ACI Worldwide Improves Wholesale Banking Solution

ACI Worldwide launched its “Money Transfer System 5.0” wholesale banking solution, designed to give financial institutions flexibility in defining and managing their payment processing flows. This was developed as the result of a large scale collaborative effort between ACI and a number of its customers whose design input and suggestions were included in the final version. Money Transfer System is one of many ACI products in the company’s broader payments platform to deliver on this approach. It also provides Repair Reporting to explain to customers how to correctly format transactions in order to reduce expensive repair activity; SWIFT Network Validation Kit validation on messages received through a back-end interface; and Expanded Global Clearing Channels, expanding the suite of global clearing channels available.

Virtual Piggy Partners SpiritHoods Kids

Virtual Piggy will provide its youth-friendly payment system to the youth oriented sub-brand of SpiritHoods, SpiritHoods Kids. This offers detailed, high quality hoods inspired by the animal world. They have been profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and LuckyKids, and are favorites of celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, and Bella Thorne. When you purchase a product from their ProBlue label, SpiritHoods donates 10% off net profits to a non-profit dedicated to the protection of that animal.

Great Western Bank deploys VSoft Image Processing

Great Western Bank selected VSoft’s branch and item capture and image processing solutions. The bank replaced its existing payments platform with VSoft’s branch item capture solution for its ability to allow branch operators to key, balance and reject/repair images at point of capture, rather than defer that work to a central operations area. The bank is also performing inclearing, and transmission of cash letters with VSoft’s image exchange solution. Great Western Bank will also use VSoft solutions to enable image delivery through customer e-statements, CDs or by interfacing directly to home banking systems.

Charge Payment Buys Trust One Payment Services

Trust One Payment Services has been purchased by Charge Payment. Trust One provides credit and debit card processing services to small- and mid-sized business merchants, primarily in the southeastern United States. The Company currently processes over $700 million in annual charge volume for approximately 2,800 merchants, and its merchant portfolio is diversified across a range of business sectors, with an emphasis on outsourced receivables management and e-commerce. Trust One will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Charge Payment.

NCR Acquires uGenius, Enhances Video ATM Technology

NCR Corporation has purchased uGenius Technology video banking software to help it continue to grow its APTRA Interactive Teller solution. This lets consumers conduct remote, assisted-teller transactions over an ATM – speaking with a live teller who has control of the machine, which NCR will pilot for APTRA Interactive Teller throughout 1H/13. NCR and uGenius collaborated to build the first ATM that lets consumers talk and bank with a live, remote teller, which will let banks deliver a face-to-face banking experience for longer hours and offer more services to their customers. NCR also anticipates leveraging other uGenius technologies such as SmartOffice and Online Video Banking to expand the delivery of video banking to multi-channel solutions across NCR Financial Services and other industry verticals. Consumers can now connect and interact with a remote teller in a highly personalized, two-way audio/video experience.

Unemployment Rate Up, Holiday Impact Still Helpful

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] Total payroll employment was up 155,000 in December as the unemployment rate remained relatively unmoved at 7.8% as the number of unemployed crept up to 12.2 million. Those jobless 27 weeks or more was little changed at 4.8 million in December, accounting for 39.1% of the unemployed. Meanwhile, 2.6 million persons…

Conference Board LEI Down First Time in Months

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] The Conference Board Leading Economic Index for the U.S. dropped 0.2% in November to 95.8. This 2 straight months of positive performance, with a 0.3% increase in October and a 0.4% increase in September. This is thanks to increasing risks of slowing economic activity in the near term, as growth will…

TSYS Acquires ProPay For Undisclosed Terms

TSYS announced has completed its acquisition of ProPay. ProPay previously operated as a privately-held company, and offers simple, secure and affordable payment solutions for organizations ranging from small, home-based entrepreneurs to multi-billion dollar enterprises. Financial Technology Partners LP and FTP Securities acted as exclusive financial and strategic advisors to ProPay and its Board of Directors in this transaction. ProPay has provided simple, secure, and affordable payment solutions for organizations ranging from the small, home-based entrepreneur to multi-billion-dollar enterprises.

NCR System Integrity Protects Customer Data and Store Systems

Retailers with data security problems face regulatory penalties, negative publicity, customer wrath and lost revenue, which NCR is addressing with its “System Integrity for Retail.” Through an agreement with McAfee, NCR System Integrity for Retail protects an entire store from the point-of-sale to back-office systems. The NCR “System Integrity” stops unapproved POS software or systems changes, reducing the risk of inadvertent or malicious installation of viruses or malware, reducing the risk of costly system shut-downs, exposure to data loss and costly regulatory fines and penalties.

UBPS Acquires JetPay Real Time Processor

Universal Business Payment Solutions Acquisition Corporation completed its acquisitions of the JetPay card processor and the A D Computer Corporation companies. A D Computer has its own innovative technology platform, designed with optimum flexibility to accommodate payrolls of all sizes – from small family businesses to large corporations with 10,000 or more employees. JetPay offers real time credit card and ACH processing and is a merchant account provider that process all front end authorizations as well as all back end clearing and settlement functions in-house from end-to-end for both card-present as well as card-not-present transactions. It expects to process more than $30 billion in sales volume with over 150 million transactions for merchants as well as independent sales organizations.