Etisalat Afghanistan launches Contactless mPayment Services

Etisalat Afghanistan arm of Etisalat UAE has launched the first of its kind contactless mobile financial service. The “mHawala” solution is a mobile financial services solution allowing Etisalat Afghanistan customers to purchase airtime directly from their handsets, send money from their mobile phones, pay their bills via their mobile phones, purchase goods and services from shops and or retail outlets and deposit or withdraw cash. The “mHawala” Mobile Accounts can be obtained at any Etisalat store or authorised Etisalat mHawala Distributor and is available to all ‘Etisalat Afghanistan” customers.

Mobey Forum presents mobile wallet paper

Simply providing consumers with the convenience and functionality of mobile wallet technology will not be sufficient to drive mass-market adoption, asserts Mobey Forum in a new white paper announced. Entitled ‘Mobile Wallet – Definition and Vision’, the paper offers a new perspective on what will drive consumer take up and highlights how industry stakeholders need to work together to extend the user experience beyond that of a conventional wallet by providing ‘rich content’ that offers unique opportunities for users. The paper from Mobey Forum also aims to bring clarity to the sector by identifying market drivers and offering definitions for ambiguous terminology.

Bank of America Merrill Adds to Card Platform

Bank of America Merrill Lynch for its global treasury management and online banking channel added its “CashPro Online” for commercial and corporate clients to perform routine transactions and make informed business decisions. This includes “CashPro Payments” global payments hub; “CashPro InformationReporting,” helping clients actively analyze and research their financial transactions and position; and “CashPro Mobile.” The “CashPro” spectrum lets clients initiate wire transfers, automated clearinghouse transactions and internal transfers, through a single application.

Apple FCU Extends PSCU Credit Card Servicing Agreement

Apple Federal Credit Union signed a contract extension for credit card servicing from PSCU Financial Services through 2014. The credit union has $1.4 billion in assets, 120,000 members and has been a member of the CUSO since 1987. The credit union’s portfolio of 24,000 accounts represents $60 million in outstandings. It is leveraging “AdvisorsPlus” experts to design promotional campaigns and has placed responsibility for the credit card program with one management team member. PSCU Financial Services serves more than 1,500 financial institutions, representing 16 million credit, debit, prepaid, electronic banking and online bill payment accounts.

SelectCore launches Iridium MasterCard m-banking app

SelectCore prepaid telecom and financial services transaction processor for the under-banked consumer market launched its mobile banking app for Iridium MasterCard. The Blackberry app is available free of charge to registered Iridium Cardholders on a secure platform and will soon be available to iPhone and Android users. Downloaded instantly from the cardholder’s online account, the new mobile banking app allows cardholders to check their account balance, view recent transaction history and money-share between other Iridium cardholders in real-time.

MasterCard Shows Global Retail Commitment

MasterCard is participating in the World Retail Congress 2011 in Berlin from 25 to 28 September 2011, as part of its wider commitment to the global retail industry. At the Congress, MasterCard will talk about some of its latest insight into consumer spending trends, the very latest and emerging payment technologies (such as contactless and mobile) and what they mean for retailers and consumers, as well as insight and advice for retailers on the challenging youth market. In addition all Congress delegates will receive a ‘Mobile Tag’ at the registration desk which they can place next to their mobile phone to make mobile payments at the Congress and experience the ease and convenience that this payment method can bring.

Monitise Granted Mobile Commerce Patent

Monitise mobile banking, payments and commerce networks worldwide has been granted a patent for their secure mobile/internet shopping solution. The UK patent relates to how Monitise can generate ‘virtual card details’ on the mobile phone to enable a consumer to shop in a secure and convenient way without them having to divulge data from their credit or debit cards such as personal account numbers, card expiry dates and security codes. The consumer chooses which account to use as the funding account for the virtual card. Monitise UK provides services to banks covering more than 55% of the UK retail banking market and works to help banks and financial institutions to defend and extend their role at the centre of the mobile payments infrastructure.

99Bill Launches e-payment Platform & mPayment Strategy

99Bill independent third-party payment service joined with its partners recently in Beijing to launch its new ’99Bill+’ payment platform and announce its strategy for mobile payments. Seamlessly linking the end-user’s back-end payment system and 99Bill’s front-end e-commerce platform, clients can embed all kinds of new and innovative applications aimed at improving user experience and speeding up the growth of their business. 99Bill has put great emphasis on developing its industry chain and has over 80 financial institutions with over 300 access points and the Company launched a new mobile payment product that supports multiple operating systems and turns the user’s mobile phone into a portable POS device to carry out remote payment, mobile receipt of incoming funds, management of incoming funds for SMEs and P2P payments.

Mobile Web 3.0 Development Offers Cross-Platform M-Commerce

Mobile commerce mini-cart mashup “mCartSB” combines Amazon “PayPhrase” and PayPal “Mobile SMS” online shopping and payment processing into economical mobile website alternatives to iPhone, Android and other platform-specific mobile apps. The “mCartSB” is not a standalone software product or web application, rather an integration component and affiliate offer their website design and online merchant ecommerce clients to extend their web marketing reach. The mCartSB mCommerce mini-cart mashup is to serve as an example of how to use the Mobile Web to do big things in small ways.

PSCU Financial Services Deploys EMV Chip/PIN Plastics

PSCU Financial Services is one of the first in the credit union industry to offer plastics that incorporate both EMV chip and PIN technology. The CUSO worked closely with Andrews Federal Credit Union to launch the new card, which is now available to all PSCU Financial Services’ member-owners. EMV integrated circuit cards are widely used in Europe and other regions because this technology offers higher security than magnetic stripe. EMV cards that offer PIN approval are preferred by international travelers because they offer the convenience of use at unattended kiosks and ATMs.

FaceCash Mobile Payments Standardized POS

With several POS software vendors announcing their planned support for the FaceCash mobile payment system in their respective products, vendors can create a new tender type button for FaceCash mobile payments. This lets merchants save 50% to 80% on per-transaction fees, while providing benefits to consumers that save time and money, such as bill splitting and electronic receipts. FaceCash uses a barcode or NFC signal to facilitate secure retail transactions, and is currently available as a mobile app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

POS vendor support Grows for FaceCash

Several POS software vendors intend planned support for the FaceCash mobile payment system in their products. Using a barcode or NFC signal to facilitate secure retail transactions, FaceCash is currently available as a mobile app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. POS offerings from Dinerware, POS Lavu, Own Point of Sale, POSitouch, Posera Maitre’D, RPOWER, ERPLY, MI9, SalesVu, and ShopKeep will integrate with the FaceCash API, which allows POS software to work with the FaceCash payment network. Some of the software modules are already in testing. Since FaceCash relies on the ThinkLink payment system instead of the traditional card interchange, merchants can save 50% to 80% on per-transaction fees, while providing benefits to consumers that save time and money.