For over 25 years, CardFlash has been providing trusted payment industry news on a daily bases. Originally a fax publication, and routinely the first news outlet to report on credit card related news, products and executives. Over the years we have adjusted our coverage to included all types and forms of payments. Our belief in sticking to the facts has allowed us to report fairly on the industry, providing our clients with information they can trust and rely on.

Today our news service is free of charge for all visitors to our website. We do provide premium services such as specialized reports, analysis, industry conference support and consulting. Please contact us is you can not find the information you are looking for on our website. We do offer businesses the opportunity to show their support for our services through our sponsorship program. If you are interested in supporting our business, while at the same time promoting yours, please reach out to us through our sponsorship program.

Robert McKinley is our founder and still our top consultant. Over the years Mr. McKinley has been interviewed for thousands of articles, published numerous books and has served as independent expert witness in major legal cases.

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