Datacard Launches Latest Version of its Software

Datacard Group secure ID and card personalization solutions has made available its latest “CardWizard” card issuance software version, 5.3, following extensive research and development. Building on the custom background selection, optimum user interface and reporting functions, enhanced security and multiple language support, “CardWizard 5.3” software integrates Datacard “Affina” smart card software to let issuers build cost-effective smart card development and personalization into their card issuing environments. The “Affina” software is compatible with various card and payment schemes and has been successfully implemented in over 200 central card production environments for EMV-compliant programs.

NXP Launches Smart Card Security Authentication

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, NXP Semiconductors has kicked off its “au10tic” secure IC microcontrollers for device authentication. Based on NXP’s security technology, the “au10tic” ICs provide a complete tamper-resistant security solution including key generation and programming services, as well as the option for remote management of applications and credentials running on the secure MCU. The NXP “au10tic” secure ICs can be used for counterfeit protection; for authentication of devices and users accessing secure content and services; and for device identification to enable secure machine-to-machine communication. The authentication chips can be integrated to smartphones, laptops and tablets to game consoles and electronic accessories. NXP Semiconductors has approximately 28,000 employees working in more than 25 countries and posted sales of USD 3.8 billion in 2009.

SelectCore Updates Progress on Refinancing

Concerning its refinancing efforts, SelectCore payment and transaction processor for prepaid telecom and financial services has been in discussions and has received multiple term sheets and commitment letters from interested lenders. The Company is currently evaluating its options, but at this time has not accepted nor is it certain that it will accept any financing offer. SelectCore also negotiated an amendment to its loan agreement with ComVest Capital II that eliminated any prepayment penalty. In consideration for this, among other amendments, the Company agreed to repay the $2.5M term loan by March 31, 2011 and the $2.5M revolving line of credit by December 31, 2011. The Company subsequently paid down $1.25M of the term loan in Q4 2010, leaving $1.25M due March 31, 2011.

PaymentOne Awarded Two Patents for mWallet & Payments

PaymentOne global carrier billing for mobile consumers has issued two new patents by the US Patent Office related to multi-billion dollar markets for mobile commerce and direct carrier billing. These cover its fraud control and user authentication for commerce that is conducted using a carrier connected billing telephone number and its Internet payment methods and modalities tied to a user’s mobile, broadband and/or landline account. Collectively its patents the PaymentOne real time authentication and fraud control system. They further cover technology to validate, execute, and settle financial transactions using a variety of funding methods including a mobile bill account, credit/debit cards and pre-paid cards for physical and digital goods and services.

mBlox Delivers 4.4B Global Transactions in 2010

mBlox mobile transaction network has delivered over 4.4 billion application-to-person transactions throughout 2010, a billion more transactions than the previous year. The company processed 26% more global transactions than in 2009 while its mobile transaction revenue across Europe grew by 12%. This is cause and effect to new mBlox services, offering merchants tools to produce secure, location-based applications for consumers, to allow increased consumer relevance and utilisation while facilitating broader mobile commerce. Products to be publicly launched this spring will enable leading brands and application developers to interact and transact with consumers on the move and process payments via a broad range of financial instruments. To keep up with this growth, mBlox launched its PayMobile solution in France, growing revenues in the Country 29% since the previous year.

Cinterion Introduces Solderable M2M Module

Cinterion, a Gemalto cellular M2M communication provider, is introducing its “BGS2” LGA (Land Grid Array) module for M2M solutions requiring voice and high speed GPRS data. Designed for high volume production, this ultra compact module is ideal for small M2M devices like personal tracking units and portable medical devices that help safeguard health and wellness. The “BGS2” is being developed to simplify the direct link of NFC devices, sensors or GPS receivers to the micro controller of the host application, helping to lower the total cost of ownership for implementers.

TD Bank Launches New Credit Card

TD Bank is introducing its TD “Payment Plus” Credit Card to help customers who carry a balance manage their money by offering rewards for responsible credit card payment behavior. The card gives users the opportunity to receive a monthly credit provided they make a payment of at least 5% of their outstanding balance by the payment due date with a standard interest rate. TD Bank “Payment Plus” helps users become more responsible for interest charges and debt obligations; offers the flexibility to choose to make a larger payment and get an interest-charge savings without getting locked into payment terms that may not be right for their budget; and rewards them for paying down balances. The new card also offers automatic rewards if they make a payment larger than the minimum balance.

Protegrity Advance PII Tokenization

Protegrity USA launched Protegrity Data Security Platform 5.5 to protect sensitive customer data in applications, files and databases. This extends Protegrity’s tokenization to additional data types including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), email addresses, social security numbers, dates, addresses and names for improved security of this data and to minimize risk. The Protegrity Data Security Platform is proven to reduce the scope and associated costs of complying with PCI DSS or HIPAA requirements for healthcare, retail, marketing, financial services, insurance, government and life sciences organizations that process PII or credit card data. Also, Because Protegrity Data Security Platform 5.5 now tokenizes alphabetic, numeric and alphanumeric data, it can be deployed by organizations that need to follow strict regulations in protecting data classified as “HIPAA 18” (medical IDs, dates, e-mail addresses, URLs, etc.). And unlike other tokenization methods which negatively impact IT system performance by storing massive amounts of encrypted data in the token server, Protegrity Tokenization removes the encrypted data from the token server, creating a very small system footprint.

RK Hammer Examines What Makes For Excellent Card Sales

There is a wide spread between various agents’ card performance. Regarding the number of new credit card accounts generated per branch, per month and per year there are “Weak Performers,” “Medium Performers” and “Best-in-Class” performers.

The 2010 Weak Performers constitute the bottom 33% of All Agent Bank card programs and are characterized by flat growth in new card accounts for last year, with only 72-84 new accounts per year per Branch (6-7 new accounts per month per Branch); no card sales incentives for the retail branch sales staff; limited new card account/activation performance reporting at the employee/branch level; and emphasis on other branch retail product sales viewed by employers as a higher priority.

Meanwhile, 2010 Medium Performers are the middle 55% of all Agent Bank card programs and are characterized by 3% growth in new card accounts for 2010; open 111-124 new accounts per year per Branch (or 9.2-10.3 new accounts per month); some incentives for branch personnel, but distribution often discretionary by the branch manager; better new card account/activation reporting down to the employee level, not less than quarterly; and a continuing emphasis on new card account sales by branch sales staff.

Finally, the 2010 “Best-in-Class” Performers sit in the top 12% of all Agent Bank card programs and are characterized by a 6% growth in new credit card accounts for last year; see 152-178 or more new accounts per year per Branch (or 12.7-14.8 new accounts per month per Branch); offer a wide variety of cash, gift, and trip incentives, changed regularly; staff-designed and implemented; utilize excellent reporting, monthly, for routine use as a management/training tool with staff; implement continuous training and retraining, not only on its own products/pricing, but on competitors as well; and have a major focus on “aggressive activation” of new card accounts, not just generating new account numbers.

NewNet and Perceptive Development Showcase mPayments

NewNet Communication Technologies and Perceptive Development have forged a joint collaboration to demonstrate their end-to-end secure mobile payment solution at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelon, February 14 -17. NewNet’s secure access Traxcom products process over 1.5 billion transactions a month and provide secure connectivity that enables the delivery of legacy transaction payment services and brand new services such as mobile payments, e-banking, and e-commerce. Integrated, next generation encryption technology such as the Derived Unique Key Payment Transaction (DUKPT) ensures data confidentiality and safety, and enables carriers to expand current services and enter new markets such as healthcare. The Derived Unique Key Payment Transaction (DUKPT) data encryption enables mobile devices with add-on transaction processing devices, such as magnetic strip card readers, smart card devices and NFC enabled Point of Sale devices, to work together with the AccessGuard Platforms to deliver a highly secure end-to-end mobile payments solution.

VeriFone Expands mNFC Solution to Turkey’s Garanti Bank

VeriFone is further expanding globally through its NFC/contactless payment acceptance systems, this time to Turkey. With this, Garanti and Turkish mobile network operator Avea have moved from pilot phase to general commercial availability of its mobile NFC payments using 10,000 Verifone devices. Consumers can purchase and install NFC capable SIM cards that allow them to use their mobile phones for electronic payment at NFC/contactless acceptance devices in merchant locations. VeriFone has more than 150,000 systems implemented throughout Turkey, using its “PINpad 1000SE” for NFC payment. With the new add-on SIM card with antenna from Gemalto and Garanti pre-paid MasterCard PayPass that is loaded in the SIM manufacturing stage, consumers can immediately adapt existing and new mobiles for NFC mobile payments.