PayAnywhere Announces Channel Rollout Partnership

PayAnywhere mobile point of sale solutions provider partnered D&H Distributing consumer electronics distributor. Part of a retail rollout strategy, the partnership takes the PayAnywhere mPOS solution to small and independent retailers through the country’s largest distributors. Retailers working with D&H distributors can now offer their customers the PayAnywhere mPOS solution as a way to conduct on-the-spot credit and debit card transactions using the mobile credit card reader, increasing sales opportunities and creating an improved checkout experience. Designed specifically to meet the mobile point of sale needs of small businesses and retailers, the PayAnywhere solution works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry devices.

TransCard Congratulates FamZoo on 2013 FinovateSpring Award

TransCard prepaid products to financial institutions of all sizes, would like to congratulate FamZoo, the winner of one of five 2013 FinovateSpring Best of Show awards. Developed with TransCard’s prepaid platform, the “family pack” of affordable, widely accepted cards are linked together and accessed online through FamZoo’s award-winning family finance management software tools that help parents teach kids good money habits. This is FamZoo’s second win as Best of Show at Finovate. In 2011, FamZoo was awarded at FinovateFall for the debut of its Partner Edition product, which brings co-branded family finance management solutions to banks and credit unions.

CHARGE Anywhere Launches EMV MPOS

CHARGE Anywhere award-winning, secure mobile payment apps and payment gateway technology is demonstrating smart phone EMV payment acceptance by converting a BlackBerry phone into an EMV POS. The CHARGE Anywhere Mobile Payment solution combines powerful tools to enable secure EMV mobile payment acceptance; any BlackBerry and a Bluetooth enabled EMV/Chip & PIN smart card reader. The CHARGE Anywhere MPOS Payment Application for BlackBerry enables business owners to securely process credit and debit cards anywhere their business takes them. Now, merchants operating on the new BlackBerry 10 platform and BlackBerry legacy devices can accept EMV payments in a mobile environment.

Square Announces New iPad POS Hardware

Square announced its “Square Stand” hardware for brick and mortar businesses that turns an iPad into a complete point of sale. Giving merchants a new way to manage and grow their business, “Square Stand” works with Square Register free POS app gives merchants access to real-time analytics, robust reporting, and a delightful experience for their customers. Square Stand features an integrated card reader that keeps information secure from swipe to payment, and easily connects to the hardware accessories businesses need, including a receipt printer, kitchen printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner. Square processes over $15 billion in payments on an annualized basis, excluding Starbucks.

Micros and Payleven Partner on Cloud POS

Micros and payleven mobile payment partnered to provide businesses cloud-based POS with integrated mobile Chip & PIN card payment. Based on Micros’ “Kachng!,” the partnership created a cloud based pay-as-you-go system that incorporates rich POS capabilities which can be implemented in minutes. A “Kachng!” rolling subscription costs from GBP49 per month per POS and payleven simply charges 2.75% per transaction and GBP89 + VAT for the card reader. Both can be cancelled at any time. It offers a truly mobile POS that works via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi – perfect for both mobile retail and flexible in-store transactions.

Vantiv and NCR Partner on mPOS

Vantiv announced its NCR partnership to bring POS technology integrated with leading payments solutions to the small business market. The multi-year agreement will focus on developing exclusive new solutions and expanding both companies’ innovative technology platforms to deliver personalized customer experiences that help smaller merchants compete more effectively against larger competitors. The Vantiv Mobile Checkout powered by NCR Silver, offering single shop and small chain owners a complete solution that makes managing their sales, inventory, marketing and customers easier, will represent the partnership debut. It includes all of the payment processing services, software and cloud-based back-office functions, and the necessary hardware peripherals that transform a business’ own iPad® into a turnkey mobile POS system.

Tyfone Solution Focused on Cyber Security

Tyfone unveiled its Connected Smart Card (CSC™) solution, allowing users to augment passwords and other user ID information used to access sensitive information. Tyfone’s CSC solution uniquely combines centralized data with local, device validation to strengthen and simplify the centralized storing of passwords, credit card numbers and other digital ID credentials, optimally ensuring security to keep passwords, payment and biometric ID information out of the hands of cybercriminals. Tyfone’s CSC solution operates much like the traditional plastic smart card systems already in widespread use, but has a much smaller physical footprint and uniquely has the ability to connect to any mobile device, tablet or PC. Tyfone’s CSC hardware works with all existing software, smart card applets, password schemes and digital certificates, making it the first truly interoperable solution that secures the device, the identity and the transaction, controlling access to ID information in a unique combination of distributed and local (on device) layers.

Dollar Bank to Expand NCR Deployment Agreement

NCR Corporation is growing its relationship with Dollar Bank, which will begin replacing 60 older non-NCR ATMs with NCR’s deposit-taking NCR “SelfServ.” Complete with scalable deposit module, Dollar Bank’s ATMs will run on NCR “APTRA Edge” software for multivendor ATM environments. NCR “SelfServ” ATMs with scalable deposit module (SDM) make the deposit portion of an ATM transaction twice as fast. SDM is the only technology in deployment that allows consumers to deposit both cash and checks simultaneously, in any orientation, through a single slot. This consumer-friendly technology makes ATM deposits faster and easier, and helps banks improve the customer experience. In addition to the SDM units, Dollar also is replacing 10 older ATMs with traditional NCR SelfServ ATMs.

ACI Worldwide Named to EMV Steering Committee

ACI Worldwide payment systems was elected to the steering committee of the EMV Migration Forum. An independent cross-industry organization formed to help the payments ecosystem in the United States successfully move from magnetic stripe technology to secure EMV technology, EMV Migration Forum also appointed ACI’s Dan Heimann, consulting manager, Back Office Solutions, vice-chairman of the steering committee. Mr. Heimann is recognized as a global EMV leader thanks to his role in helping payment organizations implement and maintain EMV programs since the initiative began in 1998.

Citi Simplicity Knocks-Out Late Fees, Penalties

Citi Simplicity is the only card to never charge late fees, a penalty rate, and an annual fee, ever ( First introduced in July 2011, Citi Simplicity is a credit card that recognizes managing your credit card can – and should – be simpler and easier. Designed directly based on feedback from Citi cardmembers, Citi Simplicity features a Single Rate for All Borrowing and Spending for all purchases, cash advances and balance transfers, after any introductory or promotional period. Cardmembers can quickly and easily reach a customer service professional and customize their payment due date and set e-mail and text alerts based on their preferences and needs. Credit card late payment fees typically start at $15 and can be as high as $35 per missed payment. More than one-third estimate they are charged up to $25 dollars annually for late payment fees by a biller, one in five estimate they are charged $26 to $50.

LightSpeed Announces Latest iPad Payment Options

LightSpeed software helping Apple-user retailers with payment options announced its latest to dramatically increase customer engagement and retail flexibility. As part of LightSpeed for iPad 1.4, retailers are able to support mobile payment methods while simultaneously offering a completely wireless and secure customer transaction. LightSpeed’s new technology provides customers the “Genius” platform from Merchant Warehouse , allowing LightSpeed for iPad to accept all types of mobile payments, including Google Wallet and LevelUp, while seamlessly working alongside the payment terminal to provide secure and convenient point-to-point transactions from the selling floor. Retailers can honor customer loyalty programs and never need to worry about manual updates”Genius adds new payment options automatically as they arise. LightSpeed’s Canadian customers can also now integrate their iPad or Mac with Canadian payment terminals, eliminating the need for bulky device add-ons or sales counters through Moneris. Meanwhile, “uDynamo” simply plugs into the headphone jack of an iPad to process payments.

Groupon Intros POS Suite with Breadcrumb iPad App

Groupon launched its Breadcrumb POS free iPad app for quick-service retail merchants, featuring an easy-to-use solution that offers local businesses a low-price guarantee that will beat any comparable plan on credit card transaction fees. Breadcrumb POS expands the number of merchants currently served by the company’s Breadcrumb family of POS products from restaurants and bars to include all brick-and-mortar businesses. Breadcrumb POS comes with Breadcrumb Payments-a service with rates of 1.8% plus $0.15 per transaction (MasterCard, Visa and Discover) with no hidden costs or monthly fees and free processing on first $5,000 in credit card transactions. Breadcrumb POS comes with Fast and Easy Set Up – Download the free app, sign up for a payments account, connect a card swiper and optional printer and begin using an iPad to process transactions within minutes; Powerful Features allowing users to log cash transactions, accept credit card payments, print or email receipts, calculate multiple tax rates, manage menu items, view transaction history and issue refunds; deposits receipt within 24 hours; Business Insights; and Free Live Support.