V+M CIF 3Q/15

U.S. cards-in-force (CIF) for Visa and MasterCard credit cards increased 5.4% year-on-year (YOY) while CIF for debit cards rose 7.3% YOY, in the third quarter, according to CardData. Visa is leading U.S. credit card CIF in YOY growth, while MasterCard leads U.S. debit cards CIF YOY gains in 3Q/15.

eSecurity & ModPOS

The retail industry suffers from pervasive web application weaknesses from legacy software systems which are soft targets for attackers once inside a company’s network. Also, the most sophisticated point-of-sale malware ever seen to date is now lurking in retailers systems waiting to launch.

EMV Ignorance

More than half of business owners across all industries are aware of the recent liability shift, but only 29% are equipped to accept EMV chip credit cards. Although more than half of U.S. adults who have a credit/debit card have been issued a new chip card, only 41% know the benefits of the chip card.

Loyalty Cards

A new survey finds consumers feel pretty lukewarm about all those loyalty cards taking up space in their wallets: only 9% of those surveyed limit their shopping to retailers with which they have loyalty card or rewards memberships and only 25% say a store or website’s loyalty program is important to them and will influence whether they shop there.