Unemployment Rate Down, Spending Up

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] With the total outstanding revolving US consumer credit having dropped 6.7% in July since the year ago figure, it was up in August 5.9% just as the national unemployment witnessed its largest change since February 2012, dropping to 7.8%. After sitting at just above the 8% mark for 8 months, the…

Open Solutions Implements Virtustream

Virtustream enterprise cloud solutions provider announced Open Solutions collaborative enterprise technology to community-based financial institutions worldwide will build and deploy its development environment on xStream, Virtustream’s enterprise class cloud solution. Open Solutions’ decision to move its existing virtualized systems to the cloud will provide the increased flexibility and agility needed to enhance the performance of its software solutions so that it can better serve the financial services community with its radically different technological innovations. For Open Solutions, the flexibility, agility and cost-savings Virtustream offers distinguished the company from other cloud solutions providers. xStream can easily support dozens of copies of the same systems running simultaneously, enabling developers to work separately on the new systems without interference.

Servebase Launches e-Commerce Plug-in

Servebase global payments provider has launched a Magento eCommerce Plug-In, allowing Magento users easy access to global, painless, feature rich eCommerce payments. The Servebase Payment Gateway allows online retailers and merchants to make money straight away with Global Acquirer links, Multi-Currency Support and Dynamic Currency Conversion. Tokenization and industry standard functionality of, Address Verification System and 3D Secure checking ensures security compliance and risk is of no concern and pre-authorisations, sales and online refunds mean all transaction types are supported.

Blackhawk Network Offers mGift Cards Through mFoundry

Blackhawk Network prepaid and financial payments products partnered mFoundry allowing it to offer digital and physical gift cards from hundreds of brand name merchants to smartphone users through Fin.X from mFoundry. Fin.X is the next generation mobile banking platform from mFoundry, North America’s leading provider of mobile banking and mobile payments. Smartphone users whose financial institution has deployed Fin.X and offers this option can browse and buy gift cards electronically from entertainment, fashion, dining, and home improvement brands that have a relationship with Blackhawk Network. The purchased gift cards are accessible via the consumer’s smartphone and can be redeemed electronically at participating merchants.

Dwolla To Offer Affordable P2P Payments Service

Banks and credit unions can now generate additional top-line revenue by offering a low-cost money transfer service to their mobile banking customers through a partnership announced today by Dwolla and mFoundry. Dwolla, a groundbreaking online and mobile digital cash network that allows mobile banking consumers to move money to other financial institutions right from their smartphones, will now be available to banks or credit unions that have deployed Fin.X from mFoundry. Fin.X is the next-generation mobile banking platform from mFoundry, North America’s leading provider of mobile banking and mobile payments.

Bluepoint Expands Check Fraud Prevention

Bluepoint Solutions expanded its automated fraud prevention tools for its RDC capture apps such as mobile deposit, ATM, merchant and home capture points. Checks from all deposit channels, now including Bluepoint’s award-winning QwikDeposit ToGo mobile capture, ImagePoint ATM, QwikDeposit Pro merchant capture and QwikDeposit Home products, are combined centrally in the company’s ImagePoint Hub for validation against multiple third-party services. The solution is designed to identify multiple types of exceptions, including checks drawn on accounts with a high incidence of return, low balance, new accounts, closed accounts, accounts with a known history of counterfeits and more.

TransCard Launches Gift Card Package

TransCard is offering its financial institution partners a complete Gift Card offering with its “Premier Gift Card” collection. Including a custom Gift Card design highlighted by a platinum underlay and an assortment of custom Gift Card packets, Financial Institutions participating in the premiere of the “Premier Gift Card” collection be provided custom display racks for each of their branches, as well as a selection of specially created promotional materials for display and distribution. The TransCard Premier Gift Card program is the latest in a series of new product, marketing and technology innovations from TransCard.

Symantec and Wincor Nixdorf Partner

Symantec and Wincor Nixdorf partnered to secure self-service banking solutions from different vendors all over the globe. The “ProTect” security program from Wincor Nixdorf now offers version 2.0 of its PC/E Terminal Security – Intrusion Protection- with key core components of Symantec Critical System Protection software, a proven and comprehensive security solution. The solution protects systems from digital sabotage and unauthorized attacks from outside. Wincor Nixdorf’s Intrusion Protection 2.0 protects self-service systems and networks from attacks by worms and viruses, thereby guaranteeing protection from unauthorized changes such as manipulation of the configuration.

Logomotion Launches microSD-based NFC Payment

Logomotion mobile payment solution allowing banks to offer m-contactless payment through the customers’ existing handsets, with the insertion of its NFC microSD memory card. Logomotion’s LGM Card provides a secure channel for banks to offer mobile contactless payment services to the mass market by unlocking the latent potential of billions of handsets with memory card slots currently being used by customers around the world. The LGM Card is capable of supporting all open payment schemes, such as MasterCard PayPassTM. This enables issuing banks to easily transfer their existing personalised card products to the mobile contactless environment and ensures mobile contactless payments made with LGM Card will be accepted at standard contactless point of sale (POS) terminals anywhere in the world.

GiftCard.com Partners Susan G Komen Foundation

GiftCard.com gift cards and incentive cards added the Support Pink Card to their selection of customizable gift cards on GiftCard.com and customizable incentive cards on IncentiveCardLab.com. The Limited Edition Support Pink Gift Card will only be available for purchase until Race Day on October 20th. The $5.95 per card price for every Support Pink Card purchased will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Susan G. Komen Foundation operates the largest series of 5K runs/fitness walks in the world. The race grew from 800 runners in Dallas, Texas in 1983 to over 1.3 million participants in more than 100 races around the United States and other countries in 2000. It raises funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer, celebrates cancer survivors, and honors those who have lost their life to the disease.

Oberthur Technologies Acquires Cupola Plastic Cards

Oberthur Technologies smart card technologies acquired Cupola Plastic Cards. Oberthur Technologies and Cupola Plastic Cards will become the regional leader in the Middle East and secure a strong presence in a number of African markets. Oberthur Technologies is able to offer customers a very diverse portfolio of payment cards, including EMV cards such as SDA, DDA, CPA and Dual Interface cards for contactless payments, enabling customers to benefit from the experience of thousands of successful EMV migrations. The company also offers solutions such as the Smart PIN, where the customer receives his banking card PIN via SMS, which is particularly interesting in the Middle East as most private addresses are P.O. Boxes.