COF 3Q/15

Capital One (COF) continues to lead the U.S. credit card industry in outstandings and volume growth, posting a strong 12% year-on-year (YOY) gain in end-of-period (EOP) outstandings and a whopping 19% surge in Purchase Dollar Volume (PDV) for the third quarter as other metrics are relatively stable.

Revel iPad POS

Revel Systems has added a major new product to its iPad Point of Sale system with the availability of a new e-commerce mobile application solution that extends the functionality of brick-and-mortar commerce into mobile. Revel’s new white-labeled app solution for iOS and Android integrates directly with Revel’s iPad Point of Sale platform, allowing merchants to expand their brand to reach mobile users and create a new sales channel.

One Fuelcard

The One Fuelcard Card is exploding in the U.K. The One Fuelcard offers access to the largest fixed price fuel network in the whole of the UK (50% of UK filling stations). It also covers all Shell sites and all Esso stations, as well as all Topaz, Total, Texaco and Gleaner facilities.


VT-based CONIX Systems has unleashed TCMx, which integrates bank settlement of all payment types across all payment channels. TCMx provides both monitoring and settlement for check, ACH, mobile, RDC, image exchange, wire, and other payment systems, including return items and adjustments.


Australia’s Lending Works is now offering higher standards in ID fraud protection, while streamlining onboarding and improving operating efficiency. AU10TIX BOS is the first and only 2nd generation ID authentication and record generation technology on the market today.

Bluefin Decryptx

Atlanta-based Bluefin Payment Systems has teamed USAePay. The partnership will further enhance data security for companies using the USAePay gateway through with the addition of Bluefin’s Decryptx PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) service, which protects consumer payment data in transit.

Banking on Demand

FL-based FIS is expanding financial inclusion by supporting microfinance institutions across India. FIS Banking on Demand, is an innovative, hosted solution that enables small banks, payment banks and microfinance institutions to deliver banking capabilities to their customers without the expense and time associated with building out traditional banking infrastructure.