Accenture Shows Growing Consumer mPayment Use

Financial incentives and mobile-based financial-management tools could increase consumers’ use of smartphones as payment devices, according to an Accenture survey of 4,000 smartphone users. More than half of respondents who currently use their smartphones to make payments said they were highly likely to pay by phone more often if they could use their phone to track receipts (cited by 60 percent of respondents), manage their personal finances (56 percent), or show proof of insurance (56 percent) or of a valid driver’s license (54 percent). In addition, more than half of those who currently make mobile payments also said they were highly likely to pay by phone more often if they were offered: instant coupons from retailers when buying by phone (cited by 60 percent of respondents); reward points stored on their phone for future purchases at the store (51 percent); coupons that could be automatically stored on their phone (50 percent); or preferential treatment, such as priority customer service (50 percent).

TSYS Merchant Solutions Intros Multi-Currency Solutions

TSYS Merchant Solutions merchant acquirer launched its TSYS “Pay in Your Currency” and “Shop in Your Currency” multi-currency solutions, powered by Planet Paymentinternational and multi-currency payment processor, to TSYS Merchant Solutions’ merchants. The “Pay in Your Currency” solution gives eligible international customers the choice of paying in their home currency at the point of sale, offering significant benefits to TSYS merchants and their customers. Customers are handed a receipt, or pointed to an electronic terminal which displays the transaction amounts in U.S. dollars and their home currency, with the daily exchange rate and other service details. The customer chooses their currency on the receipt or device. Meanwhile, “Shop in Your Currency” allows e-commerce merchants to more effectively target foreign markets and more sales from international customers.

WorldPay Certifies VeriFone Countertop POS

VeriFone Systems announced WorldPay electronic payment processing solutions completed its compatibility certification for VeriFone’s “VX 520” countertop payment system. WorldPay will also offer a secure audio card-reader version of VeriFone’s PAYware Mobile for small merchant mobile payments using smartphones, tablets and other smart devices. The “VX 520” of the VX Evolution family offers an advanced countertop payment device and supports VeriShield Total Protect for end-to-end encryption and tokenization. WorldPay is also in process of certifying compatibility of the VX 805 and VX 820 PIN pads and wireless VX 680, which like the VX 520 offer contactless and smart card payment acceptance capabilities that are crucial to emerging NFC wallet technology and EMV compliance. The portable VX 680 is available with WiFi and Bluetooth or GPRS communications for merchants on the move.

Chase Top Ranking on mBanking Functionality

Chase ranked #1 for both U.S. and global banks in Forrester Research’s 2013 Global and U.S. Mobile Banking Functionality Rankings for a score of 71 out of 100 – fifteen points above the report’s average score of 56 in the 15-bank study. Chase stood out for its mobile banking offerings across multiple touchpoints, including smartphone apps, mobile websites and two-way Short Message Service (SMS). Forrester also recognized Chase’s money movement features such as bill pay – including the ability to add a payee – and mobile transfer capabilities. Chase Mobile provides apps on multiple platforms and Instant Action Alerts to notify customers of a low balance, and to allow them to transfer money by replying to the text message.

Cadence Bank Introduces Signature Debit Program

Cadence Bank’s Cadence Bank Debit Card, powered by Discover Debit, offers an enhanced cardholder experience with 24/7 concierge service, lowest purchase price guarantee and fraud protection, as well as a program in which local merchants can participate. For the bank, the new debit rewards program is designed to reduce costs, generate revenue and build customer loyalty. Cadence now offers Buzz Points™, promising a win-win-win solution for its customers, local merchants and the bank itself. More than a loyalty and rewards program, Buzz Points encourages a shop-local movement by uniting consumers, locally owned businesses and financial institutions to support local economies. When Local businesses join the program as Buzz Points Merchants, they have the opportunity to offer bonus points, eLoyalty cards and gift card rewards to Buzz Points users. Through a variety of turn-key, highly targeted marketing activities, including email campaigns, social media integration, and increased web and mobile presence, Buzz Points connects these merchants to the users. Buzz Points consumers increase their local spending with participating Buzz Merchants by 35 percent, and have three times more confidence in local merchants than Big Box competitors, both according to a study commissioned by Buzz Points.

Chase Freedom Cardholders Tame Spending

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] According to new data from Chase and its “Freedom Lifestyle Index,” overall spending remained flat compared to the first quarter of 2012 and down nine percent from the previous quarter. Despite having increased credit card use gradually over the past 12 months- according to federal reports- Chase asserts consumers are demonstrating…

ROAM CEO mPayments Innovations 2013 Conference Chair

The Mobile Payments Innovation conference at ETA’s 2013 Annual Meeting and Expo will host an all-star lineup of industry leaders and innovators on a variety of critical topics, including global payment trends, the latest mobile commerce innovations, mobile point of sale solutions and EMV standards. The ROAM mobile commerce platform provider, has been named the founding sponsor of this unprecedented event, and the company’s CEO Ken Paull has been selected as the conference chairperson. Paull will kick off the event by sharing his experiences, actionable strategies and insights on how organizations can leverage mobile payment technology to improve their business.

NCR Launches Anti-Skimming Technology for Banks

NCR Corporation launched its “Skimming Protection Solution” (SPS) advanced anti-skimming technology to offer financial institutions a proactive way to address ATM skimming challenges. The NCR solution thwarts skimming activity, notifies a financial institution of an attack in real time, and adapts quickly to new types of attacks as they become increasingly sophisticated. Card skimming represents 80 percent of all attacks against the ATM, the #1 ATM crime globally.1 A Mercator report estimates U.S. card issuers’ total losses from credit- and debit-card fraud at $2.4 billion. NCR built SPS software to enable its random, multiple-jamming hardware module to block criminal “listening” devices from capturing card data and prohibit criminals from tampering or removing the original ATM bezel and helps promptly detect fraudulent devices. SPS also constantly reports on the health of the ATM.

CreditCall Publishes EMV Migration Guide

CreditCall published its guide ‘How an EMV-enabled Payment Gateway can support migration to Chip’ to help Integrators, VARs and Processors through the EMV technology shift. The toughest is the scale and cost of implementation, requiring virtually every single terminal to be modified or replaced, and banks to re-issue credit and debit cards. Organizations that deliver EMV-compliant solutions can achieve a major advantage against competitors that are slower to market. They will also enable the US payments industry to close the gap on fraud migrating from other regions. CreditCall releases the guide on the first day of Cartes America, the business event to promote smart technologies in the North American market, where the company is exhibiting its innovative EMV technology and payments solutions on stand 324.

PULSE and fisoc Partner, Provide Buzz Points Rewards

fisoc, provider of the Buzz Points loyalty program, joined PULSE to offer Buzz Points to the network’s participants. Letting financial institutions connect with consumers and merchants through rewards and social-media engagement. Buzz Points was aligned with Discover Debit, managed by PULSE, to offer rewards that encourage consumers to shop locally and support merchants in their communities. Participating cardholders earned reward points that could be redeemed for gift cards or donated to charitable causes. Buzz Points is now being made available to PULSE financial institutions in select markets.

When Will Americans Learn to Manage Credit?

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] The ever-predictable American consumer is back at it. After having cut the overall consumer credit card debt by over $200 million during the past four years from the brink of the $1 trillion mark, Americans are pulling out the plastic once again. Why you ask? Because the economy is showing the…

CO-OP Financial Services EMV Certified

MV-enabled Visa debit cards functioned successfully in at least six countries for members and staff of Bank-Fund Staff FCU, with online transaction processing performed by CO-OP Financial Services. CO-OP has passed EMV certification with Visa, based on its work with Bank-Fund Staff FCU as the test credit union. Bank-Fund Staff FCU tested CO-OP’s Phase I processing solution of online EMV transactions from a contact EMV card. Bank-Fund Staff FCU issued 11 EMV-enabled Visa debit cards to members and staff during the pilot EMV period, which extended from late December to early April. This is the first step in the credit union’s overall EMV strategy.