Tim Hortons has launched its preloaded “Tim Card” offering customers a
card solution that requires no minimum balance, service charges or expiry
dates. The card is being offered in Canada, with plans for United States
expansion in 2008, and can be loaded with any amount up to $200.
Online registration is available along with automatic reloading from a
credit or debit card. Tim Hortons has 2,733 restaurants in Canada and 345 in the
United States.


Capazoo has launched a social networking website, Capazoo.com, that
operates on a unique model which adheres to the philosophy, “nothing is
free.” Unlike most other social networking sites, whereas users are used
as “puppets” for the advertising campaigns of big business, Capazoo.com
users are rewarded for their virtual work through its system of “Tipping”
and friend referral. Capazoo’s tipping system grants users points on a cash
card, which can then be converted to cash, for providing “tips” on fellow
users’ videos photos, music, profiles and blogs. These reward points,
“Zoops”, are redeemed from a portion of the websites advertising funds and
are in response to the greedy websites whom capitalize on the same token.
“Tipping” consists of users acknowledging one another for whatever
material is posted on their site and can earn up to 1,000 “Zoops” daily to
their card with no other limit. Regarding the referral program, those whom
invite others to join will earn “Zoops” for up to four generations of
that upgrade, also with no other limitations. Capazoo.com hails itself
as the
first of its kind with its own Member-driven economy.


Serebra Learning Corporation and Payoneer have partnered to launch
a prepaid, reloadable MasterCard, providing more payment options to
customers. The partnership with Payoneer allows Serebra Connect to
offer service providers the reloadable prepaid card to withdraw cash
from ATMs and make purchases. Additionally, because the solution will
be accepted globally, it is available in multi-currency while Payoneer
offers security features, in the event of a lost or stolen card and online
account access. Payoneer has tens of thousands of cards in circulation
and is funded through Greylock Partners and Crossbar Capital.


Member issuers of the payment industry have begun a chip card migration
throughout Canada. With the trial, being implemented by over 20
the chip-based cards allow participants to monitor awareness, adoption and
ensure interoperability of the respective cards and devices without
total commitment
to the chip solution. The chip solution trial allows acceptance of cards
credit and debit cards are accepted because terminals and ABMs will
to recognize both chip and magnetic stripe cards. Chip cards at the
terminal will
authorize the transaction through PIN use rather than a signature. This
migration is
designed to enhance security for use in more than 100 countries around
the world
via the embedded computer chip to prevent counterfeit and fraud.


Global Payments has signed Canadian merchant services referral agreements
with HSBC to provide card acceptance, processing, settlement and POS
products and services to bank customers. HSBC Bank will provide the
services through its more than 170 branch offices throughout Canada while
Global Payment Inc provides electronic transaction processing services
worldwide. Global Payments provides its services for consumers, merchants,
Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), financial institutions, government
agencies and multi- national corporations.


Hosted Data Transaction Solutions (HDX) has integrated and deployed
its “Dexit Service” prepaid payment service. To provide parents with
piece of mind, and ensure that money is spent where it is intended,
the card service allows high school students to conduct transactions in
cafeterias and allows automatic refills. The service operates on a
“closed-loop” environment and allows account access through its web
site to view transactions, decide on email alert preferences and automatic
refill preferences, which can be transferred from credit or debit cards.
HDX manages merchant transactions, payment system hardware,
merchant staff training, system installation services, and post sale


Home Capital Group has completed its acquisition of Payment Services
for which 11,013,629 common shares will be tendered, or a 95.87%
majority shareholding. Home Capital has met the requisite 66 2/3% of the
common shares being validly deposited. Home Trust provides deposit,
mortgage lending, retail credit and credit card issuing services throughout
Canada while PSiGate provides Internet security and trusted commerce
solutions for North American businesses.


First Data has announced its acquisition of POSTNET, which
provides merchant acquiring and payment processing for all forms of
payment across Canada. Furthermore, POSTNET provides
merchants with POS solutions, internet payments, emerging payments,
authorization, settlement, reconciliation, chargeback administration,
fraud prevention, reporting management and customer service. First
Data is intent on providing POSTNET with expansion in the
Canadian market with its acquisition of the company. First Data has
operations in 38 countries, serving over 5 million merchant locations for
1,900 card issuers and customers. Also, the commerce service provider
offers PIN-secured debit acceptance at 2 million ATM and retail locations
through its STAR Network.


Western Union(WU) has signed agreements with Wal-Mart retail outlets to
provide money remittance and WU’s “Quick Collect” services at the
department stores throughout Canada. The “Quick Collect” solution allows
customers to send payments for mortgages, credit-card bills, auto loans and
personal loans with cash or debit cards. Additionally, WU allows funds
remittance to over 200 countries through more than 312,000 Agent locations.
First established in Mississauga, Ontario, Wal-Mart Canada operates a
network of 293 outlets across the country and employs more than 70,000.


Zoom Airlines has implemented GuestLogix “Mobile Virtual Store” for
Transatlantic flights to allow cash and card transaction processing while
in flight. The airline and its passengers will be provided point-of-sale
wireless handheld devices using web-provisioned software from
GuestLogix, Gatwick Express train tickets for on-demand ticket printing
while in flight, credit card handling, inventory control and sales
analysis. The decision to launch the Virtual Mobile Store was made based on
projections that 20% of airline profits will come from on-board retail
in the near future, based on contemporary figures. The “Mobile Virtual
Store” is available on nearly 300 million passenger trips annually
airlines with an additional channel of profitability through various
items and services. GuestLogix is publicly traded on the Canadian stock
market and major provider of on-board retail solutions.


In conjunction with the introduction of a new interest rate on balances
in its
“Direct Savings Account” of 4.25%, an HSBC Canadian survey was recently
conducted to examine the spending and savings habits of consumers. The
showed that across all regional and age demographics, Canadians tended
to be
money savers. Moreover, the research showed that 70% of Canadians have
investments or savings, 33.3% are saving on a schedule of pre-authorized
deductions, 55% save up rather than using credit and 12% will pay their
credit cards
off tomorrow. The survey also showed that 91% feel a high savings rate
is important,
less than 50% know what their savings account return rate is, and 48%
check their
rates of return each month. Comparing different Canadian regions, 88% of
are confident in managing their money and 32% twice as likely as others
to put away
a set amount of money on a monthly basis, 29% of those in the Prairies
are more
likely to be at their credit maximum and 78% British Columbians say they
are no
where near their credit card maximum. HSBC Bank Canada has more than 170
offices while HSBC has nearly 10,000 offices in 83 countries and
territories with
assets of US$2,150 billion.


Emergis Inc has made agreements to provide stored value card processing
services and customer loyalty programs for Suncor’s Sunoco gift cards
with its “Assure Pay” credit and debit processing. The gift cards are
for use at Sunoco gas stations and offer a loyalty points program to
customers. With this 5-year agreement, valued at $2.9 million, Emergis
will process and log all Sunoco gift, unit and loyalty card transactions
and provide processing reports. Based on Emergis’ existing credit and
debit card processing technology, the Sunoco processing solution
provides the company with custom requirements and stored-value
processing. Overall, Emergis’ debit solution provides POS service to
ISOs, merchants and retailers for electronic verification and
transaction processing supporting a range of communications protocols
and entertainment cards. Across Canada, the U.S. and Australia, the
company provides various industries with processing solutions.