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Proprietary Report with Analysis on V+M Latin America Caribbean (LAC) Payment Card Operational Performance.

Report Summary:

Visa and Mastercard purchase dollar volume (PDV), currency adjusted (FX), in the Latin American Caribbean (LAC) region has been robust in the first quarter (1Q/17) with year-on-year (YOY) growth in double digits. Mastercard has been slowly gaining on Visa in the LAC, eroding Visa’s marketshare in the LAC region, based on nominal PDV, to 64% at end-of-year (EOY) 2016, compared a 65% marketshare at EOY 2016 and 66% share at EOY 2015.

Combined, both networks logged $325 billion in gross dollar volume (GDV), $151 billion in LAC PDV, 579 million in . . .