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Paydiant Announces Smartphone ATM Transaction App

Paydiant white-label mobile payments announced the grant of a new patent from the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). U.S. Patent No. 8,632,000, granted on January 21, 2014, describes approaches for using a mobile device to conduct transactions at automated teller machines (ATMs). The solution enables consumers to use their smartphones, instead of their debit or credit cards, to withdraw cash from ATMs, enhancing the consumer mobile banking experience while also supporting financial institution loyalty. And because it is software-only, it can be deployed without installing additional hardware on ATMs. The Paydiant solution enables the user to get cash simply by scanning a QR code displayed on the ATM with their smartphone. The Paydiant solution also increases security by eliminating the risks associated with card skimming and PIN theft at the ATM. An ATM code or token is obtained by a mobile device and used to associate an end user and their payment accounts to a transaction at an ATM. Users can pre-stage cash withdrawals on their smartphone and then identify themselves at the ATM by scanning the transaction specific QR code that signals the ATM to dispense cash via an encrypted connection to the cloud.

SmartMetric Launches Micro-Operating for Payment Card Apps

SmartMetric patented payment card technology and in-card biometric products created a sub-micro operating system for nano-computers. The SmartMetric Intelligent Card OS is an operating system that unlocks new possibilities for software and app development for a payment card-sized device that has broad functionality, comparable to a smartphone or tablet. SmartMetric’s operating system is designed to run on the SmartMetric intelligent card, which combines biometrics with patented nano-computing technology, the world’s smallest fingerprint reader, an internal ARM 9 processor, processing power equal that of a PC, and up to 128 gigabytes of memory, matching the maximum memory capacity of current iPads.

MoneyGram Payment Taps HI Segment

MoneyGram is offering convenient and affordable payment solutions for customers and insurance providers, working with some of the largest U.S. insurance companies to accept cash payments for premiums at more than 38,000 U.S. bill pay agent locations including CVS, ACE Cash Express, Albertsons and Walmart. Currently, MoneyGram is accepting payments for more than 200 health care companies. The health care provider will inform its customers if payments can be made through MoneyGram. MoneyGram offers same day and next day payment options.

Judo launches mobile commerce information hub

Judo secure payment solutions for mobile announced it has launched judoHub, a repository of content and educational broadcasts to help businesses, journalists and app developers understand and learn about mcommerce and payments. Inspired by the growing number of requests judo has received from companies that want help to implement an effective mobile strategy and steer through the payments world, judo is offering a ready-to-install payment processing platform. Its built from the ground up for mobile, allowing developers to focus more time on the quality of the apps they produce. The UK ended the year with a spectacular boost for mobile purchases. Sales completed via mobile devices grew 63% year over year, and exceeded 45% of total online sales.

Paysafecard Announces Augmented Reality to App

Paysafecard prepaid payment provider released an update of its free paysafecard app. The redesigned app offers additional features which enable customers to search for points of sale and to control their spending faster and easier than ever before. The augmented reality function 360° paysafecard shows the user sales outlets that are close to the current location. Finding the nearest outlet is therefore easier than ever before – and the app also adds an element of fun with its interactive search function. The outstanding display of 360° paysafecard allows customers to find the next point of sale in an intuitive way. In addition to the augmented reality function 360° paysafecard, the app offers many other innovative features such as the practical charging function via QR code and mobile access to the online account my paysafecard.

Identity Protection on the Internet

Internet is very much a part of modern life; today online world has pierced in every aspect of our lives such as online shopping, banking or chatting. Not only e-commerce is continuously growing, online services from public sector are also increasingly used throughout Europe. They provide a more convenient and efficient way for the public to access their government services and reduce the frequency of the time-consuming visits to their local government offices. Prerequisite to use online public services with a secure proof of identity is an electronic identity card (eID) with security chip. One recent example of such an eID implementation was the Slovak Republic which just started to issue an eID using solely security chips from Infineon Technologies AG to store the personal and confidential data of their citizens.

ReD Partners Setcom Against CNP Fraud

ReD global fraud prevention announced a new four year agreement with Setcom payment gateway, making ReD’s industry leading ReD Shield fraud prevention solution available to Setcom’s global merchant base, as part of an integrated fraud and payments offering. The partnership will allow Setcom to offer ReD’s proven fraud and risk services to its wide range of clients worldwide. ReD will work closely with Setcom and its merchants to provide consultancy and expert risk advice to deliver tailored solutions.

Mobile Money by T-Mobile

T-Mobile US, Inc. today announced the company is extending its Un-carrier consumer movement to personal finance – transforming smartphones into personal money managers that can free people from excessive fees they often pay to use their own money. Mobile Money helps counter that trend with the combination of a simple, smartphone money management application designed for use with a re-loadable T-Mobile Visa® Prepaid Card that offers many reduced fee or $0 cost services for registered T-Mobile wireless customers. With Mobile Money, registered T-Mobile wireless customers pay $0 for things they do every day. No charge for activation, monthly maintenance, in-network ATM withdrawals, or for replacing lost or stolen cards. No minimum balances required. No more worrying about overdraft fees. And no unnecessary trips to the bank or a check casheri.

CPI Decline

The consumer price index (CPI) has declined a record 130 basis points in the fourth quarter this year from 2011, despite persistent unemployment as well as rising fuel and food prices.However, it is up 20 basis points from one-year ago. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the year-over-year unadjusted CPI came in at 0.96%, which the BLS rounds to 1.0%, down from 1.18% last month. RAM Research predicts the CPI will decline to 1.5% by the end of December.

Casablanca Contactless Cards

ASK SA is proud to announce that the company is now a supplier of M’Dina bus, the official transportation operator for the city of Casablanca, Morocco. ASK has been selected by M2M, to deliver the contactless cards for Casablanca’s new bus network. M’Dina Bus decided to choose ASK to upgrade its system and to offer a more convenient and versatile way of transportation. Based on CD 21 chip, the smart cards have been provided to the users of M’Dina network. Today M’dina bus provides more than 1.5 million of travels a day thanks to its numerous and efficient lines.

Gemalto UpTeq Powers First NFC Payments in Ukraine

Gemalto has supplied its UpTeq Multi-tenant SIM embedded software and product to Kyivstar, the leading Ukranian mobile operator, supporting the country’s first ever contactless payment via a mobile phone. Working in conjunction with Kyivstar, Alfa Bank’s pilot paves the way for a full commercial launch of NFC mobile payments across Ukraine. Kyivstar is the Ukrainian business unit of VimpelCom Ltd, with a total customer base of over 25 million subscribers. The UpTeq SIM design incorporates a unique multi-tenant architecture that facilitates simple and fast on-boarding of new service providers to create a compelling value proposition for mobile operators, banks, transit and loyalty schemes.

NCR and ATMRC Deploy Weatherized ATMs

NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced today that Moneycorp has deployed weatherized NCR SelfServ™ 28 ATMs in city center locations around the U.K. to provide a reliable, secure service for customers. The NCR ATMs are conveniently designed for busy city center locations. Moneycorp worked closely with NCR and NCR partner, ATMRC, to quickly design, test and deploy the ATM solution. This ensured a timely and effective deployment for Moneycorp’s on-street ATMs, helping to future-proof its business and increase profitability. It is designed to be easily deployed and redeployed anywhere”indoors or outdoors”with minimal infrastructure requirements, providing maximum brand exposure, transaction volumes and revenue combined with a low cost of ownership. The SelfServ 28 ATM needs only a power outlet to operate and with a temperature range from -50 to +35 degrees centigrade does not require a structure to protect it from the weather.