GA-based Global Payments has extended its marketing alliance agreement
with the National Bank of Canada through 2017. With these agreements, in
exchange for merchant referral and MasterCard Canada processing
sponsorship, Global Payments will provide National Bank of Canada
customers with its card acceptance services. These services include POS
products, credit card processing and account settlement. The National
Bank of Canada provides financial services such as retail, corporate and
investment banking, has over $120 billion in assets and employs 16,856
people while Global Payments Inc provides electronic transaction
processing services to organizations around the world.


Under undisclosed financial terms, Symcor financial transaction
processing and SunTrust Bank have signed processing agreements
stipulating the outsourcing of a portion of back-office banking
operations from the latter to the former for at least 10 years. Under
these arrangements, Symcor will be acquiring SunTrust’s check
clearing/lockbox processing/statement production, the SunTrust employees
across the American Southeast who currently conduct the said tasks and
the SunTrust operational facilities in those locations. SunTrust Banks
is headquartered in Atlanta, serves consumers across the Southeast, has
assets of $179.6 billion and total deposits of $117.8 billion while
Symcor Inc financial processing has headquarters in both Atlanta and
Toronto, Canada.


The Desjardins Group has released the results of its “Paper Challenge”
and its “Eco-friendly Statement Challenge” initiatives. The success of
the initiatives demonstrate the “Eco-friendly Statement Challenge,” with
its goal of planting 100,000 trees between 2006 and 2009, has acquired
114,519 project members who will be planting 22,224 trees throughout
Quebec and Ontario. Meanwhile, the organization’s “Paper Challenge” is
focal on reducing printer and photocopier paper by 15% between 2005 and
2008, 21% within the Desjardins Group itself, to prevent 227 tons of
CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions and save 3,435 trees. The
Desjardins Group cooperative financial group has overall assets of $144
billion, employs 40,000 associates and provides its 5.8 million
customers with financial products and services.


The “Options” MasterCard has awarded over $92 million to consumers in
Canadian Tire “Money” rewards. The Canadian Tire Financial “Options”
MasterCard loyalty program rewards consumers for purchases on up to
95,000 different products and is now available with MasterCard’s
“PayPass” capabilities. Moreover, Canadian Tire ‘Money’ can be earned at
24 million locations while the “Options” card has been issued to 3
million cardholders across Canada while the Canadian Tire Corporation
has 1,160 establishments throughout the country, manages nearly 4.6
million card and employing 57,000 associates.


VersaPay has signed a 5-year financial services agreement with Brewers
Distributor LTD, allowing Brewers’ customers to use and fund VersaPay’s
stored-value “VersaCard” solution. With this, Brewers Distributors’
customers can use the card as cash settlement for the release of
inventory to
liquor licensees while enhancing supply-chain relationships through the
provision of multiple electronic payment methods and increased order
fulfillment efficiency. This agreement also allows Brewers vendors to
participate in the Brewer-VersaPay Merchant Services Program, ensuring
preferential rates on payment processing at 9,000 VersaPay merchants for
Visa, MasterCard and Interac Direct Debit payments. Brewers Distributor
has operations across Western Canada representing over $1.5 billion
in business-to-business transactions and over $10 billion in consumer-based


Threshold Financial Technologies and the Credit Union Central of British
Columbia have signed Debit Card & ATM Processing agreements. In
doing so, Threshold will be providing its C2C (Coast to Coast) node
gateway solution in April, 2009, allowing B.C. and other Canadian credit
unions access to Canadian payment networks, debit card and ATM
processing services. C2C volumes currently push 270 million transactions
annually and is projected to oversee 300 million transactions per annum
2010, 65% of which can be accounted for by B.C. credit unions. The Credit
Union Central of British Columbia is the central “umbrella organization”
facility to the province’s 48 independent credit unions, serves 1.6 million
members, has over $42 billion in assets while Threshold Financial
has over 850 employees throughout North America and has relations with a
broad range of banks and credit unions.


Scotiabank has introduced its “ScotiaGold Passport” to appeal to small
businesses across Canada with travel rewards and savings products. The
card rewards users a “Scotia Reward” point for every dollar spent on the
new credit card for redemption on flights with no blackouts, no restrictions
and a 5% cash back feature. Once approved, cardholders will benefit from
the support of a 24/7 service network. Scotiabank employs over 60,000,
provides nearly 12.5 million customers with financial products in some 50
countries around the world and posted $449 billion in assets for 2007.


BMO Harris ePurchasing has expanded its presence to Italy and India,
having partnered with Popolare di Milano and HDFC Bank, respectively.
This development allows BMO Harris to provide acceptance in these
countries with local support banks to service corporate card accounts.
Additionally, this allows customers to conduct business more efficiently
effectively around the world and to review spending in individual countries
and worldwide with one currency. Canadian-based BMO Harris
ePurchasing Solutions provides a single-source option for commercial card
solutions to over 87,000 companies, Banca Popolare di Milano has over
700 branches in Italy and HDFC Bank provides financial products and
services to 10 million customers across hundreds of Indian cities with
its more
than 750 branches and 1,700 ATMs in 329 towns.


American Express Bank of Canada has introduced its no-fee travel rewards
“Blue Sky Credit Card”. Cardholders can redeem points toward travel
purchases for a range of travel purchase including airline, hotel,
cruise or car
rentals with no blackouts or restrictions. Additionally, “Blue Sky
can earn points at 1.25 points for every $1 in purchases, equating to
in purchases translates to 10,000 “Blue Sky Points”. Morover, there are no
restrictions on points earned, which never expire, allows users to carry a
balance and provides many bonuses. AmEx Canada employs 3,700 across
Canada and is a subsidiary of American Express.


The BMO Bank of Montreal has relaunched its Mosaik Gold AIR MILES
Reward Option. With this reintroduction, cardholders are now afforded
discounts on flights to over 500 destinations around the globe, can
accumulate one reward mile for every $15 spent, can accumulate 2 reward
miles for every $15 in card purchases at Shell Gas, can collect reward
when using their payment card in stores/online and receive a 20% discount
on AIR MILES flight redemption, which can be used for flights on any
of the eleven participating airline reward partners. Moreover, cardholders
can stimulate the rate at which they accumulate reward miles by up to 40%
each month by holding such BMO products as a mortgage, savings account,
line of credit or business banking account.


HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has filed an application for leave to
appeal a recent decision regarding VAT treatment of LMG’s “Nectar”
loyalty. The application, in turn, has been referred to the European Court
of Justice for hearing at a later date. Loyalty Management Group Limited
and its subsidiary are confident the case will conclude in the
best interest. Aeroplan shares these sentiments and will continue its
LMG operates its coalition of retail-based loyalty programs, including
“Nectar”, and employs approximately 190 representatives while Aeroplan
Income Fund is a Canadian loyalty marketing company.


Capital One Canada has teamed with Fraud Squad TV to launch multimedia
fraud-prevention solutions. In response to research by the Competition
Bureau of Canada showing 41% Canadians aged 18-34 said that they or
someone in their household has been a victim of fraud, while 20% of those
in the same age group are unlikely to report incidents of fraud, the
organizations have launched the initiative to distribute fraud education
materials to over 1,300 public libraries across the country. Moreover, the
initiative is targeted at this younger group of consumers through an
online “Fraud Awareness Quiz”, advertised through the Much Music Channel,
will be providing a quarterly newsletter and will be launching a Fraud
Squad TV 13-episode TV Season 1 DVD Box Set. Capital One Canada was
established in 1996, is based out of Toronto, ON and provides credit
products and services to consumers across Canada.