Chase 3Q/15

Chase, the nation’s largest bank credit card issuer, continues to struggle with real growth as third quarter (Q3/15) outstandings inched upward by a mere 2% year-on-year (YOY) and purchase dollar volume (PDV) posted a weak growth rate of 6.%. Furthermore, Chase is consistently signing up 2.1 million accounts per quarter, while losing 3.0 million accounts YOY.

BofA 3Q/15

The nation’s second largest Visa and MasterCard issuer continues to struggle with sluggish outstandings and purchase dollar volume (PDV) growth, but credit card quality continues to improve in the third quarter.. However, Bank of America (BofA) continues to sign up 1.3 million accounts each quarter.

UnionPay Taiwan

UnionPay International is accelerating the process of chip migration of its acceptance network in Taiwan, with HSBC Taiwan, is enabling all of its ATMs to accept UnionPay chip cards. The UnionPay card business in Taiwan started in 2009 and now 98% of the local ATMs are now able to accept UnionPay cards.

Global Online Shopping

New research reveals while international shoppers share some common similarities on how they are finding and buying products online, consumers have unique global shopping preferences and behaviors that vary by country. Retailers looking to expand their brands globally should consider cultural norms and shopping preferences of consumers around the world.

Clearent Virtual Terminal

MO-based credit card processor Clearent unveiled the addition of a new virtual terminal that complements the company’s broad array of products and services. With the Clearent virtual terminal, merchants have the flexibility they need to securely process credit card payments in an office setting on a computer or when they’re on the go from their smartphone or tablet.