Mozido HCE

Mozido has unleashed its new host card emulation (HCE) product, Mozido HCE. Additionally, Taiwan Mobile Payments. (TWMP) has chosen Mozido as provider for its HCE and tokenization services to its consortium of 27 Taiwanese banks and financial institutions.

Sequent Software TSP

Sequent Software has launched the first Token Service Platform (TSP) to support all types of cards including credit, debit, prepaid and access control credentials. Compatible with all major credit and debit card networks, Sequent Token Service Platform allows banks to deploy a single solution to support their entire credit and debit card portfolio plus profitable private label and prepaid cards.

Instant Issue Cards

Cardholders are 22% more likely to be very-to-extremely satisfied with their bank if they have received an instantly issued debit card instead of a card sent by mail. A new study also found that cardholders who receive their card instantly in a branch often start using it immediately, accruing between $0.50 to $0.77 in additional interchange revenue for their bank during the first month.