Australian credit card gross dollar volume (GDV) rose 9.9% year-on-year (YOY) in August. Purchase dollar volume (PDV) increased 10.2% YOY and cash dollar volume (CDV) declined 0.2% YOY in August. GDV rose in August to AU$27.6 billion, compared to a revised AU$24.3 billion in the prior month and a revised AU$25.1 billion one-year ago. PDV rose in August to AU$26.8 billion, compared to a revised AU$23.5 billion in the prior month and a revised AU$24.3 billion one-year ago. CDV decreased in August to AU$836 million, compared to a revised AU$812 million in the prior month and a revised AU$838 million one-year ago. CONSUMER CREDIT CARD GDV Aug 2015: AU$25125 million Sep 2015: AU$25461 million Oct 2015: AU$25455 million Nov 2015: AU$26320 million Dec 2015: AU$28315 million Jan 2016: AU$22527 million Feb 2016: AU$25924 million Mar 2016: AU$26222 million Apr 2016: AU$24156 million May 2016: AU$26767 million Jun 2016: AU$26242 million Jul 2016: AU$24323 million Aug 2016: AU$27604 million CONSUMER CREDIT CARD PDV Aug 2015: AU$24287 million Sep 2015: AU$24624 million Oct 2015: AU$24631 million Nov 2015: AU$25482 million Dec 2015: AU$27484 million Jan 2016: AU$21763 million Feb 2016: AU$25061 million Mar 2016: AU$25367 million Apr 2016: AU$23370 million May 2016: AU$25908 million Jun 2016: AU$25389 million Jul 2016: AU$23511 million Aug 2016: AU$26768 million CONSUMER CREDIT CARD CDV Aug 2015: AU$838 million Sep 2015: AU$838 million Oct 2015: AU$824 million Nov 2015: AU$838 million Dec 2015: AU$831 million Jan 2016: AU$764 million Feb 2016: AU$863 million Mar 2016: AU$855 million Apr 2016: AU$787 million May 2016: AU$859 million Jun 2016: AU$853 million Jul 2016: AU$812 million Aug 2016: AU$836 million Source: Reserve Bank of Australia For a complete archive of more than 70,000 articles published since 1995 search the library.