OJAM 2.0

ORGA Card Systems has released Version 2.0 of its ORGA “Java Card Applet
Manager.” The “OJAM” software tool simplifies the management of Java Card
applets and supports all Java SIM cards with specifications based on
international standards from Sun Microsystems, Global Platform and 3GPP.
“OJAM” provides on-card functionality, for which a 3GPP TS 23.048
compatible Java SIM card is read out with the help of a smart card reader,
as well as off-card functionality, for which neither a card nor a card
reader is needed. ORGA Card Systems, Inc. is the North American subsidiary
of ORGA Kartensysteme GmbH.


The Sultanate of Oman has awarded a contract for a comprehensive national
identity solution to Gemplus International. The deal will initially involve
1.2 million smart ID cards. This is the first smart card-based identity
solution ever implemented in the Middle East. The Sultanate’s smart citizen
identity card is intended for launch by end 2003, after all necessary
integration and infrastructure developments are made. Oman’s citizens and
residents will be able to securely and conveniently store their personal
credentials on the cards, including name, address, digital photo ID and
fingerprints. It is planned to extend the smart card usage to host the
individual’s driver’s license and border control applications, with other
applications, including emergency medical data, being added over time. The
ID cards combined with biometric recognition will be able to be checked
both by portable terminals and by automatic electronic validation, for
example at airport immigration checkpoints.


France Telecom’s w-HA subsidiary and iPIN released data that
showed a 15% to 20% month-over-month for the past 6 months for its
multi-operator commercial payment platform. By year’s end, w-HA’s payment
network will include over 100 participating merchants, mobile operators and
Internet Service Providers and provide interoperability between merchants
and six telco issuers including Wanadoo, Orange, T-Online
France/Club-Internet and Tiscali France. During the first three quarters of
2002, the number of active users purchasing digital goods and services on
w-HA’s network has increased to more than 350,000.
w-HA says it will be upgrading to “iPIN 3.0.”

MBNAs Chairman Dies

MBNA’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Al Lerner died Wednesday evening. Reportedly he has been replaced on a temporary basis by MBNA President Charles Cawley. The MBNA Board of Directors will meet next week to name a successor. Mr. Lerner is survived by his wife of 47 years, Norma; his son Randy and his wife Lara; his daughter Nancy and her husband Bill; 7 grandchildren; and the 28,000 people of MBNA.

Easy RPS

MagTek released its “Easy PIN Remote PIN Selection” system, a software-based process that enables consumers to select their own PINs without visiting the branch. The PIN itself never appears on the portion of the form that is returned to the institution, and because the PIN is converted to the PTV using a single-use encryption scheme, the PTV itself is highly secure; the form can safely be returned by mail with no risk of compromise

Hypercom 3Q/02

Hypercom reported its net loss for the third quarter is $1.4 million higher than the previous guidance and has reached $38.3 million. Earlier this month, the Company reduced its revenues and earnings forecast for the third quarter as a result of delays in releasing the new “T7Plus” POS terminal as well as the impact of special charges resulting from restructuring activities. The lower gross margin than anticipated is due to lower margins on product shipped from China to Brazil to accommodate the closure of the Brazil manufacturing operation. Net revenues from continuing operations for the third quarter were $64.0 million compared to $64.7 million in 3Q/01. Revenues were flat principally due to issues causing delays in new product introductions. Demand for the Company’s products is strong, as the backlog of orders increased during the quarter to $91.8 million compared to $50.1 million at the end of the second quarter. Hypercom projects consolidated revenues of $66 to $70 million for the fourth quarter and income from operations of $3.8 to $5.4 million. For complete details on Hypercom’s 3Q/02 performance visit CardData ([www.carddata.com][1]).

[1]: http://www.carddata.com

Fujitsu Hawaii

Honolulu City & County Employees Federal Credit Union has agreed to offer Hawaii-based financial institutions and retailers Fujitsu’s “Series 8000” Web-enabled ATMs. Fujitsu Series 8000 ATMs are designed to operate off-premise, in the lobby, through the wall and in drive-up environments. The Windows 2000-based ATMs offer banks, credit unions and other financial service providers next-generation features.

Intelli-Check Age Verification

Intelli-Check has received an additional order for 50 age verification units to be deployed at a major oil company’s retail outlets in the Northeast to bring its total delivered to-date of 500. ID-CHECK(R) units enable a user to prevent economic loss from check-cashing, credit card and various other frauds utilizing fake IDs and the ID-CHECK and IDentiScan units have the ability to determine whether purchasers of age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco meet minimum age requirements for their sale.

Fiserv PLUS

Sherman Financial Group has deployed “Fiserv PLUS” credit management processing system. Previously, Sherman concentrated solely on distressed consumer debt, amassing more than $8 billion in receivables since June 2002. Recently, the company added to its fold a portfolio of more than 50,000 performing (paying) consumer loans valued in excess of $100 million.

Advanta 3Q/02

Advanta reported consolidated net income for the third quarter of $6.3 million compared to a net loss of $41.7 million for the third quarter of 2001. Business card profits were $10.2 million. Business card managed receivables grew to $2.3 billion at the end of third quarter as compared to $2 billion one year ago. Charge-offs declined to 8.9% on an annualized basis as compared to 9.0% at the end of the second quarter. Over 90 day delinquencies declined 37 basis points to 2.99% while over 30 day delinquencies increased 7 basis points to 6.66% at the end of the third quarter. Card volume was up 18.4%, from $1.1 billion for 3Q/01 to $1.3 billion for 3Q/02. For complete details on Advanta’s 3Q/02 performance visit CardData ([www.carddata.com][1]).

[1]: http://www.carddata.com

Paymentech & ReD

Paymentech has inked a deal to add Retail Decisions’ “ebitGuard” to its “OnGuard” suite of fraud management solutions to enable merchants to reduce the charge-back fees associated with fraudulent card-not-present transactions. ebitGuard incorporates neural technology, with a number of other sophisticated processes, proprietary databases, specialist risk analysts and CNP experience to provide clients with a fully integrated real-time risk assessment service that delivers high quality risk management results.