Blockchain Tech & Microsoft Azure Platform Combine in Sports Arena

Microsoft recently Teamed with AMIS and Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI) and formed the first blockchain consortium network on Azure. Meanwhile, Microsoft was also in collaboration with many banks such as Fubon Financial. After a short period of one and a half month, Microsoft furthered blockchain technology into a new area and announced…

Mozido HCE

Mozido has unleashed its new host card emulation (HCE) product, Mozido HCE. Additionally, Taiwan Mobile Payments. (TWMP) has chosen Mozido as provider for its HCE and tokenization services to its consortium of 27 Taiwanese banks and financial institutions.

UnionPay Taiwan

UnionPay International is accelerating the process of chip migration of its acceptance network in Taiwan, with HSBC Taiwan, is enabling all of its ATMs to accept UnionPay chip cards. The UnionPay card business in Taiwan started in 2009 and now 98% of the local ATMs are now able to accept UnionPay cards.

UnionPay QuickPass

China’s UnionPay has beefed-up “QuickPass” in Taiwan with more than 300 merchants in Jinmen, Matsu and Penghu by a deal inked with Taiwan Cooperative Bank. So far, over 1,000 POS terminals of Taiwan Cooperative Bank can accept UnionPay “QuickPass” in Taiwan.

Taiwan Cards

The Taiwanese cards and payments industry demonstrated regular growth over the past few years, with the growth encouraged by a number of factors such as banking infrastructure development and growing awareness of electronic payments. Besides, wider acceptance of payment cards at POS terminals and wider adoption of contactless cards also supported the industry growth.

Gemalto NFC

Gemalto has teamed up with Chunghwa Telecom, the largest operator in Taiwan with 10 million subscribers, to secure their mobile NFC services . This commercial launch, supported by MasterCard and four leading Taiwanese banks, uses Gemalto’s UpTeq Multi-tenant NFC SIM and embedded software to host mobile payment and Mifare transit purse on a single card.

MasterPass Taiwan

Online shopping in Taiwan will soon be made simpler with the launch of MasterPass, MasterCard’s global digital payment solution, on November 19. MasterPass eliminates the need to enter detailed payment and shipping information with every purchase, and simplifies and speeds up the process of completing a transaction from any connected device.