Robert McKinley, Senior Analyst/Editor Robert McKinley, with 33 years experience covering payment cards and payment systems, is Senior Analyst/Editor for CardFlash and other payments-related publications. He is the retired founder and chief executive of RAM Research, CardWeb and CardTrak. McKinley served as an expert witness in 100+ litigations including two multi-$billion trials, testified before the U.S. Congress, chaired multiple payments conferences, hired as consultant by Fortune 100 companies and several overseas financial institutions. Full Bio:

Santander MULTOS

Santander credit/debit cards will migrate to MULTOS chip card technology for their card products. MULTOS is a smart card operating system based on an open standard governed by the MULTOS Consortium, an open industry forum comprised of more than 20 leaders of the smart card ecosystem. MULTOS is an open, high security, multi-application platform, defining a complete issuing environment. The technology brings operational benefits to card issuers and bureaus, such as more efficient personalization and reduced scripting and key management, compared to competing technologies.

Voicekey mPOS

After successfully completing the second phase of a SBRi mCommerce contract, funded by Innovate UK, Voicekey Limited is launching its innovative mobile-point-of-sale solution. The Voicekey mPOS solution has voice identity certificates to increase the security of the mCommerce transactions; barcode displays on the mobile phone in order to provide real-time confirmation of transaction payment and was designed to be inclusive from the outset – allowing secure and easy use by children and vulnerable users.

SmartVista & SA

Switzerland-based BPC Banking Open System announced SmartVista has been selected by Innervation Value Added Services, South Africa who is to develop new card business. Innervation has launched a full Third Party Processing Business and BPC’s solution will provide the company with all the capabilities needed to quickly create and launch a wide range of innovative local and international payment products. Innervation will use the new solution to support its customers across the African continent. Using SmartVista Innervation will launch a range of specifically tailored solutions for its clients, including instalment and revolving credit, gift, loyalty and pre-paid payment cards, travel cards and virtual accounts/wallets.