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GlobalPlatform Announces New Systems Committee Chair

GlobalPlatform announced Bruno Benteo, Vice President Innovation at Morpho Business Solutions Division, has been appointed as its new Systems Committee Chair. The GlobalPlatform Systems Committee defines open specifications that can be used for the back-office infrastructure for the deployment and management of one or more embedded applications on secure chip technology. Within his role as the Systems Committee Chair, Bruno will drive the ongoing work of the group to develop an end-to-end simplified framework. Over the next 12 months Bruno will lead the Systems Committee’s efforts to advance the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program to certify the functional behavior of a product against the requirements outlined within the end-to-end framework. In addition, the Systems Committee is developing an end-to-end testing program, which tests all elements of an end-to-end solution including the SE, handset and point of sale, to ensure that an application can be securely deployed in a mobile handset and perform for the end user as specified.

Payleven Announces New Ppricing Model

Payleven m payments company dropped its fixed pay-as-you-go transaction fees for their UK customers that process more than £2,500 per month. With the new pricing model, transaction fees start at 2.75% and drop to as little as 1.5% in three simple steps. The more card payments a merchant processes, the lower the fees. A small business, which processes more than £2,500 per month and less than £5,000 using payleven, will pay transaction fees of 2.25%. When processing more than £5,000 and less than £7,500 per month fees will decrease to 1.75% and when processing over £7,500 per month fees will decrease to 1.5%. The rate reduction applies to all current cards accepted by payleven and the transaction fee is automatically calculated. Cost savings will directly be paid back to the customer the following month.

BPC SmartVista Announces Latest Client

BPC Banking Technologies announced Saigon Hanoi Bank (SHB) acquired HabuBank to now operates a network of 250 branches, 250 ATMs and over 500 POS-terminals. The migration of HabuBank’s payment channels and cards to SmartVista was subsequently completed in only three months entirely by SHB staff. The Bank has subsequently launched a number of new initiatives powered by SmartVista, including more POS services as part of SHB’s merchant program.

MasterCard Announces Latest Branded eID card

MasterCard launched the eID pilot program. In the pilot phase, the Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC) will issue MasterCard-branded identity cards with electronic payments functionality to 13 million Nigerians. This initiative is the largest rollout of a biometric-based verification card with an electronic payment solution in the country and the broadest financial inclusion program in Africa. The eID card forms a key component of the Nigerian Identity Management System, deployed by NIMC as part of its mandate to create, maintain and operate the country’s first central National Identity Database and provide proof of identity to Nigerians 16 years and older. The eID card will provide millions of Nigerians with the security, convenience and reliability of electronic payments. NIMC is working with several government agencies to integrate and harmonize all identity databases including the Driver’s License, Voter Registration, Health Insurance, Tax, SIM and the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) into a single, shared services platform.

Contis Group Launches Visa Prepaid Debit Travel Card

The Contis Group launches Seasons’ Visa prepaid debit travel card, digital account and mobile app to make taking and spending money abroad much easier. Holiday money loaded onto the Seasons online account is held in sterling and the currency is converted as each transaction is made, using highly competitive FX rates. Seasons challenges the travel money market status quo, removing the need to convert pounds before travelling abroad and providing customers with a cost effective and innovative mobile product that is both simple and intuitive. Seasons makes the planning and monitoring of holiday funds easy. Holidaymakers can manage their money on the move via the Seasons mobile app and online account, tracking their transactions and total spend in real time and in pounds.

Emerging Markets Payments Announces New Location

Emerging Markets Payments announced the official opening of its new office in the UAE. This will strengthen EMP’s presence in the UAE as well as supporting its expansion across the entire Arab Gulf Area. EMP operates across all links in the electronic payments chain and currently serves 130 banks and 30,000 retailers across 49 countries in MEA. In addition to serving as EMP’s processing hub for the region, the Dubai operation will also house the company’s International Disaster Recovery (IDR) site. The IDR site is a state-of-the-art facility which will ensure that EMP’s customers will enjoy the highest levels of service availability.

Sipay Plus registers as Visa Merchant Agent

Sipay Plus has obtained the official registration of Visa Europe as Visa Merchant Agent, which means a significant step in the company strategy to provide added value and the highest security in payment services. Being part of the VISA Merchant Agent list means a continuous evaluation process from VISA Europe and Sipay Plus, to always offer the maximum level of security protection even developing the latest and most innovative payment technologies. The registration has been obtained during August 2014 after complying with all the necessary requirements, as well as the joint, coordinated and continuous work between Sipay and VISA Europe. For this, besides of providing the systems scan evidences, which must be positive, it is indispensable to comply with the PCI DSS normative, certification which Sipay Plus obtained in 2014 in its last version 3.0 level 1, which is nowadays the most demanding security normative in payment worldwide.

Virtual Affairs Announces Facebook Money Transfers

Virtual Affairs software has developed functionality that enables customers to transfer money to someone’s Facebook account or mobile number, without having to know the bank account number. The Dutch online bank Knab has planned to launch Knab Social, and new functionality in their app, in September.Virtual Affairs has launched software to make social payments possible. This way they bring back the social aspect of a financial transaction. Knab is the first bank that is going to use Virtual Affairs’ software.The functionality Knab is using to provide social payments is part of Virtual Affairs’ product BankingRight. A product that enables banks to offer innovative banking solutions to their customers.