talech & Ingenico

Silicon Valley-based talech Inc., a cloud-based POS solution, unveiled a simple, affordable, EMV ready payment and POS solution that works with specific Ingenico Group terminals, can be activated seamlessly through a software download, and does not require customers to change payment processors.


It’s now possible to use the Seamless SEQR payment solutionSeamless to make international money transfers between SEQR users. The service is initially being offered free of charge and will be the simplest and least expensive way of sending money between countries.

Silver Bullet?

The National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) says the transition to EMV cards is an important step in the process of data security, but it is not a silver bullet. Last week the FBI also reinforced EMV will help reduce counterfeit cards but until PINs are used at the POS fraud will continue.