MasterCard Extends PGA TOUR Marketing Relationship

Initiated in 1995, MasterCard and the PGA TOUR extended their marketing relationship through 2016 to focus on further providing MasterCard cardholders unique golf experiences, privileged access to top PGA TOUR tournaments and properties, as well as golf-related savings and offers. With this, MasterCard will expand TOUR-related cardholder benefits at key PGA TOUR tournaments and courses, as well as introduce new programs at select tournaments. MasterCard cardholders will have the opportunity to “text to win” for upgraded hospitality on competition day at the vast majority of PGA TOUR events. A selection of top tournaments will also offer cardholders special grounds ticket purchase opportunities, as well as on-site savings at concession and merchandise venues and provided a unique opportunity to “text to win” a one-time, 20-minute putting lesson with a PGA TOUR player at several different tournaments throughout the season.

Discover Posts 4Q/12 Net Income Up 8% Y/Y

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] Discover reported a net income of $551 million for 4Q/12, up from the year ago period of $513 million. For this, total loans, credit card loans and Discover card sales volume all grew 6% from the prior year. With this, credit card net charge-offs reached historic lows with a net charge-off…

Young EMV Migration Forum Already Hits Milestone

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] The EMV Migration Forum has already hit a milestone since its inception 4 months ago, growing to 100 members from the payments industry. Membership now includes global payment brands, financial institutions, merchants, processors, acquirers, regional debit networks, device manufacturers and industry associations. The Forum, an independent organization created by the Smart…

TSYS Partners New Bank, Inks Payments Agreement

TSYS signed a long-term agreement with Merrick Bank, a subsidiary of CardWorks, for undisclosed financial terms. This will provide flexible solutions for Merrick’s independent sales organization (ISO) partners, including point-of-sale (POS) solutions, authorization, settlement, reporting, managed services and risk mitigation solutions. TSYS supports financial institutions, businesses and governments in more than 80 countries, offering merchant payment-acceptance solutions as well as services in credit, debit, prepaid, mobile, chip and healthcare.

Fuze Network Processes Over 3.5mm Transactions

Fuze Network now lets consumers make cash payments on virtually any card and processed more than 3.5 million transactions in 2012. The Fuze “reCHARGE” Network has provided consumers with a simple way to send funds to credit cards as payments, to debit cards as deposits and to prepaid cards as loads. This Network routes transactions to more than 14,000 financial institution card issuers and is directly promoted to cardholders by many of those, including Citi Bank, First Premier Bank and Merrick Bank. The reCHARGE Network expands the number of retail locations in which a consumer can make a payment or load a card; increasing card usage. There are currently 150,000 integrated retail endpoints with access to the Fuze reCHARGE Network, including Pay-O-Matic, ACE Cash Express, Fidelity Express and additional partners planned to launch in 2013.

CardinalCommerce Partners Virtual Piggy for eCommerce Access

Virtual Piggy has announced its partnership with CardinalCommerce to integrate its youth payment technology into their Centinel Universal Merchant Platform. Virtual Piggy allows parents to set up a monthly allowance for their children and promotes financial management while empowering U21s to make purchasing, saving and other money management decisions for themselves, within the boundaries setup by their parents. Cardinal facilitates authenticated payments, secure transactions and alternative payment brands both for eCommerce and mCommerce.

Card APR Averages Steady for Shopping Season

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] Average credit card APRs have held the course for the shopping season at a steady 14.96% average. After hitting the exact average measured the year ago period, the average credit card APR has settled just below 15% after experiencing a nearly 0.50% drop last month since September 2011, plummeting back to…

Central Bancshares Implements Fiserv Sales Automation

Fiserv announced Central Bancshares, a $2 billion financial services organization, has implemented its “EnAct” solution to support transparent, relationship-centric approach to business development across all enterprises. The “EnAct” sales automation and management solution from Fiserv can be tailored to meet the specific needs of financial institutions of all types, leverages Microsoft’s powerful Dynamics CRM platform to address the specialized CRM needs of commercial banking, retail banking and wealth management. Using EnAct, Central Bancshares will now have an integrated, adaptable sales management solution that helps bring structure and focus to sales activities as well as increased transparency to sales results. In addition, the bank will have access to the data it needs to help drive significant and sustainable customer acquisition, retention and cross-sales across their enterprise.

IMAGO Circumvents mPayment Implementation Obstacles

QSecure announced IMAGO powered payment card and mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones, allowing users to program their IMAGO card with their smartphone screen and can use IMAGO at existing credit card terminals. IMAGO accepts all major credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards and helps users maximize gift card redemption while radically slimming down their wallet or pocketbook. IMAGO addresses NFC implementation, as it can communicate directly with regular credit card terminals and with smart phones, forming a bridge between the two.

Retail Decisions Expands Fraud Protection Folio

ReD fraud prevention services announced it is teaming PAY.ON AG payments processor platform to offer card-not-present payment fraud prevention services to PAY.ON’s global network of payment service providers (PSPs). PAY.ON’s customer base can now benefit from the integration of ReD Shield®, ReD’s real-time fraud prevention service, into PAY.ON´s white label Platform-as-a-Service, PaySourcing, and PayPipe, the independent payment routing gateway. This will enable payment providers as ISOs, or other service providers, acquirers and financial institutions to become fully equipped PSPs in 48 hours or to outsource their entire PSP business into the cloud. The ReD Shield provides merchants and PSPs access to fraud prevention tools and techniques without the need for in-house investment.

Wells Fargo Ranks #1 Consumer Remittance Services Provider

The Inter-American Dialogue released a study today naming Wells Fargo & Company a top ranking consumer remittance services provider. Wells Fargo tied for first place with two other companies, out of a field of 37. The Inter-American Dialogue is the leading U.S. center for policy analysis, communication and exchange on Western Hemisphere affairs. This after Wells Fargo announced record growth for its Global Remittance Services and reported total consumer remittance value remitted in 2011 at $1.8 billion. Wells Fargo ExpressSend customers can send funds to their beneficiaries in most countries through their choice of four remittance alternatives- account to account, account to cash, cash to cash, or cash to account.

Fiserv Upgrades UChoose Rewards Solution

Fiserv upgraded the UChoose Rewards mobile application on rewards and loyalty which provides merchant-funded and issuer-funded rewards capabilities for financial institution clients. This provides UChoose Rewards participants an expanded mobile search and online point redemption capabilities that allow them to identify opportunities to earn points through the mobile platform. The application provides a customized map to the locations of participating merchants, enabling UChoose Rewards participants to see available offers from merchants that will earn them bonus points. Participants shopping in stores can scan UPC codes on merchandise to determine if the item is available through their rewards program and how many points are required to purchase it, continuing the program’s award-winning service and innovative solutions.