Mobile Cash

Barclaycard and the U.K.’s Cellnet announced they will roll-out a pilot in April of mobile e-cash machines last week. The machines will allow consumers to download e-cash over Cellnet’s GSM network onto their Barclaycard by inserting it into a specially designed Motorola mobile phone. About 1,000 participants will also be able to use the card as part of the ongoing ‘VISA Cash’ UK trial in Leeds. To use the new mobile electronic cash machine, a Barclaycard with the added ‘VISA Cash’ function is inserted into a Motorola StarTAC mobile phone. The phone then asks the user to enter the withdrawal required, up to a limit of 50 stg, and a bank PIN. The e-cash is then deposited onto the Barclaycard via the Cellnet GSM network, and debited from the user’s account.