenStack deployment configurations; these range from simple configurations for PoC and dev/test scenarios to highly available configurations for production use cases. And can it be used to deploy third-party OpenStack distributions, such as those provided by RedHat and Canonical, and can plug into customer’s existing operations infrastructure.

SecureKey briidge.net Platform Secures eTransactions

SecureKey Technologies announced the commercial availability of its cloud-based briidge.net identity and authentication platform allowing people to use devices and credentials they already have to perform strong two-factor authentication, bringing trust to mobile and online transactions. The briidge.net suite of extended enterprise federated authentication services is easy for people to use and reduces the number of user IDs and passwords they manage, without sacrificing security and privacy. The “Enterprise Service” is designed for financial institutions, government, healthcare providers, mobile network operators and other extended enterprises seeking to improve the security of their existing credentials with multi-factor authentication for accessing their online and mobile applications. Meanwhile, the “Exchange Service” is based on a three-party model of users, credential providers, and credential subscribers and allows authentication and identity information to be exchanged between credential providers and subscribers, while maintaining user privacy and control.

Casino Journal Recognizes Sightline Card Solution

Sightline Interactive of Sightline Payments won Casino Journal’s 16th Annual Platinum Award for the Most Innovative Gaming Technology Product of the Year. Determined by three independent veterans of the gaming industry, this recognizes the most innovative technology offerings in the gaming industry and is considered the most prestigious honor bestowed on gaming products and services. The SIghtline “Loyalty Card Plus” general purpose reloadable prepaid card program specifically designed for the gaming industry allows operators to customize their prepaid program to work in conjunction with their existing loyalty card program, creating a safe, secure and responsible way to enhance their patrons’ gaming entertainment experience while at the same time dramatically reducing their dependence on cash.

Datacard Launches Ultimate Card Issuance Platform

Datacard Group secure ID and card personalization announced enhanced features to its “MX Series” Platform for central card issuance programs. The “MX2100” and “MX6100” card issuance systems offers true field modularity, giving card issuers the flexibility to start with functionality and capacity as their business needs expand or system requirements change. The two new MX6100 and MX2100 systems are in addition to the MX1100 entry point product. The MX2100 and MX6100 card issuance systems include advancements to both physical and logical security features, workload efficiency, and more streamlined smart card handling with an innovative quality assurance module.

VerifyValid Introduces New Payment Platform

VerifyValid web-based payment enablement and fraud prevention company launched its CheckItOut “Beta” check payment platform, which costs organizations only the cost of a check, a flat 50 cents, per transaction. The CheckItOut “Beta” platform allows any large or small business, public sector entity, utility (electric company, solid waste disposal service, etc.) or not-for-profit organization can accept check-based payments from their customers via a simple web interface, which takes only seconds to activate. VerifyValid users can launch a instant web-based payment interface allowing their customers to pay them via the Internet without the cost and complexity of merchant accounts or credit card interchange fees.