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VeriFone and Lenovo Launch Windows-based mPOS

VeriFone Systems and Lenovo partnered to offer a versatile, enterprise-class, mPOS platform. Powered by Windows 8 Pro, it easily integrates with existing retail store systems. VeriFone and Lenovo introduced a versatile, enterprise-class, mobile point of sale (mPOS) platform to meet retail needs for a Windows-based system compatible with existing retail store systems. The platform integrates a ThinkPad(TM) Tablet 2 based on the Intel(R) Atom(TM) Z2760 processor with VeriFone’s secure PAYware Mobile technology designed exclusively for the Lenovo tablet. The mPOS platform integrates a ThinkPad™ Tablet 2 based on the Intel® Atom™ Z2760 processor with VeriFone’s secure PAYware Mobile technology designed exclusively for the Lenovo tablet. The integrated device is based on the Microsoft Windows 8 Pro operating system and will enable retailers to easily transition to a mPOS platform that works with their existing business infrastructure and operations, including multichannel management, store operations, e-commerce, merchandising, financials, and supply chain management.

U.S. Bank and Polaris Launch Polaris Visa Card

U.S. Bank and Polaris, a leader in the power sports industry, have created the Polaris Visa card where customers can earn points for every dollar spent at Polaris dealerships and for everyday purchases. With the Polaris Visa, cardholders earn points on all of their purchases and can redeem those points for Polaris Cash. For example, for every dollar of net purchases spent on the card at a Polaris dealership, they will earn two points. They also earn two points at gas stations and one point everywhere else. Once a cardholder earns 2,500 points, they can redeem the points for $25 in Polaris Cash, which can only be used at participating Polaris dealerships.

Retail Velocity Taps Direct POS Data Sharing Database

Retail Velocity signal management and retail execution announced the expansion of their Velocity POS Data Sharing Knowledgebase. Designed to educate the CPG manufacturer community on the availability of direct POS (or ePOS) from over 300 retailers and distributors, registered visitors to the Retail Velocity website can quickly identify what type data each Retailer makes available to their manufacturer partners. Velocity® ( is an enterprise Demand Signal Repository (DSR) that delivers retail insights and in-store visibility providing a single source of “Big Data” analytics for consumer goods manufacturers to drive their sell-through and profitability at the store, item and SKU level. Velocity provides actionable insights to all areas of the manufacturer including C-Level suite, category management, sales, market research, customer logistics, finance, merchandising and demand planning.

GfK Debuts mSolutions, Shares Perspectives on Big Data

GfK will be debuting cutting-edge solutions and perspectives on key topics facing today’s marketers and researchers at the ESOMAR 3D Digital Dimensions conference and related events. Tom Dailey (COO, GfK Consumer Choices North America) will describe the potential uses of location and mobile data to help retailers and others make wise business decisions. He will also introduce a new product in which GfK makes judicious use of this data to provide insights for marketers while respecting consumer privacy. Also, David Krajicek (CEO, GfK Consumer Experiences North America) will present a vision of how researchers can turn Big Data into Smart Data by adding expertise and business knowledge. This presentation demonstrates the potential for a fundamental shift in how consumers and companies alike access and leverage data.

ICICI Bank UK Intros eRemittance Solution

ICICI Bank UK announced the launch of a HiSAVE Remittance Account – an online savings account designed specifically for money transfers to India. HiSAVE is ICICI Bank UK PLC’s award winning range of online savings accounts and the new HiSAVE Remittance Account now joins this portfolio. This easy-access account offers the dual-benefit of far more convenient money transfers to India along with the opportunity to earn interest on the balance maintained. HiSAVE Remittance Account holders will earn 1.50% interest on any balance maintained in the account. They will also have the option to set a “Rate Block” on transfers to India, which means that customers can set a minimum exchange rate at which to transfer and ICICI Bank will ensure that money is sent only at that exchange rate or higher.

Vietin Bank Implements Yalamanchili Virtual Prepaid Processing

Vietin Bank has chosen global payments solutions provider, Yalamanchili to provide the payment processing software behind its recently launched prepaid card, which, for the first time, enables consumers and businesses in Vietnam to make secure online purchases from any website that accepts Visa. The virtual ‘E-Fast On Visa Prepaid Card’ has been developed to meet a growing demand for a simple, secure and convenient way to pay for goods and services online from around the world. The ‘E-Fast On Visa Prepaid Card’, a one-time-load virtual card that can be purchased from the Vietin Bank website, answers this need. Consumers purchase the virtual card online using their existing credit or debit card, load it with their desired amount and can then make secure purchases via international websites, up to the value of the card. Vietin Bank’s virtual prepaid card is now available to a large percentage of the banking population in the country.

Telefónica-MasterCard JV Deploys Gemalto EMV

Gemalto will supply prepaid EMV payment cards to Mobile Financial Services (MFS), the joint venture formed by Telefónica and MasterCard Worldwide. The launch is part of “Zuum”, a new payment service offered by Telefónica’s Vivo brand which aims to provide financial inclusion for the unbanked population of Brazil. Gemalto will also provide MFS with all the personalization services associated with EMV prepaid cards as well as tamper evident packaging and fulfillment to point-of-sale. Nearly 40 percent of Brazilians currently do not use banking services1. With “Zuum”, Telefónica’s Vivo customers will be able to set up a pre-paid account which can be accessed either through their mobile phone or a regular prepaid EMV MasterCard payment card, provided by Gemalto. “Zuum” will allow people to make secure, convenient financial transactions including peer-to-peer money transfers, merchant purchases, ATM cash withdrawal, bill payment, airtime top-ups and more.

Access Prepaid Worldwide Launches British Airways Cash Passport

MasterCard subsidiary, Access Prepaid Worldwide announces a new partnership with British Airways to launch a new Executive Club Multi-currency Cash Passport. The partnership will allow British Airways Executive Club members to earn more Avios points, receiving one Avios point for every £1 loaded (or reloaded) onto the card. The travel card, which is available now, offers a more convenient way to make payments for Executive Club members who travel to different countries as only one card is needed for payment across certain continents and currencies. The Executive Club Multi-currency Cash Passport™ card works with the option to load up to seven currencies while locking in the exchange rate at a point in time. When used in market, the card intelligently selects the local currency to ensure the best rate. If the local currency is not on the card, funds are used from other currencies loaded to ensure the transaction is approved. The chip and PIN enabled BA Executive Club Multi-currency Cash Passport™ will hold seven currencies; EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, NZD, and ZAR.

Cardholders Still Paying Down, Despite Unemployment Uptick

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] When superimposed over one another, unemployment and consumer credit outstanding swells and lulls indicate very positive correlation. With the total outstanding revolving US consumer credit down 2.4% in March to an adjusted $846B, it erased all positive momentum in April, springing to $849.8B. Meanwhile, payroll employment was up 175,000 in May…

FreedomPay Announces Ben & Jerry’s Latest Cloud Client

FreedomPay announced that Ben & Jerry’s is deploying the FreedomPay Commerce Platform across their domestic US franchise scoop shop system. The cloud-based FreedomPay Commerce Platform puts Ben & Jerry’s on the fast track of technology innovation. FreedomPay delivers a high-performance, secure user experience driven from the cloud to any device, anytime, anywhere. The platform seamlessly bridges the gap across in-store, web, and mobile by interconnecting POS systems, transaction hosts, incentive engines, and other disparate systems to a cutting edge transaction superhighway. FreedomPay is an early leader in true Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) for MICROS point of sales systems including support for NFC, EMV and magnetic stripe in a single solution.

USA Technologies Recognized at Connected World Value Chain Awards

USA Technologies wireless, cashless payment and M2M telemetry solutions for small-ticket, self-serve retailing industries earned the top award for the vending category at the 2013 Connected World Value Chain Awards last week in Santa Clara, California. The Connected World magazine Value Chain Awards honor the most successful corporate adopters of M2M technology and connected devices as well as the solution providers that help make their technology adoption a success. The awards recognize the process of combining multiple technologies, such as device-connectivity hardware, network services, as well as application software and infrastructure, to create a winning solution for the end customer based on quantifiable results. Entries were judged by a panel of industry experts and analysts.

Collis Contactless NIV Test Tool MasterCard Qualified

ULUL announced Collis Brand Test Tool, developed by UL’s Transaction Security team, has passed qualification by MasterCard for Contactless Network Interface Validation (NIV) testing. To correctly process PayPass™ transactions, acquirers need to validate their network interfaces with MasterCard. NIV testing checks that authorization and clearing interfaces are in accordance with the current MasterCard requirements. NIV Subset 7 ensures that acquirers send correctly formatted PayPass™ M/Chip authorization requests and successfully process the resulting response messages. UL Transaction Security has recently implemented the NIV Subset 7 in the Collis Card Simulator, which is an integral part of Collis Brand Test Tool. This new implementation includes two brand new card simulations related to mobile behavior (MCC_420 and MSI_420) to cover the NIV Subset 7. Now the Collis Brand Test Tool is now fully equipped to support acquirers in the full range of terminal and the network interface validations, as it is now qualified for both contact and contactless NIV testing.