Robert McKinley, Senior Analyst/Editor Robert McKinley is an analyst of the payments industry on a daily basis for 32 years covering payment cards and payment systems from both the business side and the consumer side. McKinley is the retired founder and chief executive of RAM Research, CardWeb and CardTrak. In his prior position, McKinley has participated in more than 10,000 documented news media interviews, testified as an expert witness in two separate $billion+ U.S. anti-trust trials, testified before the U.S. Congress, assisted the GAO with paymentsIMG_2006 (1).jpeg reports, chaired numerous business conferences and provided C-Suite opinion to a multitude of Fortune 500 companies. In retirement, he has continued developing and funding digital media assets as well as contributing payments related analysis/content to a broad list of online publishers, including CardFlash, CardTrak and CardData. McKinley is also a national certified mentor with the non-profit SCORE organization with a focus on assisting Fintech startups.


During Q1/14 VISA (VS) and MasterCard (MC) produced $94 billion in international credit card CDV, compared to $106 billion in the prior quarter and $96 billion one-year ago. VISA posted $46 billion in Q1/14 international credit card CDV, compared to $53 billion in the prior quarter and $48 billion in the year ago quarter, for a Y/Y growth rate of (-4.1%). MasterCard posted $48 billion in Q1/14 international credit card CDV, compared to $53 billion in the prior quarter and $48 billion in the year ago quarter, for a flat Y/Y growth rate.

Morgan Stanley Deploys NCR mDeposit

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management (MS) has integrated the mobile check deposit software from NCR Corporation (NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, into its new Morgan Stanley Mobile App for iPhone. Morgan Stanley’s new wealth management app features cutting-edge technology from NCR partner Mitek that makes taking a suitable photo of a check using a mobile phone camera even easier. Mitek MiSnap provides onscreen guidance to clients to help them properly orient the check in the photo frame and then snaps a picture of the check automatically. The check deposit is then validated and transmitted using the new NCR APTRA Passport for Mobile software for processing.

LoopPay Launches iPhone mPayment Case

LoopPay made available the LoopPay ChargeCase. This iPhone charge case enables secure mobile credit card transactions while extending battery life. The ChargeCase allows consumers to leave their wallets and charging cables behind for the day while gaining the ability to pay with their phones just about everywhere they shop or dine. The mobile payments market is poised for growth, but consumers have not adopted any of the mobile wallet solutions to replace their existing physical wallets due to the inability of previous mobile payment technologies to find wide acceptance at most retail locations. LoopPay technology turns existing magnetic stripe readers at nearly every point-of-sale terminal into contactless payment receivers without any changes to existing merchant infrastructure. The LoopPay ChargeCase is compatible with iPhone 5 and 5s devices and delivers about 60 percent additional power to the standard iPhone battery. Even when the ChargeCase is depleted after transferring charge to extend the phone’s battery, it still has sufficient power to perform more than 100 mobile transactions. T

Fico Announces Changes to Debt Management Tool

Fico announced the general availability of Fico Debt Manager solution 9.5, with a host of new features designed to help collectors improve productivity while ensuring they are compliant with new regulations. The solution enables collections groups to reduce operating costs, achieve score-driven increases in amounts collected, adjust to changing regulations and increase customer satisfaction. FICO Collection Scores are now available out-of-the box, giving users the ability to assign the right treatment strategy and collector to each individual account, and thereby helping to improve performance. Typical operations that adopt FICO Collections Scores see a three to five percent lift in collections. FICO Risk Intervention Manager clients report being able to handle two to four times the volume at the same cost with better right-party contact rates and improved customer satisfaction.

LoopPay ChargeCase

LoopPay, Inc. announces today the availability of the LoopPay ChargeCase, the world’s first iPhone charge case that enables secure mobile credit card transactions while extending battery life. LoopPay delivers the world’s first mobile payment solution that is accepted almost everywhere, and can effectively replace traditional wallets. The ChargeCase is the second product LoopPay has introduced in four months, with several more products planned for market entry this year. LoopPay invented the world’s first mobile wallet app that allows consumers to securely store all their cards and pay with their Loop Ready devices (accessories, smartphones, smart watches) virtually everywhere.

Powa partners iConnect for tablet POS

Powa Technologies announced a partnership between its PowaPOS retail payments platform and iConnect POS software to provide a robust, fully-integrated and advanced tablet-based POS solution. The PowaPOS T-Series is the first POS platform that integrates all major tablet platforms, with a high-speed printer, 2D barcode/QR code scanner, cash drawer, EMV payment terminal and multiple expansion ports, together in an attractive, all-in-one space saving form-factor. The optional PowaPIN is the world’s smallest EMV chip-and-pin acceptance device. iConnect’s iOS tablet software provides merchants with consolidated services, fully customizable for merchant needs. Features include inventory tracking, employee management, multiple language and multi-location support, real-time reporting, CRM, email and text message marketing.

Navy FCU Deploys Cachet mMoney for Prepaid Cards

Cachet Financial mobile money management partnered with Navy Federal Credit Union to implement a money management tool geared towards students. The credit union’s Visa(R) Buxx program will use Cachet’s Select Mobile(TM) Money prepaid mobile application to view balances, request money from parents through SMS, email or in-app notification, and use the locator feature to easily locate the nearest branch or ATM. Cachet’s Select Mobile Money prepaid mobile platform is a cloud-based SaaS solution that enables financial institutions to offer their prepaid cardholders a full suite of convenient financial services in one easy-to-use mobile application. Available for iOS and Android systems, the Select Mobile Money platform can be integrated with existing card programs or used to develop a new prepaid card program.

WorldRemit Parters Tigo Pesa to Offer mWallets

WorldRemit customers can now choose to have the funds delivered to a Tigo Pesa mobile wallet. Complementing existing receive options such as bank transfer, cash pickup and mobile airtime top-up, WorldRemit is an online service that allows people to send money around the world quickly and at low cost, using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Migrants from Tanzania sent US$75m back home in 2013, according to the World Bank while remittance payments to Tanzania from overseas have more than doubled since 2008.

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica signs for VeriFone VX Evolution POS terminals

VeriFone Systems announced that Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (BNCR) has selected VeriFone’s VX Evolution line of portable EMV and NFC capable point of sale terminals to enhance payment mobility and security for merchant customers throughout Costa Rica. BNCR’s migration to VeriFone’s VX Evolution terminals will enable its merchants to accept all types of payments”including traditional mag-stripe as well as EMV and NFC”from customers at and beyond the counter while complying with PCI 3.0 standards. The bank expects to install 14,000 of VeriFone’s VX Evolution terminals each year for the next four years to its installed base of approximately 32,000 Hypercom terminals. BNCR will install PCI 3.0 certified terminals from VeriFone’s VX Evolution product line. They include the VX 520, the VX 675 and the VX 680.

Idealinvent Partners Ncat to Expand Global Presence

Idealinvent has partnered with Ncat Systems & Solutions to provide its next generation banking products. Product suites include ConnectCore and DataMatrice comprising of core banking, channels & mobility as well as data management products will be available to banks on license, rental and SaaS models. Ncat is a leading distributor of globally recognized banking solutions in Nepal and has a wealth of experience in installing banking solutions such as ATM systems as well as consulting for On-line channels and Core banking implementations.Nepal’s financial services sector can benefit hugely from IDEALINVENT’s cost effective delivery models for their next generation banking platform ConnectCore. The ConnectCoreTM suite of products is completely service orchestrated allowing very short implementation timeframes and significantly low cost of ownership. IDEALINVENT’s products are also available as a service, under the B-SaaSTM brand name.

Citi Gears Up to Sell Banco Popular

Citi signed an agreement with Banco Popular to sell its consumer banking business in Spain. Targeted to close in the third quarter of 2014, the sale includes approximately $2 billion in GAAP assets, $3.2 billion in assets under management, 1.2 million customer accounts, $2 billion in loans and $2.8 billion in deposits. Approximately 950 consumer banking employees, 45 Citi branches and the ATM network in Spain will transfer to Banco Popular. Citi intends to focus on expanding the services it offers to Spanish corporations, private bank and public sector clients as well as continuing to service its multi-national clients with operations in Spain.

Borgun Embarks on mPOS Market

Borgun bank launched a mPOS solution in partnership with Handpoint. Borgun’s mPOS is tailored to address the needs of small and medium sized merchants and relies on Handpoint’s secure mPOS Platform as a Service (PaaS) – the only mPOS that has achieved PCI-P2PE application certification. Mobile POS is having a disruptive effect on all market segments and has proven that it is not just for micro merchants. Forward thinking acquiring banks realise this trend and are adding mPOS to their payment offerings, often replacing stand alone payment terminals. The Mobile POS solution consists of a Borgun branded payment app for iOS and Android, secure card readers and an EMV payment service. Handpoint Mobile POS is the world’s first and currently the only PCI P2PE certified mPOS application.