Amex Bank of Canada announces its
adoption of the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry,
designed to set a level playing field for all participants
in the Canadian payments industry and to ensure full transparency and
choice for merchants. Amex will continue to work with the Department of Finance and the
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada to ensure that the Code is
interpreted and applied consistently. Amex is committed to ensuring that
its Cardmembers and Merchants continue to have access to the
convenience, choice and services they have come to expect from them.


Moody’s Investors Service has assigned definitive ratings to the Senior and Subordinated Fixed Rate Series 2010-1 Notes and the Senior Floating Rate and Subordinated Fixed Rate Series 2010-2 Notes issued by Golden Credit Card Trust. The ratings are based on the quality of the underlying pool of credit
card receivables, the expertise of the seller/servicer, Royal Bank of Canada (Aaa/P-1), the transaction’s legal and structural protections, including early amortization triggers, and credit enhancement in the form of excess spread. For each of the Series 2010-1 and 2010-2 Notes, the Senior Notes constitute 95.5% of the total invested amount and are enhanced by the Subordinated Notes which constitute 4.5% of the total invested amount. For the Series 2010-2 Notes, the credit enhancement is sufficient for a fixed rate deal, as the floating interest rate exposure is managed with an interest rate swap, the counterparty for which is Royal Bank of Canada (Aaa/P-1). Moody’s expects performance in the range of 3.0%-4.0% for net charge-offs, 19.0%-22.0% for yield and 33.0%-39.0% for the payment rate. Moody’s performance expectations for a given variable indicate Moody’s forward-looking view of the likely range of performance over the medium term. From time to time, Moody’s may, if warranted, change these expectations. In rating Canadian Credit Card ABS, the payment rate, charge-off rate, purchase rate, yield and certain other inputs are used to calculate the median expected loss and the Aaa enhancement.


Canada Post has added more than 3,000 MoneyGram International money transfer service locations nationwide. With this partnership, money transfer services will be offered in post offices as well as postal outlets. This expansion is the final phase of a multi-year agreement signed in 2008, in which Canada Post, a MoneyGram agent since 2002, agreed to increase the number the locations in which MoneyGram services are offered to customers. To celebrate the expansion, MoneyGram is offering special pricing on sends from any MoneyGram agent location in Canada to anywhere in the world.


SolidTrust Pay is now offering payment options, including online credit card processing, direct bank transfers, and a Visa/Debit card program facilitated through and Globewallet, which allows members to withdraw their funds directly from their STPay accounts onto a prepaid debit card for use anywhere VISA is accepted. Their growing international customer base has allowed SolidTrust Pay to open up numerous options for customers outside of North America – including cheque deposit options in 50 countries. STPay is MLM, network affiliate, and new business friendly, and makes every effort to offer credit card merchant processing and e-wallet services that allow merchants to accept payments from customers around the world. Through continuing efforts to provide hassle-free processing for businesses who may not qualify for accounts with some of their leading competitors, SolidTrust Pay has developed a large module of merchant tools and upgrades that allow merchant account holders to customize their processing! In the past year, SolidTrust Pay has introduced such options as the Transparent API, instant credit card processing, and the Corporate account level which offers protection against chargebacks and online fraud. SolidTrust Pay endeavors to offer merchants account services they need at prices they can afford.
SolidTrust Pay (STPay) has established a customer base approaching 150,000 members from around the world. The company was established in an effort to provide alternatives for those seeking online payment processing and e-wallet services. As customers and business people themselves, they understand the need to bridge the gap between merchants and clients in a seamless manner and have worked tirelessly to provide that service.


Visa Canada has launched its “Financial Soccer” FIFA World Cup inspired educational video game to teach the fundamentals of responsible spending, the banking system, budgeting and saving. Reinforcing Visa’s global commitment to financial literacy, Financial Soccer can be played for free online with multiple-choice questions that test the player’s knowledge of financial management skills as they advance down field and score goals on their opponents. Combining the structure and rules of soccer with financial education questions of varying difficulty, the Canadian launch of Financial Soccer marks the one-month countdown to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Available in both English and French, “Financial Soccer” is the latest component of Visa commitment to financial literacy education and skills development.


Global money transfer company can can now send money to the Banamex Network in Mexico. The new partnership offers to offer its users more options to receive their money and to meet the growing consumer demand for online money transfers to Mexico. The Red Banamex Network offers the recipients of’s money transfers more than 4,000 additional pick-up locations throughout Mexico and gives consumers in the U.S. the ability to make deposits directly into any Banamex checking or savings account, for access to funds within minutes. This new service expands’s comprehensive corporate initiative to serve this country’s rapidly-growing Mexican consumer market by providing an alternative money transfer option that is fast, easy, convenient and inexpensive.’s money transfer service allows U.S.-based customers to send money to Mexico from any internet-enabled computer using a checking account or credit card to fund the transaction. The cost to send money with via checking account for $4.99 with a daily limit of $2,999.


Retailer Loblaw reported sales for the first quarter increased by 3.1% to $6,926 million compared
to $6,718 million in the first quarter of 2009. Gross profit increased by $106 million to $1,720 million in the first
quarter of 2010 compared to $1,614 million in 2009. Gross profit as a
percentage of sales was 24.8% in the first quarter of 2010 compared to
24.0% in 2009. The increase in gross profit and gross profit as a
percentage of sales was primarily attributable to buying synergies,
disciplined vendor management, a stronger Canadian dollar, improved
inventory management and control label profitability.


Cyveillance and Opie Marketing Group, owners and operators of Protection Power, have announced a strategic alliance to bring Cyveillance’s advanced detection of compromised credentials on the Internet through Cyveillance Identity Theft Protection to Canadian consumers for the first time, further strengthening Protection Power’s service offerings and its position as Canada’s top consumer identity theft protection service. Cyveillance technology comprehensively monitors the open Internet to discover leaked or stolen personal information. As sensitive personal data is discovered, Cyveillance Identity Theft Protection provides the updated intelligence to Protection Power that, in turn, alerts members to take proactive steps to combat and minimize the damage of the fraud. Cyveillance Identity Theft Protection provides real-time access to the same intelligence used by many of the top credit card issuing banks and credit unions. This intelligence enables organizations to reduce fraud-related losses through the proactive detection of high-risk transactions and empowers consumers to take steps to protect themselves before fraud occurs.


New devices and services create new barriers for people with disabilities and new technology is often not designed with their needs in mind. A study conducted by the Neil Squire Society looked at four types of M-Payment systems: voice activated, web-based, text messaging, and a combination text messaging and web based style applications. The use of M-Payments in North America (United States and Canada) is expected to rise to $26.9 billion by 2013, a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 98%. In addition, North America will account for 24% of the world market share for Mobile Payments by Gross Transaction Values. An important change in how consumers buy goods is underway.
The Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) recently recognized that the issues of people with disabilities are not being fully addressed by the wireless telecommunications industry. They have issued directives to encourage industry to address these issues, but industry has traditionally been slow to respond. The merging of financial services and telecommunications combine two services that consumers consider fundamental to how they go about their every day activities. Without a proactive approach by all stakeholders, people with disabilities will be severely marginalized. This study was funded by the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnership Program – Disability Component.


American Express Business Travel, a global leader in business travel management, announced it is offering its automated central command post complimentary for those customers who implement its business continuity suite. Information learned from the volcanic ash cloud situation demonstrated the importance of continuous information exchange between corporate security, travel, finance and other departments and combining that with the creativity and persistence of experienced travel counselors became the formula to successfully manage through this unexpected situation. American Express Business Travel reported its client base had more than 150,000 travellers impacted by the travel cancellations. American Express recommends for companies to consider to ensure preparation and business continuity for any unforeseen travel disruption that include the following tips: Be a safety net. Distressed travellers seek solace in their travel
managers and expect a personal touch from their service; Take a fresh look. Nothing is more important than knowing the
whereabouts of your travellers and verifying their safety; evaluate your servicing configuration. Does it include allowances for emergency and after-hours service; revisit your traveler communications strategy. It must allow for
two-way, real-time communication with employees and travellers both
individually and company-wide and consider a traveler portal solution that can target individual travellers based upon their preferences and travel history then post and push timely
and relevant information; embrace telepresence and teleconferencing. due to travel interruptions; utilize an automated ticket tracking
application to identify all unused tickets; create the dialog with your peers through online forums
and discussion boards. Share your experiences and pick up a new tip
or learning along the way and debrief while the situation is still fresh.


Processing solution provider VersaPay Corporation has
agreed to sell its 75% ownership stake in Positive Inc., a
provider of wireless point-of-sale terminals and merchant
services, to Anthony Stapenhurst, Positive’s President and holder of
the remaining 25% of Positive’s shares. Stapenhurst is considered to be a Non Arms Length Party to VersaPay,
as such term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange (the
“Exchange”), because Mr. Stapenhurst is a director and senior officer of
Positive, which is a subsidiary of VersaPay. Under the terms of the transaction, VersaPay has
agreed to exchange its shares in Positive, for 150,000 common shares in
VersaPay held by Stapenhurst, which are currently subject to escrow.
In addition, VersaPay has agreed to grant Stapenhurst an option,
exercisable no later than 10 days following the closing date of the
Transaction, to transfer to VersaPay any of the remaining 100,000 shares
of VersaPay he owns at a price of $0.50 per share. Stapenhurst
currently owns 250,000 shares of VersaPay, 237,500 of which are
currently subject to escrow over a three-year period. Further, the Transaction
constitutes a “Related Party” transaction under the definition of that
term in Multilateral Instrument 61-101, and is subject to a number of
conditions including the approval of the Exchange.


mopay mobile payment solutions and G4BOX interactive entertainment have partnered to offer an mpayment option for consumers looking to purchase ‘Z8 Points’ for G4BOX’s Z8Games platform ( Z8Games online destination for gamers to play the very best online games, including online military shooter, Cross Fire and dynamic-action massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Metin2, as well as access engaging community features and events. Z8 Points enable users of Z8Games’ line of online games to purchase in-game content and digital goods. mopay will enable Z8Games’ players in 36 countries to purchase Z8 points by entering their mobile phone number and have the charges billed directly to their phone accounts.