Miku Restaurant Implements Squirrel POS Software

Squirrel Systems POS technology announced that Miku Restaurant recently implemented its “Professional POS” system on the Apple iPad. Squirrel Systems POS is celebrating 27 years as a technology provider to the global hospitality industry. In 1984, Squirrel revolutionized the industry with the first touchscreen restaurant POS system and has since introduced advancements such as integrated credit card authorization through the POS and native Microsoft SQL Server databases for real time data access.


Andrew Pilkington will assume leadership responsibilities for JP Morgan’s Commercial Card business, which provides travel and entertainment card, purchasing card and single-use account solutions to thousands of private and public sector organizations around the world. He has also been designated the interim Principal Officer for JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.’s Canadian branch and President of J.P. Morgan Bank Canada and will continue to act as the Chairman of the Canada Management Committee. He led the growth of the business as chief executive officer of Chase Card Services Canada, which itself has introduced the Marriott Rewards Platinum Visa Card, the Chase Gold MasterCard, the Best Buy Reward Zone Visa Card, the Best Buy Card and the Future Shop Card.

MoneyGram Renews Canada Post Disbursement Agreement

MoneyGram International successfully renewed its agreement with Canada Post, the largest retail network in the country, and added bill payment services to its suite of product offerings. MoneyGram will continue to provide money transfer services at over 6,200 post office and postal outlet locations throughout Canada. Since 2002, Canada Post has offered core MoneyGram services at its post office and retail locations. The new contract now adds the emergency and next day bill payment service and coincides with MoneyGram’s growth strategy which includes aligning with post offices, providing consumer with convenient access to reliable and affordable money transfer service close to where they live and work.

Directcash Payments Announces Regular Cash Dividend

DirectCash Payments ATM provider announced a cash dividend of $0.115 (11.5 cents) per share for the month of July, 2011. The dividend will be paid on August 31, 2011, to shareholders of record on July 29, 2011. This dividend is an eligible dividend for the purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada). The Company’s policy is to pay dividends on or about the last day of each month to shareholders of record on the last business day of the preceding month.

Consumer Spending Growth Way up in 2Q/11

Moneris Solutions (Moneris) credit and debit card processor announced that the Canadian retail economy saw a positive results across the country in consumer spending, with an overall increase of 3.80% compared to the same period last year. With the largest growth of 5.06% seen in June followed by 4.38% in May and 2.42% in April, spending in the fast food sector saw the greatest increase of 11.25 per cent in dollars spent. Apparel was the runner-up category, with men’s and women’s clothing, and sports apparel realizing 11.10 per cent and 6.33 per cent increase, respectively. Across all categories, the average purchase amount for both credit and debit card remained constant compared to the previous quarter at $115.67 and $48.00, respectively.

Xsilva Systems rebrands as LightSpeed, opens API for custom apps

A new open API that will drive the development of creative custom Point of Sale applications and a powerful eCommerce connector that supports the market-leading Magento platform, are the major new features of LightSpeed version 3.5 released today by Xsilva Systems. The company also announced it is rebranding as LightSpeed to capitalize on the worldwide reseller network, extensive user base and broad brand-name recognition it has established for its acclaimed retail technology since launching in 2005. Additionally, version 3.5 updates LightSpeed Mobile and is ready for the new Mac operating system, Lion. The opening of the API makes LightSpeed a dynamic POS platform that caters to the store owner, developer or IT manager looking to build custom add-ons to the platform, while still remaining an easy-to-use, well-priced and richly functional out-of-the-box system that is attractive to small- to medium-sized retailers.

Collective POS to Implement Hypercom POS

Collective Point of Sale Solutions payment processing services has selected and will deploy at least 2,000 Hypercom “Optimum T4220” countertop point of sale terminals with the SPOS32 magnetic stripe and EMV software application. Collective POS has also selected Hypercom’s “Term-Master” Suite terminal management software system to streamline terminal set-up and management. Hypercom’s PCI-approved and Interac-certified “Optimum” fixed countertop and mobile payment terminals for Canada include the “Optimum T4220” (Ethernet with dial), “Optimum T4210” (dial), “T4230” (GPRS with dial) countertop and “M4230 GPRS” and “M4240 Bluetooth” mobile card payment terminals.

Apriva & Open Solutions Launch EMV Offering

Apriva end-to-end wireless transaction and secure information solutions forged its strategic initiative with Open Solutions to deploy EMV-compliant contactless debit and credit card acceptance technology for vending machines and unattended devices. Open Solutions is a Direct Connector member of the Interac Association, a national payment network that allows Canadians to access their money through ATMs and point-of-sale terminals across Canada. Introduced in 2010, Apriva “Vend” is an end-to-end cashless vending solution that enables operators to accept card-based payments at vending machines.

Canadian Retail Solutions to Implement XSilva POS

Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) added XSilva’s “LightSpeed” Mac POS Software to its suite of retail software solutions. LightSpeed is revolutionizing the world of POS Software by harnessing the power of Mac systems and combining that capability with powerful, comprehensive, and user friendly retail software. LightSpeed POS provides retailers quick transaction processing, purchasing, inventory management, multi-store functionality and web store integration, along with the “LightSpeed Mobile” platform to diminish wait times. Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) POS Systems and cutting edge technology for the Canadian retail industry and is dedicated to helping retailers use technology to increase their bottom line.

EFT Canada to Acquire Credit Card Gateway

EFT Canada entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire the technology assets of Linterna Technologies for a total purchase price of $650,000. The acquisition is expected to close on August 19th, 2011 and is subject to certain customary conditions, as well as the completion and signing of a definitive agreement and approval by the TSX Venture Exchange. LTL operates mainly as an electronic transaction processing consulting firm specializing in operational processes, banking relationships and fraud related controls. The java based software provides its users a web-based point of sale interface that merchants can utilize to accept server to server credit card transactions and the ability for a variety of mobile e-wallet options. In addition, the technology has a built in rules based fraud detection system that is integrated with a number of third-party services that will allow EFT Canada to expand its product offering beyond just financial transactions. LTL will be paid by EFT Canada $0.05 per credit card transaction processed for a period of three years following the closing date. Such payments shall not to exceed an aggregate of $330,000.

Collective POS Selects Hypercom P.O.S. Terminals

Collective Point of Sale Solutions payment processing services and secure POS solutions selected and will deploy at least 2,000 Hypercom “Optimum T4220” countertop POS terminals with the “SPOS32” magnetic stripe and EMV software application, along with Hypercom’s “Term-Master Suite” terminal management software system. Hypercom’s PCI-approved and Interac-certified “Optimum” fixed countertop and mobile payment terminals include the “Optimum T4220” (Ethernet with dial), “Optimum T4210” (dial), “T4230” (GPRS with dial) countertop and “M4230 GPRS” and “M4240” Bluetooth mobile card payment terminals. Collective Point of Sale Solutions aims to provide entrepreneurs and owners of small to medium-sized businesses affordable, convenient and more customized alternatives to the debit and credit card processing services.

National Bank of Canada Intros international direct payment

National Bank launched its International direct payment solution that will allow National Bank Client Card holders to use their debit cards worldwide via the Maestro network. Subsequently, Client Card holders will have greater access to their funds and be able to pay for purchases via Maestro at more than 13 million participating merchants in more than 100 countries around the world. As in Canada, clients simply need to enter their PIN to authorize the payment and the purchase amount is debited directly from their bank account.