Boost mWallet Offers Quick Check Service

Boost Mobile announced a simple way for users of Boost Mobile Wallet powered by Wipit to turn their checks into instant cash funds, available in their Boost Mobile Wallet Plus accounts. The new service called Quick Check is available through the Boost Mobile Wallet powered by Wipit. The funds are loaded in users’ Boost Mobile Wallet Plus accounts, which are issued by Sutton Bank in association with Wipit. The Boost Mobile Wallet application offers international money transfer by Ria Money Transfer, bill payment, domestic and international prepaid mobile top-up, and money transfer capabilities to other Mobile Wallet accounts, all available through Wipit and its financial services partners. The application is available as a free download at the Google Play Store from a Boost Mobile Android-powered smartphone.


[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] Credit card advisory firm R.K. Hammer has released their findings for card industry attrition and recent trends in this important metric. The R.K. Hammer model shows an average 12% “gross” attrition rate for prime card issuers for 2012, down from 14% for 2011. Gross attrition is defined as the percentage of…

Western Union Expands Mobile Services to Sprint Prepaid Brands

Western Union global payment services announced users of Sprint prepaid brands Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA now have access to Western Union® mobile money transfer services. Sprint’s Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile customers can initiate a Western Union Money Transfer® transaction directly from the Money Center within the Boost Zone and Virgin Zone portals on their mobile phones. Western Union mobile money transfer services available through Boost Zone and Virgin Zone are enabled for select Android®-powered smartphones. After registering on Boost Zone or Virgin Zone, consumers can send money to the global Western Union agent network in 200 countries and territories worldwide.

SugarCRM Works Partners Google to See Revenue from AdWords

SugarCRM, the company that makes every user a customer expert, today announced that it has integrated with Google’s new “Conversion Import” feature. With this new capability, organizations can track when clicks on Google AdWords ads result in sales or leads in the offline world. Google’s new “Conversion Import” feature, fully supported by Sugar, enables organizations and their users to measure how online leads convert into offline sales.

Braintree Announces Merchant Fraud Protection

Braintree TaskRabbit and Uber enhanced its payment platform with additional fraud protection for its merchants that leverages the purchasing behavior across a large network of online and mobile companies. Now all Braintree merchants, from startups to enterprises, benefit from this powerful network effect that shields them from a variety of threats, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity and losses to their business. Braintree creates rules that take into account hundreds of variables across the network for merchants to apply to their business. Braintree goes beyond looking at a customer’s purchase behavior at a single merchant by analyzing purchasing behavior across a large number of merchants. With these insights, Braintree can accurately recognize fraud and take appropriate actions.

ATM Acquirers Alliance Rebranded

IPayments Forum (IPF) and the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) jointly announced the formation of the Integrated Payments Alliance, formerly known as the ATM Acquirers Alliance. Cash advocacy will be a central focus of the Integrated Payments framework. ATMIA and the Integrated Payments Alliance will soon publish new best practices forCardless ATM Transactions. The organization is assembling a white paper for the new Alliance which builds a futurological model for the former’s concept of intermodal currency which is soon to dominate the future of payments and money.

Cynergy Data Embarks on POS Market Roam

ROAM an Ingenico mcommerce platform announced that Cynergy Data payment services deployed its white-label solution to power its new Vwalaa! mPay offering. Cynergy Data leveraged ROAM’s core platform components – the G4X secure mobile card reader, the ROAMpay™ X4 application and the myROAM management portal – to launch the Vwalaa! Mobile Pay brand in less than four months. Because Cynergy Data is first to the U.S. market with the new version of ROAMpay X4, it is currently the only U.S. acquirer to offer game-changing features such as offline processing, configurable inventory management, previous purchase recognition and personalized receipts.

Boston Market Implements NCR POS Technology

NCR Corporation announced Boston Market started deploying NCR “RealPOS 72XRT” in all of its over 460 locations. The POS technology allows Boston Market long-term reliability, due to its rugged construction and processing power. RealPOS 72XRT continues NCR’s leadership in high-performance POS systems. Built with Intel(R) processors inside and featuring Intel(R) Active Management Technology (Intel(R) AMT), the 72XRT provides more intelligent processing power to drive new applications, remote manageability and enhanced security to deliver value and create a competitive advantage for Boston Market.

EMVCo Announces Discover as its Latest Member

Discover Financial Services has become the latest payment network to join the growing membership of EMVCo, the EMV® standards body. Discover will work alongside EMVCo’s existing members to manage and evolve the contact and contactless EMV industry specifications to facilitate worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure chip payment instruments. Discover has acquired a one-sixth share of EMVCo from the respective holdings of its current member-owners American Express, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay and Visa. It will therefore have an equal interest in the standards body, actively contributing to the management, technical work and operations of EMVCo.

Primax Joins Smart Card Alliance

Primax, a premier provider of credit and debit card issuing and merchant acquiring programs, products and services, announced it has joined Smart Card Alliance in order to promote the common goals of understanding, adoption, use and widespread application of smart card technology in the U.S. Smart (EMV Chip) card technology enables Primax bank and credit union clients to issue credit cards with enhanced data security and integrity, and that are more broadly accepted worldwide. Primax provides a comprehensive roadmap to smart card issuance for financial institutions. From program build to testing, implementation services, card design, marketing, authorization management and fraud prevention, Primax offers the all-inclusive assistance necessary for successful smart card program deployment.

Dynamics Launches Branded Magstripe

This week Dynamics introduced another breakthrough in credit card design with the Industry’s first fully branded magnetic stripe. Introduced on the newly issued Longaberger ePlate Visa card, the previously plain dark mag stripe has now become a part of the overall card design. On the back of the card, Longaberger card holders are now reminded of that company’s “Made in America” commitment by a magnetic stripe design that features the company’s signature weave of an American flag. ePlate cards, were previously unbranded, and with the Longaberger version of the card, they now offer two branded designs on the front of the card featuring the Longaberger basket branding, or their signature “weave” design across the front of the card. On the back of the card, where users have become accustomed to a plain dark magnetic stripe, they will now find the Longaberger signature “weave” design featuring the American flag, which reinforced Longaberger’s commitment to American-made products.