Card Delinquency Performance in Jeopardy as APRs Climb

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] Just as U.S. credit card delinquency has dropped to an all-time low on the Fitch 60-day Delinquency Index to 1.76%, average credit card APRs now sit at the exact average measured in October 2011, once again at 15%. Delinquencies are down to their lowest level on the Prime Credit Card Index…

TSYS Announces Transaction-Specific Marketing

TSYS partnered Truaxis, a MasterCard company, to make available transaction- and behavior-specific marketing offers. The new offering integrates cardholder spending patterns and behavior with an innovative platform that delivers personalized rewards, offers, loyalty incentives and other services to the end consumer. A recent study by Aite Group found that 45% of consumers are interested in receiving daily deal offers from their primary financial institution and by 2015 more than 460 million U.S. cardholders will subscribe to merchant-funded incentive programs.

Experian and Iovation Partner on Fraud Prevention

Experian announced an international partnership with iovation to further enhance Experian’s global fraud prevention capabilities. iovation’s advanced device recognition software, its dynamic referencing and device reputation checks will increase the reach and effectiveness of Experian’s identity verification and fraud prevention services. iovation enables clients to assess the likelihood of transactions being fraudulent based on the device from which an application is made. Its sophisticated real-time risk assessment analytics stops some 150,000 potential online fraud attempts each day. Experian’s range of identity verification and fraud prevention tools, iovation’s ReputationManager 360 analyses the past and current behaviour of more than one billion devices to identify and re-recognize devices logging into an organisation’s website in real time.

OTI Announces $2mm in NFC/Contactless Readers Orders

On Track Innovations announced receipt of orders valued at approximately $2.0 million for its NFC and contactless payment readers, which it plans to deliver part of to its customer in 2012, and the rest in 2013. OTI’s NFC and contactless payment readers provide a cost-effective plug-and-play solution for businesses across the globe. These lines of NFC and contactless payment readers support the increasing adoption of NFC payment technology by retail stores, vending machines and other points of purchase. OTI’s NFC and contactless payment readers are certified by major credit card associations – including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover – for their contactless programs.

iKaaz Announces mWallet Platform

iKaaz mobile payments solution provider launched its iKaaz mobile payment platform for enterprises. The iKaaz Consumer Wallet for Enterprises allows enterprises including banks, operators, and merchants to offer mobile wallets convenience to their customers for quick and easy payments. Meanwhile, the iKaaz M-POS solution allows merchants to replace expensive POS equipment with just a mobile phone that settles payments electronically. With the iKaaz Tap & Pay solution, that leverages NFC technology, merchants can receive payments from customers with just a tap of a phone at the checkout terminal.

Digital Life Launches All-in-One eCard

Digital Life Technologies has launched its “GoNow eWallet” card, programmed by an eWallet and can be swiped at all existing POS terminals and ATMs without any change to existing payment infrastructure or tapped at contactless terminals. The reprogrammable magnetic stripe card that receives commands from your eWallet via your mobile phone, is now in pilots with two customers”one, a major bank; the other, a direct-to consumer eWallet issuer. Inside the GoNow eWallet Card is a secure element that is comparable to the secure element in a mobile phone. To learn more about mobile payments with the GoNow eWallet card visit The GoNow eWallet card, a reprogrammable magnetic stripe card that receives commands from your eWallet via any mobile phone, is now in pilots with two customers”one, a major bank; the other, a direct-to consumer eWallet issuer.

Clear2Pay and TestPlant Launch mPayment App Tool

Clear2Pay next generation payment and TestPlant partnered to launch The Mobile Payment App Test Solution facilitating application vendors and mobile issuers to launch secure, robust and interoperable mobile payment applications. This allows simultaneous control and/or simulate all interfaces of the mobile ecosystem, features flexible test automation including Graphical User Interface validation. The hyper growth of mobile applications and wallets comes with the challenge of releasing secure apps in a device agnostic manner: stable on multiple portable devices and platforms. Quality assurance and verification of conformance to industry standards is a complex, time-consuming and costly task, especially when testing manually. Also, consumers expect a positive, inspiring experience from the start and rigorous testing is the only way to ensure quality of service and engender deep-seated notions of trust and security around mobility. Ultimately, one single tool allows simulation; test scripting; and graphical user interface automation.

Conference Board Index Reflects Fluctuating Economy

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] The Conference Board Leading Economic Index (LEI) for the U.S. increased 0.6% in September to 95.9 (2004 = 100), after a 0.4% decline in August and a 0.4% increase in July, while Coincident Economic Index (CEI) for the U.S. was up 0.2% to 105.1 (2004 = 100), after no change in…

Small Business Owners Waiting to Grow

The American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor shows just 20 percent believe economic conditions are the biggest barrier to growth (compared to 23% in the fall of 2011), fewer have cash flow concerns (53%, versus 58% in the spring) and fewer are stressed out by the economy (59%, versus 64% in the spring). Small business owners’ top priority, is maintaining their current business and sources of revenue (32%) and as a result they have adopted a “wait and see” approach for growth plans. Only 29% of businesses surveyed have plans to hire new employees, down from 35% in the spring.

Only 16% of entrepreneurs say the economy has caused them to lay off employees versus 21% six months ago. The Success Index, profiling High achievers, strivers, sustainers and strugglers, shows high achievers represent 6% of the total survey sample, and on average, have spent twenty-six years in business, employ eighteen people in their firms and have attained business growth of thirty-four percent over the last three years (versus 10% growth for the total survey population). The Success Index was developed based on self-reported responses to questions regarding business growth and characteristics correlated with high-performing entrepreneurs.

Yodlee Doubles API Business Growth

Yodlee Interactive has doubled its annual growth in its application programming interface (API) business as the standard in financial data and payments APIs. Yodlee Interactive serves more than 300 customers and partners and millions of end users across more than 25 vertical markets. The Yodlee API sits at the heart of a robust and expanding financial services ecosystem, where it helps streamline the innovation and delivery of new financial services and solutions, having launched Yodlee “FastLink” API feature that helps customers and partners bring innovations to market even faster and more easily, while reducing ongoing maintenance. FastLink speeds the onboarding process for all Yodlee Interactive powered services, enabling users to add thousands of financial accounts quickly, easily, and securely.

NFC Mobile Payment Transactions to Hit the $100B In 2016

ABI Research forecasts that the total value spend of NFC mobile payments will rise from $4 billion in 2012 to $191 billion in 2017, breaking the $100 billion mark in 2016. Mobile payments and more importantly the convergence between payment types – proximity, P2P and online – stored on a single NFC handset will be the initial trigger driving market convergence across a host of other markets, including ticketing, retail, loyalty, and access control. Market convergence is not quite ready for mass commercial roll out, but the potential value add that NFC brings has been identified. Smart card and IC vendors, device OEMs, MNOs, partnering service providers, and payments networks are all set to benefit should convergence prove successful.

Agilysys to Launch Next-Generation POS

Agilysys information technology and hospitality software made available its “Elevate” next-generation POS solution. Designed for the managed foodservice market the POS system is a single-pass POS solution that allows customers to take advantage of fast-moving trends in application delivery. The cloud-based system uses open architecture for maximum flexibility and scalability and employs VeriShield Protect, an advanced end-to-end encryption technology from VeriFone Systems to reduce PCI scope for merchants. It features remote deployment capabilities, flexible configuration, intuitive order entry and unified enterprise reporting. The system supports a variety of peripheral devices, including barcode scanners, receipt printers, scales and pole displays.