CollectivePOS Powers Holiday Volume

According to a recent survey, many independent and
small-chain merchants will find themselves unprepared to accommodate
potential customers’ payment needs and are at risk of falling short of
their earning potential. The pre-holiday shopping period will
bring in approximately $50 billion in sales for Canadian retailers and
70% of Canadians will choose credit or debit cards as their
preferred method of payment for holiday purchases. Collective Point of
Sale Solutions helps independent and small-chain merchants to increase
profits by offering a variety of wired and wireless point-of-sale
terminals available for lease or purchase to assist retailers to quicker
checkouts and customer service. CollectivePOS has more than 7,000 independent and small-chain merchants. There are 53 million credit cards and nearly 20 million debit cards in Canadian circulation.

Precidia POSLynx 220 Gets Certified by Paymentech

Precidia Technologies has announced the certification of its “POSLynx220
with NetVu” by Chase Paymentech Solutions. This certification allows
restaurant operators and other merchants to connect existing dial and
serial point-of-sale equipment to IP networks for faster, more
cost-effective transactions. The “POSLynx220 with NetVu” connects two dial and two serial devices simultaneously to a broadband frame, DSL or satellite IP network, with no changes to the existing equipment. The “POSLynx220 with NetVu” offers a network configuration manager that streamlines deployment and provides valuable ongoing diagnostic data to network administrators and help desks, minimizing downtime.

National Bank of Canada to Issue Vaughan MuniCard

Toronto-based Civic Strategies has selected National Bank of Canada to issue the
“MuniCard”, North America’s first municipal credit card. The City of
Vaughan will roll out the card in spring 2006. The “MuniCard” was
created to reduce the burden of property taxes for residential owners
and business and to stimulate local economies. The card channels credit
card reward cash points to the property owner’s taxes. Wherever the card
is used, nationally or internationally, reward cash points will be
applied to the cardholder’s municipal taxes. The co-branded credit
cards will be linked to the municipality’s property identification
numbers and, when used, will automatically direct reward cash points to
offset property taxes. Civic Strategies is the first
Canadian company to introduce municipalities and other governments to a
co-branded credit card aimed at reducing residential and commercial
property tax payments as well as other municipal services.

Blenz Coffee Offers Reloadable Card

British Columbia-based Blenz Coffee have launched the reloadable
“Blenz Card”, developed using technology from Ernex, a division of
Moneris Solutions. By registering their gift card on the
Blenz website, customers can enroll in a service that automatically
reloads the card with funds. As soon as the Blenz Card reaches a
specified limit set by the customer, the Blenz Card is automatically
reloaded with additional funds from a credit card of the customer’s
choice. The automatic reloading capability differs from other
reloadable stored value cards that typically update card balances at the
end of the day. Blenz Cards can also be reloaded for any amount from $5
to $100 anytime at all participating Blenz locations. Blenz Card holders
are eligible to receive benefits on future beverage promotions,
merchandise and other Blenz products through swipe-and-win contests and
receipt coupons and messages. Ernex is a provider of innovative
real-time marketing solutions including privately branded and
multi-merchant loyalty programs, stored-value gift cards, reward
fulfillment services and loyalty database hosting services.

GE Money to Issue the Ben Moss Jewellers Card

GE Money Canada landed a credit card program for Ben Moss Jewellers. Under this program, GE Money Canada will provide
Ben Moss Jewellers with card services to including marketing, risk
management, customer service, collections and payment processing. The
accounts will be serviced at GE Money Canada’s offices in Edmonton and
Toronto. The Ben Moss credit card has no annual or administration fees
and is currently offering all cardholders a six-month no payments
deferred interest promotion on purchases over $200. Ben Moss Jewellers has 52 stores located in 37 cities across Canada. GE Money Canada is
part of GE Consumer Finance-Americas and provides private label credit
card and MasterCard programs to consumers.


Sony of Canada has selected MBNA Canada to issue the “Sony Mastercard”.
The card features a no-annual-fee and offers Platinum card benefits and a rewards program that earns cardholders points every time they use
the card. One point is awarded for every dollar spent on the card and
two points for every dollar spent purchasing Sony products. As an added
bonus, the Sony Card awards new members 2,000 additional “Sony Points”
upon the first qualifying visit. Points can be exchanged for Sony
products. MBNA Canada is the leading provider of co-branded and affinity credit card programs in Canada and one of the largest MasterCard issuers in the country.

Hbc Directors Reject Take Over Bid by Heritage

The Board of Directors of Hudson’s Bay Company has unanimously
recommended that shareholders and debenture holders reject the
unsolicited takeover bid by Maple Leaf Heritage Investments Acquisition
Corporation for all outstanding common shares and all of the
outstanding 7.50% convertible debentures of Hbc.
In a Directors’ Circular that is being mailed to shareholders and
debenture holders today, Hbc’s Board unanimously recommends the
rejection of Heritage’s offers based on a number of factors, including
the common share offer does not reflect the underlying value of Hbc’s
business and
the offer for the common shares does not provide shareholders with an
appropriate change of control premium. Additionally, the consideration
offered under the common share offer is financially inadequate. Hbc has a large and profitable credit program with approximately $1.1 billion in receivables and a loyalty program with over 8 million customers.


MasterCard’s contactless “PayPass” technology is coming to Canada via
Citi Cards Canada and Petro-Canada. The new payment option will be
available to a select number of “Citi PETRO-POINTS MasterCard”
cardholders for use at participating Petro-Canada stations in
Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton and Etobicoke, Ontario.
A full roll-out for all “Citi PETRO-POINTS” cardholders is planned for
next year. The no-fee “Citi PETRO-POINTS MasterCard” was launched in
September 2004. It is the first general purpose credit card in Canada
that provides an instant savings of two cents per liter on the purchase
of gasoline and diesel fuel at Petro-Canada, while also offering
“PETRO-POINTS” on all credit card purchases. MasterCard has implemented
several “PayPass” closed market trials in Canada.

Gift Cards Most Popular with Women

The Givex Corporation has released its annual “National Gift Card Survey”
results. Women were more likely than men to consider themselves someone
who uses gift cards (women 72%, men 64%). Additionally, 77% of those
polled cite convenience and flexibility as the number one advantage of
giving or receiving a gift card, up 6% over last year. 73% of Canadians
said that they spend more or the same value than what is on their gift
card. Only 13% of Canadians said that they felt gift cards were too
impersonal, a slight decrease from last year. Givex is a card management
company specializing in stored value and loyalty transaction applications .

Capital One Survey Finds 77% Concerned About ID Theft

A new national survey sponsored by Capital One Bank finds that 77%
of Canadians are concerned about identity theft, but only 10% feel
that the information available to guard against
identity theft is fully adequate. However, the survey finds that 45%
of Canadians do not review or monitor their credit reports on a
regular basis for errors or suspicious loans. One-in-five Canadians (21%) feel that they are not well- or not at all informed on the issue of
identity theft and 51 % of Canadians say “No” when asked if they keep
credit. As of October, there have already been 9,034 reported victims of
identity theft, totaling $7.2 million in losses.

Citadel Launches SecureSwipe

Vancouver-based Citadel Commerce has launched “SecureSwipe”, a device that enables PIN debit and swiped credit card purchases to be made from home. The
“SecureSwipe” PIN pad is a hand held, DUKPT encryption compliant
device containing a keypad and LCD display and interfaces to a
consumer’s PC via industry standard USB technology. “SecureSwipe”
utilizes VPN tunneling technology to transmit fully encrypted PIN blocks
to Citadel’s data center, making it possible for a consumer to purchase
“myCitadel Wallet” e-money using a bank issued ATM PIN debit card.
Citadel provides secure online payment processing solutions.

Purdy’s Chocolates to Offer Moneris Gift Card

Vancouver-based Purdy’s Chocolates has launched an Ernex-powered gift card program.
The gift cards will give
Purdy’s customers the flexibility to load the card with any dollar
denomination between $5 and $250. Gift cards can be purchased and
redeemed at any of the more than 50 Purdy’s Chocolates locations in
British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Purdy’s debit and credit
transactions are processed using Moneris “HiSpeed 3100IP” terminals –
which will also now be used to activate and process gift
cards. Ernex is a division of Moneris Solutions. Moneris Solutions serves more than 350,000 North American merchant locations.