Tripwire to Present on Credit Card Black Market

Tripwire risk-based security and compliance management solutions, announced Ken Westin, security researcher for Tripwire, will present at ToorCamp 2014. Westin has researched how organized crime rings, including those with connections to Russian and Eastern European groups, generate revenue through credit card theft. These groups profit through shoplifting, identity theft credit card skimming and other forms of fraud. Westin will discuss several cybercriminal cases he helped crack and attendees will learn key elements of the credit card black market. the connection between credit cards and the exploit market and how stolen credit cards fuel other forms of retail fraud.

Simple speeds up funds transfers

Simple account now offer a better banking experience with quick and easy money transfers. Moving money to External Accounts takes just one business day. Some banks charge a fee for transferring your money to external accounts, and only offer accelerated transfers at a premium. External transfers to and from Simple will remain free for customers, who can quickly link a new External Account in our iOS or web apps to schedule transfers from web, iOS, and Android apps.

Virgin Mobile Announces Inks Exclusive Walmart Partnership

payLo by Virgin Mobile will offer customers an affordable choice for domestic unlimited voice or unlimited texting at just $20 per month exclusively at Walmart. With affordable devices and value-driven monthly plans, payLo offers customers two exclusive $20/month offers. payLo provides a reliable and affordable wireless phone that helps them to be responsible wireless consumers”without breaking the bank and without a contract. Walmart customers can also choose the existing $30 Talk & Text plan or the $40 Unlimited Talk & Text plan. Additional minutes, messages and data will be available at existing rates of $0.10/min, $0.15 for text messages, $0.25 for picture messages and $1.50/MB for web access.

Digital River Webinar Offers Merchants Best Practice Advice

Digital River is set to host a free webinar to help businesses learn how to drive online revenue growth with Google Shopping, formerly known as Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs). The webinar, “The Power of Google Shopping,” is now open for registration ( now. The webinar will be led by Mahmood Khan, senior program manager for strategic marketing at Digital River. Mahmood will be joined by a guest speaker from a multi-national branded manufacturer. Working with Digital River, this branded manufacturer launched a Google Shopping campaign that drove an 115 percent increase in quarter-over-quarter online revenue.

First Data Launches Payment Data Software

First Data introduced its Insightics solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), offering them cloud-based software for big data behind payment transactions. This ultimately allows them to monitor key business metrics affecting their business, better understand customers to engage effectively, and derive more value from marketing and loyalty programs to grow revenue. Many small business owners struggle to get a timely and measurable view into their key business drivers, and may not know what their best days and times of the week are, how many new versus repeat customers they received in a week, if repeat customers tend to spend more than new customers, how far their highest spending customers traveled to reach them, and when they have a lackluster sales day, can see if it is happening to similar businesses.

First Data Raises Private Placement for Debt Consolidation

First Data has received commitments to purchase approximately $3.5 billion of its common equity in a private placement to strengthen the company’s balance sheet through repaying portions of its debt. The $3.5 billion comprising the private placement announced today includes $1.5 billion from existing investors and $2.0 billion from new investors, including a diverse group of pension funds, mutual funds, asset managers and wealthy individuals. KKR provided approximately $1.2 billion, including $500 million from its 2006 Fund and $700 million from its balance sheet. Upon close of the transaction, KKR’s balance sheet will have approximately $1.0 billion invested in First Data’s equity, through general partner and limited partner interests.

Dwolla Direct Announces Direct Transfer

Dwolla Direct now lets individuals and organizations to send money using the Dwolla network-without registering for a free full Dwolla account. By allowing users to access and send money from their existing bank and credit union accounts, Dwolla is lowering the barrier of entry into the network and helping digitize paper checks. By creating a Direct account during the first-time payment flow, senders securely wrap their payment information with a username and password and hide bank account and routing numbers from the recipient. Upon return, senders can access and send money directly from their linked bank or credit account by simply entering their Direct credentials. This announcement is especially attractive to small businesses, non-profits, and government agencies looking to replace and digitize their check operations.

International Q1 Debit Card CDV

International Cash Dollar Volume for Visa and MasterCard debit cards rose a mere 2.7% year-on-year in the first quarter. Visa posted $459 billion in Q1/14 international debit card CDV, compared to $506 billion in the prior quarter and $466 billion in the year ago quarter, for a Y/Y growth rate of (-1.5%). Visa’s CEMEA region is comprised of countries in Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Creditcall Appoints North American Head

Creditcall appointed Doug Wallace Head of North America (Retail) to oversee the building of the U.S. division and Creditcall’s North America retail activity. He will also be involved in the development of banking relationships and the certification process in North America. Wallace brings to the roll more than 20 years of experience in retail POS payment systems and was most recently Vice President of Operations and Client Services North America at YESpay, where he was responsible for business development and partner relationships.

FICO Announces 25 New Patents

Fico has been awarded 25 new patents, bringing its patent portfolio to 167 U.S. and foreign patents. These patents were awarded to team members of FICO Labs for inventions underlying the company’s solutions in fraud protection, cybersecurity, predictive analytics and decision management. Ten of the latest patents cover analytic innovations used by FICO’s industry-leading fraud solutions across the financial, healthcare and telecommunications industries. These technologies, many of which are used in the FICO® Falcon® Platform, help improve fraud detection, reduce false positives and improve the customer experience. FICO also received a patent for a consumer-driven secure sockets layer (SSL) modulator. This is a software system and method for executing secure commercial transactions online by enabling unique receipt message encryption to thwart “man-in-the-middle” attacks. FICO was also awarded patents for inventions related to predictive analytics.

Amazon’s Phone Payments

Amazon today unveiled Fire, the first smartphone designed by Amazon. Fire is the only smartphone with Dynamic Perspective and Firefly, two new breakthrough technologies that allow you to see and interact with the world through a whole new lens. Dynamic Perspective uses a new sensor system to respond to the way you hold, view, and move Fire, enabling experiences not possible on other smartphones. Firefly quickly recognizes things in the real world”web and email addresses, phone numbers, QR and bar codes, movies, music, and millions of products, and lets you take action in seconds”all with the simple press of the Firefly button.