After four years in development through its Yackie Telecom and PayToo
divisions, Paymotech Group has unveiled its “PayToo Mobile”
international mobile wallet. The telecommunications and secure payment
solutions group presented “PayToo Mobile” GSM mobile wallet to offer a
complete telecommunication and mobile payment solution through the
account holder’s single balance. The new solution also makes available
SIM card without roaming charges, VOIP account, calling card, additional
numbers attached to the account in more than 35 countries and financial
services providing for the transfer of credit all around the world.This
credit is available for calls, payments, transfers and withdrawals
anywhere in the world. Through its wide distribution network available
in more than 200 countries, with more than 450 roaming agreements and
over 400,000 recharging stations, “PayToo Mobile” targets frequent

PSCU Offers iPhone and iPod Applications

FL-based credit union service PSCU
Financial Services has launched iPhone and iPod touch applications.
This latest capability will help credit unions attract Gen Y and other
member segments who are avid iPhone/iPod users and will build brand
recognition through credit union logo visibility on the member’s mobile device and
customized iPhone application in the iTunes store.


Consumer demand for mobile money transfer services will see users exceed
500 million globally by 2014, principally in developing countries. Many
new mobile money services being announced will face political,
regulatory or commercial challenges as they bring their services to
market. This, according to Juniper Research’s ‘Mobile Money Transfer &
Remittances: Markets, Forecasts & Strategies 2009-2014’ report, also
shows sophisticated mobile financial services can add to the
attractiveness of mobile money services. Meanwhile, Africa & Middle
East, Far East & China and India will be the leading regions for
national mobile money transfer services in 2014.


Western Union and Maxis Communications Berhad, Malaysia’s leading mobile
communications service provider, are launching a service by 2010 to
allow Maxis subscribers to send cross-border remittances directly from
their mobile phones. This would allow 11 million Maxis subscribers
across the Country to send funds from their mobile phones. Recipients
are allowed to pick up the funds in cash at more than 345,000 Western
Union Agent locations in 200 countries. The joint service will mark the
first time Western Union has enabled mobile money transfer transactions
from a mobile phone outside the United States. In 2008, more than US$6.4
billion (RM22.3 billion) in remittances was sent out of Malaysia, much
of which sent by an estimated 1.9 million foreign workers living in


Monitise mobile banking services has signed a joint venture agreement
with Paynet electronics payment company. With the regional mobile phone
penetration nearing 50% of the consumer population, this partnership
will allow Monitise to extend its business further into Africa and the
Middle East to offer millions access to m-banking and financial
services. This thanks to Paynet’s well-established electronic payment
network in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda that connects to 35 regional
financial institutions. In addition to providing traditional mobile
banking to bank account holders, Monitise also enables people without a
bank account to use its services with technology that works across all
generations of mobile phone platforms.


Seoul-based Smart Card Laboratory (SCL) international smart card
solutions provider has joined the GlobalPlatform international
specification body for smart card infrastructure as an ‘Observer
Member.’ With its membership, SCL is allowed to closely track the
debates and activities of all GlobalPlatform card, device and systems
technical committees, is given the opportunity to contribute to various
‘Mobile Task Force’ initiatives and participate in its Advisory Council,
which provide members with direct access to the Board of Directors.
GlobalPlatform is a member driven association with cross-industry
representation from all world continents with an estimated 305.7 million
smart cards deployed while Smart Card Laboratory smart card solution
offers a wide range of products and solutions related to smart cards.

Alliant CU Picks PSCU and mFoundry

FL-based PSCU Financial Services and CA-based mFoundry has been selected by IL-based Alliant Credit Union
to deliver mobile
banking to its 250,000-plus members. The mobile banking solution eliminates costly implementation processes by tapping into the
cooperative’s existing connectivity with multiple data sources. The
solution includes comprehensive 24/7 support by customer representatives
as well as turnkey marketing support. With more than $6 billion in
assets, Alliant Credit Union is the seventh largest credit union in the
U.S. Its members include employees, family and retirees of select
employer groups and organizations nationwide.

PSCU Issues Call Center Innovator Awards

Fl-based PSCU Financial Services honored four innovative credit unions at the 2009 Financial Service Centers Cooperative annual meeting
in Las Vegas. Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union, University of Hawaii
Federal Credit Union and Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union and Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union
received the “Call Center Innovator” award. These credit unions conducted cultural training to better align Total
Member Care service representatives with the needs of their members.
PSCU Financial Services’ Total Member Care business unit also received
the “2009 FSCC Globe Award for Outstanding Service”, which honors credit unions and
industry partners who demonstrate exceptional service and a commitment to shared
branching. Through its 24/7call center and software solutions, Total Member Care
processed nearly 3 million shared branching transactions in 2008. PSCU Financial Services is the
nation’s largest credit union service organization (CUSO), and serves more than 1,300
financial institutions nationwide.

PSCU to Deploy the Akcelerant Framework

FL-based PSCU Financial Services has implemented the “Akcelerant Framework” to upgrade its collection processes.
The “Akcelerant Framework” for collections provides customizable
collection management tools with a workflow and analysis engine
that integrates to host data processors and service providers—creating a
highly efficient environment. PSCU Financial Services currently conducts 450,000 outbound calls each
month to service delinquent credit card accounts.
PSCU Financial Services is the
nation’s largest credit union service organization and serves
more than 1,300 financial institutions nationwide. As a non-profit
cooperative, the company is owned by more than 600 member credit unions
representing over 13 million accounts and 860,000 online bill payment
subscribers. Its Contact Centers handle more than 16 million inquiries a


Monitise plc has announced the formation of Monitise India. The company
will bring together a consortium of investors from across
the financial services and mobile technology market. ICICI Bank, The
Monitise India mobile money service has been designed around the
‘ecosystem’ principle. This leverages existing banking standards, such
as ISO 8583 & IFX, to connect regulated bank and card accounts with
multiple mobile networks. The planned services include balance enquiry,
transaction reports,
payments to merchants or other people, transfers between accounts, bill
payment and the ability to top up pre-pay mobile phone accounts.
The new service will let customers of participating financial
institutions manage their money and make payments on the move using
their choice of mobile network and handset.

Mobile Money Research Service is Unveiled

ABI Research has launched “Mobile Money Research Service.” It provides market data, analysis, and forecasts relevant to all the major stakeholders in this market: banks, financial services organizations, credit card processors, chip manufacturers, mobile device OEMs, Near Field Communications (NFC) suppliers, mobile network operators, system integrators, merchants and more. The new service provides a comprehensive view of the technologies, infrastructure, services, devices, supply chain participants, ecosystem partnerships, verticals, and customer interests/preferences driving the market for mobile commerce and banking services using the mobile phone. The new “Mobile Money” service will include many of the research components common to other ABI Research Services: full-length Research Reports, shorter Research Briefs, Market Data products, ABI Insights, and analyst inquiry support.

Uncertain Economy Produces an Always On Demand

A new survey has found that 53% of Americans said that the need for ‘always on’ information had increased in the past few months as the economic outlook has become less certain. The research by Monitise
Americas also found that overall 77% of Americans want ‘Always On’ banking. Over 90% of those polled who stated that they wanted mobile money services said that they would like to check account balances, view latest transactions and receive fraud alerts. Nine out of ten of consumers said they would use the service at least once a week, while 76% of consumers said that they would use the service more often.
Transactional services are also in demand, with 90% also wanting to transfer money between checking and savings accounts and 80% saying that they would like to be able to pay bills and receive notification when they are due. Additionally, the evidence showed that consumers want the service on their primary bank account, with 82% saying that they would prefer not to set up a new or secondary account in order to be able to manage their money on the move.