MasterCard Installments Option Set for Summer Launch

MasterCard Installments Option Set for Summer Launch

MasterCard Installments is gearing-up in Europe enabling cardholders to split transactions across equal monthly installments using their existing debit, credit or commercial card at the time of purchase. MasterCard says this makes high-value purchases, such as a new TV or car repairs, more attainable and manageable for consumers. MasterCard Installments can help businesses, issuers and…

MC Safety Net

MasterCard has launched Safety Net in Europe to reduce the impact of cyberhacking of banks and processors. It is designed to use the power of MasterCard’s global network, to identify unusual behavior and potential attacks – often, even before the bank or processor is even aware.


Brussels-based GSMA commends the European Commission’s recent announcement that the adoption of key implementing acts of the Electronic-identification and trust service (eIDAS) Regulation is now complete. The European Union is the first and only region in the world that now has a workable and balanced legal framework for cross-border use of electronic identification (eID) and trust services, enabling consumers and businesses to safely access services and undertake transactions online.

MasterPass Europe

MasterPass. the digital payment solution, is now accepted in 24 countries around the world, with recent additions including Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Turkey. Since its 2013 launch, MasterPass has increasingly been making shopping easier for shoppers and retailers.