Thales e-Security (formerly Zaxus), a leading worldwide provider of e-Business security solutions, is set to further expand the capability of its Personalization Preparation Process family of systems with the addition of P3-Server. Bringing new levels of performance and flexibility to the world of application data generation for smart cards, the family of P3 products provides a cost-effective solution whether personalizing 30 cards per day or 30,000 plus cards per day.

In future P3-Server(R) users, such as card issuers (financial institutions) and card personalization providers (independent bureaus), will be able to link their expenditure to the performance they need. With the virtually unlimited ability to expand the hardware and software capability as the need grows, Thales e-Security’s new P3-Server(R) system now offers the flexibility of scaleable performance.

Ideal for in-line batch processing systems as well as post-issuance applications, where data is required to be generated and loaded onto cards dynamically after issuing to cardholders, P3-Server(R) offers a choice of interfacing methodologies to complement today’s sophisticated smart card management systems (SCMS). Application independent, P3-Server(R) allows data for new applications to be generated using the scripts supplied by the application developers. Thus, no additional software development is necessary to be able to issue cards containing the new applications.

The P3(R) family as a whole and including P3-Server(R) supports a wide range of single and multi-application chip cards with the flexibility to offer a range of different products and solutions to suit a variety of customer needs. P3(R) is designed to meet the requirements of existing card issuers moving to smart cards, operators of card personalization systems and systems integrators requiring smart card data generation capability within their products. Supporting existing and developing International standards, P3-Server(R) adheres to the EMV standards for data generation, including EMV style certificates and data authentication schemes.

Competitively priced, the P3(R) family of products start at US$ 59,000 and with P3-Server(R) available in Q3 of this year, Thales e-Security is helping to make Smart Cards a reality.

For more information about P3-Server(R) or other security technologies from Thales e-Security, visit Booth 2033 at the show or log on to [www.thales-esecurity.com][1].

About Thales e-Security:

Thales e-Security (formerly Zaxus, a Thomson Racal company) provides e-business security solutions to several thousand customers worldwide. Over half of the world’s banks, together with the majority of the busiest exchanges, currently use Thales e-Security technology. Operating in three main markets covering e-security, card payment and network security, Thales e-Security addresses the business security needs of corporations and governments alike. For more than 20 years the company has been at the forefront of security and payment technology, co-operating and contributing to set the industry standards used for financial transactions and e-commerce globally.

About the Thales Group

Thales e-Security is a member of the international Thales Group ([www.thalesgroup.com][2]), formerly Thomson-CSF, which has substantial businesses in information technology & services, aerospace and defense. Global revenues of the Thales Group are some $8 billion. The group employs 62,000 people worldwide; 50 percent are based outside France, including 2,400 in North America with a turnover of close to $1 billion.

[1]: http://www.thales-esecurity.com/
[2]: http://www.thalesgroup.com/

eN-Touch 3000 Enhanced

IVI Checkmate Corp. announced the addition of sophisticated multi-application and thin client functionality to its eN-Touch 3000, dial-up Internet capable point-of-sale payment terminal. The eN-Touch 3000 is a touch screen transaction terminal capable of handling secure credit, debit, EBT, smart card payments and value added Internet applications such as advertising, loyalty, coupon issuance, e-mail and merchant home pages.

The eN-Touch 3000 is a highly unique transaction terminal that will transcend the traditional transaction model to one that has vast potential to take advantage of the Internet’s “new economy” status. Its compact, all-in-one design that incorporates a thermal printer, stored value (smart card) capabilities and a large back-lit touch screen allows for a multitude of applications to be performed quickly and easily. The high-speed modem in the eN-Touch 3000 provides fast communications over the Internet. Additionally, the open software development environment and large memory that is easily upgradeable provide a platform for various unique applications never before seen on a store level transaction terminal. These applications can include web browser, marketing research, cash register functions, loyalty applications, bill payments, gift cards, on-line help functions and more.

“The eN-Touch 3000’s large touch screen allows the development of new and easier to use applications for the point-of-sale. This unrestricted design feature of the merchant/consumer interface, allows software developers to free up their imagination to create better and easier to use applications for the merchant and consumer alike. IVI Checkmate’s vision has always included the expansion and simplification of applications at the storefront. By adding both secure multi-application and thin client functionality to the terminal, we have increased programmers ability to add applications for gift card activation and redemption, loyalty points programs, image retrieval applications, telephone card activation and more,” says Geoff Bowen, Executive VP and General Manager, IVI Checkmate Ltd.

The eN-Touch 3000 features an easy to upgrade flash memory card that offers a base 4 Mb of memory, right up to 64 Mb. In addition to its vast memory, the terminal features the fastest dial modem, widest printer and largest touch screen of all its competitors. Smart card capability is ensured by an optional SAM board and the Ingenico-manufactured, secure PIN entry device called eN-Crypt 1200. This PIN entry device allows the customer the ability to swipe their own credit or debit card, or insert their smart card to complete the transaction. Combine a host of flexible communication protocols such as TCP/IP, Datapac, LAN and 3201 dial and the eN-Touch 3000 is clearly positioned as the functional and technological leader of dial payment terminals in the world.

The eN-Touch 3000 is also seen as a product that will enable the companies that distribute payment terminals to reduce their support costs dramatically. This will be done through the use of visual help screens on the terminal, as well as through superior diagnostic capabilities enabled through the TCP/IP communications capability of the terminal. Processors could use simple browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape to virtually see what is happening at the terminal level at all times, making the communication with the customer at the other end much clearer and easier to understand. Resellers of the terminal can increase its functionality and easily speed the time to market of value-added solutions without the entire payment application being re-certified through the licensing and utilization of IVI Checkmate’s thin client library.

These enhancements to the eN-Touch 3000 through the thin client are enabled by IVI Checkmate’s Network Services group, and provide the infrastructure via local North American access numbers for secure downline loads, Ethernet and ADSL connectivity. Additionally, a thin browser will enable the merchant to access many new functions under development such as inventory control, time and attendance, newsletters, settlement reports etc.

“With this new device, our customers have the opportunity to move beyond simple card payment processing to true information processing, in a compact stand-alone point of sale terminal,” added Bowen. “This is the point-of-sale platform for the future.”

About IVI Checkmate

IVI Checkmate is a major electronic transaction solutions provider in North America. The Company designs, develops and markets innovative payment and value-added solutions that optimize transaction management while lowering our customer’s cost of payment at the point of service within the retail, financial, travel & entertainment, health care and transportation industries. Ingenico, its strategic partner, is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and distribution of smart card-based and secured transaction products and systems. Ingenico’s installed base, which exceeds 3 million point-of-service terminals, serves the needs of customers in over 70 countries and territories. See [www.ivicheckmate.com][1] for more information on IVI Checkmate. See [www.ingenico.com][2] for more information on Ingenico.

[1]: http://www.ivicheckmate.com/
[2]: http://www.ingenico.com/

Inside Biz

Discover Financial Services, a business unit of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., announced the launch of Inside Biz, a new merchant newsletter designed to enhance communication between Discover Card and its merchants. The newsletter promotes the use and benefits of Discover Card products and services and offers merchants special savings and valuable resources.

Each monthly newsletter, produced by Discover Business Services, the Discover Card merchant network, features interviews with its merchants, industry trends and business and marketing tips. Inside Biz also provides exclusive merchant offers, news on e-commerce initiatives and research on business issues. The newsletter will be included in all monthly merchant statements and appears on the merchant Web site, www.discoverbiz.com.

“Inside Biz was designed with the merchant in mind. By establishing a direct point of contact with our merchant partners we are keeping them informed about our products and services, answering their questions and providing valuable business tips,” said Tom Dailey, senior vice president, Discover Business Services, Discover Financial Services, Inc. “This approach to communication with our merchants gives us the opportunity to provide them with informative resources for their business.”

Discover Financial Services, Inc. ([www.discovercard.com][1]), a business unit of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., operates the Discover Card brands with more than 50 million Cardmembers and the Discover Business Services network. Discover Business Services is the largest independent credit-card network in the United States, with approximately four million merchant and cash access locations.

[1]: http://www.discovercard.com/


Keyware, one of the world’s leading providers of biometric and centralized authentication solutions, announced the U.S. launch of Smart-Universe, a complete suite of smart card applications. Based on its successful experience in the thriving European smart card market, Keyware has developed a secure, platform-independent suite that addresses a variety of needs, is capable of combining multiple applications and is protected by biometrically enabled technologies.

Companies, consumers and government agencies are increasingly looking for convenient, secure ways to communicate and do business. Keyware’s smart card suite includes features for electronic payments, personal identification, event ticketing, customer loyalty and physical access. Additionally, Smart-Universe is protected by Keyware’s pioneering work in the field of biometrics, the technology of using an individual’s personal characteristics for authentication purposes.

“Biometric authentication can increase the comfort level for both users and information owners or sellers, since fingerprints, voice or facial characteristics are unique, hard to replicate, and very hard to loose,” said Amy Wohl, an analyst from Wohl Associates in Narberth, Pa. who specializes in emerging technologies. “In combination with stored information on a smart card, this technology could significantly increase the number of users who will be confident about storing and accessing private information.”

Keyware provides basic applications and tailor-made solutions for the following markets: electronic payments (Smart-Wallet), customer loyalty (Smart-Shopper), secure identity (Smart-Identity), ticketing (Smart-Show) and physical access control (Smart-Access). Also, because it is platform independent, Smart-Universe is capable of operating on a variety of devices (PC, mobile phone, PSA, ATM, card reader) and networks (PSTN, VPN, www, satellite, GSM). In addition to this broad range of application support, Keyware is able to offer state-of-the art security for smart cards. Keyware’s Central Authentication Server (CAS), with Layered Biometric Verification (LBV) technology, allows organizations to manage all their authentication methods from one server. These methods include PKI, biometrics, smart cards, PINs and passwords. Keyware’s CAS integrates into Internet and network security, physical access, telephony and smart card applications.

“Our Smart-Universe application suite has revolutionized security across Europe and Asia,” said Francis Declercq, president and CEO of Keyware. “By bringing our innovative smart card technology to the United States, we will make vast improvements toward protecting an individual’s safety and identity whether it is at a sporting event or while shopping online.”

Smart cards, already common in Europe and Asia, are being used more frequently now in the United States. They are the size of a credit card and contain a microprocessor (chip), which can be programmed to perform different functions. The chip holds electronic data and programs, such as an operating system.

Securing the cards

Keyware is a pioneer in the field of biometrics and firmly believes that adding biometric authentication – such as fingerprint, voice and face verification – to smart cards greatly improves the security of the card. Enhanced security significantly increases user confidence, which is vital to public acceptance and widespread usage.

An individual’s personal characteristics are unique and cannot be lost, forgotten, stolen or duplicated by an impostor. The cardholder simply enrolls his/her biodata (fingerprint, voice and/or face) and this information is run through an algorithm, which creates a number that is encrypted and stored on the card. Authentication is performed by comparing the biometric templates stored on the smart card chip with live biometric data captured at each transmission.

The user keeps the card with him, maintaining complete control of his personal biometric data. If the card is lost or stolen, it cannot be used by anyone else. Biometric technology allows organizations issuing the smart card to be confident that the individual they are allowing to access information or a location is who they say they are.

About Keyware

Founded in 1996 and quoted on the NASDAQ Europe (formerly EASDAQ) since June 2000, Keyware is one the world’s leading providers of a broad range of authentication solutions for real-world business applications, and a pioneer in the field of biometrics, the technology of verifying an individual by means of personal characteristics such as voice, face and fingerprints. Keyware’s Centralized Authentication Server (CAS) with LBV-technology allows companies to manage multiple authentication techniques, including biometrics, from one central server. CAS optimizes security and convenience for physical locations, e-commerce, network, smart cards and telecommunications applications.

Keyware’s award-winning technology is sold globally through an extended network of OEMs, system integrators and VARs. Co-headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) and Woburn (Mass., USA), you can find more information about Keyware at [www.keyware.com][1].

[1]: http://www.keyware.com/

ValueStar Program

ValueStar Corporation, a leading rating organization of local service companies and the First National Bank Omaha announced the launch of the ValueStar Customer-Rated program in the San Francisco Bay Area. This program brings ValueStar’s card holder benefits which includes knowledge, power and assurance to FNBO’s credit card holders. FNBO ranks as one of the nation’s top 15 credit card issuers.

“FNBO is the first credit card issuer to offer its customers the advantage of ValueStar Benefits,” stated Jim Stein, CEO and founder of ValueStar Corporation. “They took a strong lead by selecting ValueStar as a partner, to provide their credit card customers with the knowledge, power, and assurance associated with every ValueStar transaction.”

“ValueStar Cardholder Benefits provide a compelling local solution for the highly competitive credit card environment,” states George Schmelzel, Vice President of Marketing, at First National Bank Omaha. “We expect ValueStar Benefits will provide our customers with greater assurance to use their FNBO credit card for local service purchases while making it easier to select among highly qualified local businesses. ValueStar Benefits will be used by FNBO to provide increased benefits to our cardholders and to attract new cardholders.”

ValueStar ratings are divided into two brands: ValueStar Customer-Rated companies pass a license, legal and financial verification, and score 70% or higher in customer satisfaction. ValueStar Customer-Rated Gold businesses meet the same criteria plus have a score of 85% or higher customer satisfaction. Companies that earn ValueStar Customer-Rated are invited to participate in the ValueStar Benefits program.

The ValueStar Customer-Rated Program allows consumers enrolled in the ValueStar Benefits program to automatically rate their satisfaction with each local service purchased offline from a ValueStar Customer-Rated company. To accomplish this, ValueStar’s transaction engine matches qualifying purchases and automatically presents an online or offline survey to consumers that, in turn, provides an update to each company’s rating score in real-time. FNBO credit card holders that purchase from and rate local ValueStar Customer-Rated companies will receive the following ValueStar Benefits:

— Knowledge: the best ratings to find the best local businesses

— Power: the ability to publicly rate companies which makes them accountable for their performance

— Assurance: ValueStar complaint resolution services and a money-back guarantee of up to $500

— Something extra: ValueStar Rating Points redeemable for the most popular mileage programs, products and services

About ValueStar

ValueStar(R) Corporation (OTCBB:VLST) is both a pioneer and a leading provider of customer satisfaction ratings of local service companies. Founded in 1992, ValueStar’s mission is to improve the local marketplace by providing knowledge, power and assurance. To accomplish this mission, ValueStar is expanding its branded ratings to the six million local service companies in America by introducing multi-tiered rating designations and adding additional brand content. It has developed the ValueStar Customer-Rated program which enables, matches, rates and rewards local service transactions both online and offline. It currently operates the ValueStar Customer-Rated Program in San Francisco; Los Angeles; Seattle; Chicago; Dallas; Philadelphia; Washington D.C. and Atlanta. Based in Oakland, CA, ValueStar has partnerships or alliances with First Data Corp., First National Bank Omaha, Netcentives, Experian, BellSouth RealPages.com, OurHouse.com, Info USA, Foodscape.com, and e-Attorney. Key investors include eCompanies, Rustic Canyon Ventures, Seacoast Capital and Hull Capital. For more information, visit ValueStar at [www.valuestar.com][1].

About FNBO

First National of Nebraska is a multi state, multi bank holding company headquartered in the heart of downtown Omaha, Nebraska. With more than $9 billion in assets and over 6,000 employees, First National of Nebraska rates as the third largest bank holding company headquartered from Omaha west. Established in 1863, First National of Nebraska serves over 6.6 million customers in all 50 states, with over 75 banking locations in Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, and Texas. First National prides itself as one of the top five in-house merchant processors in the United States, a top 15 VISA and MasterCard issuer, a top ten VISA and MasterCard processor, a top 20 processor of automated clearing house transactions and a strong regional player in cash management services. First National is growing fast and growing profitably — reaching into national and international financial markets.

[1]: http://www.valuestar.com/


Smart card readers attached to PCs are a thing of the past as Schlumberger Test & Transactions unveiled its ‘e-gate’ smart card technology. ‘e-gate’ enables a smart card to simply plug into the standard USB port supplied on today’s PCs. Capable of working with any smart card operating system, including Java, Cryptoflex and Windows, the e-gate technology card uses a special chip, which integrates the USB interface electronics. This enables it to connect directly with the serial bus using a standard connector, eliminating the need for a card reader and a separate power supply, as well as driver software installation and set-up. ‘e-gate’ is available in two formats: standard ISO and SIM-style. The ISO format card can be used as a conventional card in the full range of smart card terminals supporting payment functions.

Royal AAdvantage

Royal Bank of Canada has rolled out its second co-branded airline card this month. Yesterday Royal and American Airlines announced they will roll out the ‘Royal Bank AADVANTAGE VISA Gold’ card this Friday. The co-branded card offers one mile for every Canadian dollar spent. Cardholders also earn double miles through December for American Airline purchases. The program offers a 2,500 bonus miles as a sign up incentive. The card carries a $140 annual fee and a 20.5% APR. American Airlines and ‘AADVANTAGE’ already participate in the ‘Royal Bank Avion VISA Gold Rewards Program’. As a result, ‘AADVANTAGE’ members can convert their ‘Avion’ points to ‘AADVANTAGE’ miles at a 1:1 ratio. Royal introduced its British Airways co-branded ‘Platinum VISA’ card last week. (CF Library 5/10/01)

Foil Card

The problem of peeling foil cards has ended as Giesecke & Devrient announced the launch of a new manufacturing process. G&D unwrapped the ‘Foil Card’ yesterday, offering card issuers the choice of custom silver/gold Holographics, laser refractive or rainbow pattern card graphics. The new card is a composite card using a proprietary process. The foil effect can be applied to the front or the reverse of the card. The cards also exceed ISO specs to avoid the risk of delamination. Until now, most foil type cards begin to separate within twelve months.