Capitec Implements Diebold Cash Recycling ATMs

Capitec Bank is deploying Diebold ATMs to deliver advanced functionality, enhanced security and convenience to its consumers. The agreement includes Opteva® 328 ATMs which feature cash recycling technology, allowing users to perform advanced transactions using notes, coins and checks, as well as perform all standard ATM functions in a single machine. Diebold’s cash recycling ATMs automate note and coin validation, improving transaction flow and security. Migrating transactions from the teller line to the self-service channel makes money management more convenient for the user, while also allowing Capitec’s tellers to focus their time on providing value-added services to consumers.

U.S. Bank and Sport Chalet Launch Visa Rewards Card

U.S. Bank and Sport Chalet have enhanced the Sport Chalet Visa rewards program, combining it with Action Pass loyalty program. Sport Chalet customers now have the opportunity to earn more than 6 percent in rewards at Sport Chalet and 2 percent in rewards everywhere else. The rewards program will now have rewards fulfilled through Action Pass, making it easier for cardholders to redeem their points. The Sport Chalet credit card offers comprehensive benefits such as preferred access to entertainment, sporting and dining events, complimentary 24-hour concierge service, and more.

Card APRs Teeter Off for Mild Shopping Relief

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] After having erased any positive difference- with the greatest drop since its 2011 counter-figure in September- average credit card APRs have weaned slightly for October 2012. After hitting the exact average measured in October 2011, the average credit card APR has settled just below 15% at 14.96%. This after experiencing a…

Glyph Mobile App Helps Consumers Quickly Earn Card Rewards

Tech startup Glyph released its new iPhone app that provides consumers with valuable information regarding which credit cards offer the most valuable rewards programs. Using the iPhone’s location-based GPS, Glyph recommends the right card to use based on where the user is shopping. The app learns each user’s habits, and suggests which cards would make a perfect portfolio, never allowing the user to miss out on rewards. This makes it easy for the user to know the right cards to carry and to determine which card to use for each purchase.

Wowcards Wins Patent on Direct Mail Gift Card Solution

Wowcards direct mail marketing solutions received patent 8,287,002 by the U.S. Patent Office. Combining the benefits of a gift card and a credit-card-thick postcard, Wowcards enables companies of all sizes to deliver targeted campaigns that can achieve more than 100 times marketing return on investment. Wowcards combines the thickness of a credit card with a pop-out gift card approved by the United States Postal Service. Marketers can easily create “ready-to-redeem” gift cards with special offers and promotions, complete with branding and barcode. A gallery of templates reduces the ordering burden for businesses; they simply have to upload their logo and mailing list. There is no minimum order and pricing starts at 98 cents, which includes the design, printing, postage and fulfillment. Main street retailers, such as auto dealerships and repair shops, jewelry stores, and restaurants have utilized Wowcards to drive sales, attract new customers, or reactivate old ones.

Citi ThankYou Rewards Members Can Shop With Amazon Points

Citi ThankYou® Rewards members now can use their ThankYou Points at to purchase millions of products. ThankYou members with a Citi credit card enrolled in Citi ThankYou Rewards are currently eligible to use their points at Members can pay for their entire eligible order with ThankYou Points, including tax & shipping and choose to pay for part of their eligible order in ThankYou Points and use an eligible Citi credit card to pay the difference.

VeriFone Integrates ReD Fraud Screening

ReD’s online transaction monitoring and fraud prevention service can now be accessed as part of VeriFone’s PAYware Ocius managed payments solution. VeriFone’s PAYware Ocius provides multi-channel merchants with PCI-compliant hosted card acceptance and supports end-to-end encryption and tokenisation. By providing ReD services integrated into PAYware Ocius, VeriFone is able to deliver a total managed service that covers all merchant security and anti-fraud requirements whatever the channel of delivery – internet, mail order, telephone order and interactive TV. ReD Shield provides detailed transaction monitoring and analytics for real-time fraud screening and provides an even safer environment for all types of CNP commerce.

Connect.Me and miiCard Launch Social Rep Card

Connect.Me P2P reputation and social discovery provider and miiCard online identity verification company have partnered to create a verified social reputation card. miiCard’s Level of Assurance 3 (LOA3) identity verification service can prove a user’s identity to the level of a photo ID completely online and in just minutes, allowing consumers to track, monitor and take complete control of their online identity. This is the first step in building trust online so that individuals and companies can interact safely and securely.

Discover To Enforce EMV by 2015

Discover (DFS) announced its comprehensive strategy and roadmap that includes Discover Network, Diners Club International, PULSE and Discover Card. In alignment with U.S. EMV migration timelines, Discover is introducing Fraud Liability Shift for Discover Network (in the U.S., Canada and Mexico) and PULSE (in the U.S.), effective October 1, 2015 at point-of-sale terminals and Oct. 1, 2017 at automated fuel dispensers. This Fraud Liability Shift policy will be a risk-based payments hierarchy that benefits the entity that leverages the highest level of available payments security. As Fraud Liability Shift is already in place for Diners Club International (effective December 31, 2012 for mandated Participants), Discover will have one standard liability shift policy in place across all networks by October 1, 2015. Starting October 2013, Discover will also grant annual PCI audit waivers for merchants that process 75% of Discover Network transactions via terminals supporting both contact and contactless payments.

Inside Secure NFC Payment Applet MasterCard Certified

Inside Secure semiconductor solutions for secure transactions and digital identity announced its Mobile MasterCard PayPass M/Chip 4 payment applet has attained MasterCard CAST and Functional certification on the Inside SecuRead NFC module. The INSIDE payment applet can be used by banks, wallet providers, transit operators, mobile network operators, handset and tablet makers and others in SIM, microSD and other form factors to enable MasterCard payments in any NFC mobile device. The INSIDE Mobile MasterCard PayPass M/Chip 4 payment applet is part of the company’s ongoing development effort to offer a comprehensive suite of pre-tested or certified branded payment, access control and banking applets. INSIDE also plans to support the Visa Mobile Payment Applet, First Data CertiFlash Mobile and the SecureKey Authentication Applet.

Paragon and TSS Launch ATM Remote Key Loading

Paragon Application Systems (Paragon) ePayment simulation and testing solutions has partnered with Trusted Security Solutions (TSS), a leading provider of ATM key management solutions, to add Remote Key Load (RKL) testing to Paragon’s ATM simulation, configuration and testing solutions. TSS is providing the RKL module for Paragon’s ATMulator Plus, FASTest, and FASTress products. RKL provides ATM acquirers and terminal drivers with the ability to deploy the ATM Terminal Master Key from the software host to the EPP (Encrypted Pin Pad) and PED (PIN Entry Device). The ATM Terminal Master key is used to download the PIN encryption key which encrypts the PIN that customers enter to ensure that transactions are secure.