Creditz will be providing its customers with a Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID) payment card application. The new RFID
application is set for introduction at the Electronic Transaction
(ETA) annual convention in April of this year to provides account holders
with a convenient payment solution at participating CREDITZ retailers.
The new solution is supported with IBM “Series I Technology” and is free
to account holders.


TD Canada announced it will be implementing the “VISA payWave”
contactless payment feature for its “TD VISA” chip card trial underway
in Kitchener-Waterloo. In conjunction with this development, TD has also
announced the installation of over 300 additional VISA “payWave” secure
contactless readers at merchant locations across the trial area during
the coming months. Select “TD VISA” cardholders in the
Kitchener-Waterloo area will receive their new dual interface chip and
“VISA payWave”-enabled card beginning in April. TD Canada Trust is the
only financial institution in Canada to offer both “VISA
payWave”-enabled products and point-of-sale acceptance.


For the expansion of its “Metin2” mobile game, SilverBirch Studios
and G4Box have signed agreements with the OneBip cell phone
payment company. With this agreement, “Metin2” players can
purchase items for the game without using a credit card or bank
account. “Metin2”, 3-D medieval digital game has been voted as a top
10 MMORPG’s for 2007. SilverBirch Studios game developer provides
handheld, mobile and online games, focusing on end-to-end development
while G4Box distributes MMORPG games.


Airplus International has promoted Alex Houston and Aaron Kelling to
South VP of Sales and North VP of Sales, respectively. Houston
will now head AirPlus sales, development and retention in the southern
United States, has over 30 years of experience in the industry with Eastern
Airlines, Continental Airlines, WorldTravel BTI, and Cooper Industries,
has a BA of Science in Business Administration from the University of
North Carolina and an MBA from the University of Houston. Kelling will
be responsible for heading sales, development and retention in the
northern United States and Canada and has 19 years of travel industry
experience with AmEx and Galileo International. Airplus currently has
32,000 corporate customers worldwide, providing travel payment
solutions and corporate cards, and settles flight tickets from more than
260 airlines.


In response to the recent NDP criticism of Canadian credit card interest
rates, the Canadian Bankers Association(CBA) holds that the NDP is
misunderstanding credit cards, which are useful to consumers whom
benefit from a competitive market of 550 issuers. Evidence supporting
CBA’s position reflects that 73% of Canadian consumers pay their
balance in full every month, revoking the need to pay any interest, with
the remaining consumers paying an average of no more than 15% interest.
The Canadian Bankers Association represents 54 Canadian banks,
representing 249,000 employees, which were collectively responsible for
3.57% of the 2006 GDP.


INTERAC Direct Payment was found to be the preferred payment method for
retail purchases for 50% of Canadians with 41.7 million transactions
between the
dates of December 21st, 2007 and December 23rd, 2007. Furthermore,
Canadians conducted over three billion INTERAC retail transactions for a
total of $148 billion in 2007. Of this total, 18.17% were Supermarket
transactions, 17.73% were conducted at Specialty clothing stores, 10.73%
were composed of Department Store transactions, 10.23% were for gas/auto,
12.27% were spent at restaurants and 5.76% were conducted for the purchase
of Beer, Liquor or Wine. The province of Ontario reflected the most
transactions with a total of 5,566,818, followed by Quebec with 3,179,884
and British Columbia/N.W.T./Yukon with 2,202,976. The 2 provinces with
the smallest number of transactions include Newfoundland-Labrador with only
288,559 transactions and Prince Edward Island with 75,971 retail
The Interac Association oversees the operations of the INTERAC Canadian
POS and ATM payment network, which includes “INTERAC Online”,
“INTERAC Email Money Transfer” and “Cross Border Debit.”


Chase Canada has been awarded the 2007 British Columbia Contact Center
Association (BC CCA) Community Service Award, given its support of
community charities, spirit, caring and enriching the community. The
charities that the bank was recognized for supporting include the United
Way, Surrey Food Bank and public education. Chase Card Services Canada was awarded based on meeting criteria that includes the bank’s community
involvement, fundraising initiatives, volunteer efforts, employee
participation and appropriate letters of commendation from
organizations. The British Columbia Contact Center Association promotes
call center growth throughout the province while JPMorgan Chase provides
banking services and employs more than 1,600 Canadians.


Environics Research Group research, conducted on behalf of Mastercard
Canada, has shown that with less than 7 days until Christmas many Canadian
consumers have yet to complete their holiday shopping. Moreover, 19% have
yet to begin their holiday shopping, 67% of whom are Canadian men. In
response to these findings, Mastercard recommends to these shoppers to
decide in advance what needs purchasing, avoid crowds by shopping during
off-hours, buy gifts for multiple recipients at once, maintain all
receipts to compare with card statements and to shop online if possible.


For the 2007 holiday season, the BMO Bank of Montreal is projecting a
significant growth in its volume of processed credit and debit card
transactions. Projections for the month of December foresee BMO
processing nearly 50 million card transactions, the heaviest day with
4 million. The day of December 24th is expected to be at the height of this
transaction rush with predictions of over 100 card purchases per second.
Specifically, these figures project 26 million debit card transactions and
28 million credit card transactions, an 11% increase and an 18% increase
on the monthly average, respectively.


To provide its customers with remittance services, Scotiabank has
partnered with Western Union(WU) to launch a pilot program from
its 42 Canadian locations. With this program, the bank patrons will
be able to send money transfers to over 200 countries around the
world. WU currently has over 50,000 Agent locations throughout
North America and operates a network of over 320,000
Agent locations while Scotiabank employs nearly 60,000, serves
roughly 12 million customers and had 2007 assets of $408 billion.


A recent survey commissioned by the Acxsys Corporation demonstrates
revealing information on Canadians gift preferences. Reportedly, nearly 34%
of Canadians prefer money as a present over traditional, boxed gifts,
supportive of the potential success of its “INTERAC” Email Money Transfer
solution. The new solution allows users to send and receive money from
one bank account to another through online banking implementation. Acxsys
is promoting the money transfer program with a number of highlighted
including the freedom of choice not provided with gift cards, no concern of
expiration dates or concern of misplacement. Supporting the latter,
statistics show that 19% of gift recipients have misplaced their gift
cards while
46% have forgotten to use a gift card, at one point or another, in its
Additionally, 91% of Canadian Internet users have email and 58% use online
banking, providing market potential.


Capital One has released the results of its latest annual identity theft
providing insight on how Canadian consumers habitually protect themselves
from identity theft. Among these habits, the Capital One survey has
that 65% of consumers do not regularly review their own credit reports,
52% believe all credit bureaus share all information and 33% felt that
the police is not necessary in the event of identity theft.
Subsequently, the
bank is recommending several measures be taken to protect themselves.
Among these recommendations, Capital One suggests not leaving the
signature box on the back of their cards blank, secure account numbers,
secure PIN numbers, keep all receipts, purchase retail goods from only
secure websites and maintaining paper account statements for future
If a consumer does find that they have already become a victim of ID
the bank encourages the consumer to contact all credit bureaus to receive a
fraud alert, file a police report and to cancel any card for which a
may have information. Capital One has provided consumers with Mastercard
products since 1996.