Versatile Card Technology, Inc., one of the world’s largest plastic card
manufacturers, is announcing the opening of a 60,000 square foot production
facility in Chennai (Madras), India.
This new venture, Versatile Cards Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of VCT
and is scheduled to begin operations in May 2001.
VCT is opening this new facility in response to an increase in plastic card
business in international markets over the past several years. The VCP
production facility in India will primarily serve the European and Asian
card markets.

VCP is expected to have an annual capacity of 80,000,000 cards, produced
for a variety of applications, including credit cards, bank cards, ATM
cards, loyalty programs, membership cards, identification cards, and direct

VCP will also have state-of-the-art milling, embedding, and encoding
equipment to be able to produce chip cards and smart cards.
A minority business venture founded in 1986, Versatile Card Technology,
Inc. is a MasterCard and Visa certified plastic card manufacturer that
currently produces more than 600,000,000 cards per year.


Navin Communications, Inc., a leader in global voice
messaging and telephony services, announced that it launched its Telivoice
Prepaid Cards in Mumbai, India. The launch
achieved two objectives. First, it made its global voice messaging service,
NavinMail(TM), readily available to the masses in
Mumbai. Second, it propelled Navin’s efforts to use prepaid cards to make the
service easily accessible to people throughout
India. The service provides a quick, easy, low-cost means of communicating with
family, friends, and associates worldwide.

Being a store-and-retrieve phone messaging service, a member does not need
Internet or computer access to send and
receive voice messages. All that the member needs is a phone operating in tone
mode. The member can access the service by
way of a local phone call, select operating instructions in a number of
languages, and record and send messages in any language.
Messages can be stored in a predefined mailbox or delivered to any phone. The
recipient can retrieve a stored message and
reply to the message by calling a local access phone number. With the
introduction of prepaid card service in India, a person can
start using the service simply by purchasing a Telivoice prepaid card,
available at retailers for 50 Rupees (approximately $1
U.S.). The registration process is very simple, allowing a person to register
and start sending messages in one step.

The cost of the service depends upon the destination and duration of
messages. The charges are deducted from the 50 Rupee
prepaid amount, and once the balance reaches zero, the member can replenish the
amount by purchasing a refill slip.

Vishwas Godbole, Navin’s chief executive officer and president, said, “This
is a great day for Navin Communications and the
people of India. Prepaid cards make our global voice messaging service more
accessible and easier than ever to use. Now the
masses in India will enjoy an affordable, efficient, and convenient way to stay
in touch with loved ones and friends throughout the

About NavinMail

NavinMail is a global voice messaging service that provides its members
with distinctive benefits. Without need of personal
computers or Internet access, members place local phone calls and exchange
messages globally with family, friends, and
associates. Outside of India, people can register for NavinMail over the Web,
at, or by calling Navin toll
free at 877/628-4626. The service is currently available in Australia, Canada,
India, Mexico, the Philippines, the UK, and the
US. Plans are to expand the service into China, Europe, the Middle East, South
America, and Southeast Asia. eNavinMail(TM),
the Web-based NavinMail messaging application, allows people throughout the
world with Internet access to use their computers
to record, send, receive, and listen to voice messages as e-mail attachments.

About Navin

Founded in 1998 by Vishwas Godbole, Navin’s president and chief executive
officer, and headquartered in San Jose, Navin
was established to empower and enrich individuals and communities by
strengthening relationships via its easy, innovative, and
affordable voice messaging solutions. To that end, Navin, a privately held,
rapidly growing voice messaging company, offers a
new class of voice messaging services for international communication. Press
announcements and other information about Navin
can be found on the Web, at


U.S.-based Datacard Group is setting up a software development center in India
at a cost of $1 million. The Bangalore center will develop software to make a
single smart card with multiple uses such as a credit card, debit card, shopping card and
phonecard. The Company plans to hire 45 engineers within the next two months.