Unemployment Rate Sees Most Movement in Months

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] After sitting at just above the 8% mark for 8 months, the unemployment rate has seen the largest change since February 2012, dropping to 7.8%. Down over a full percentage point from the year ago period, when it was 9.1%, the number of unemployed Americans was down 0.3% since August. The…

LevelUp Partners Big Name POS Systems

LevelUp is integrating with POS systems, including Micros, POSitouch, and Dinerware, collectively representing 30% of all the POS systems that exist. This is part of the company’s mission to integrate with every existing system out there to make it easier for merchants to accept LevelUp’s unique combination of mobile payments and customer loyalty campaigns. These partnerships allow LevelUp transactions faster, easier, and more seamless for merchants First, LevelUp transactions get logged alongside every other credit card and cash transaction for the day, making it much easier to balance the register at closing. And second, the analytics from LevelUp’s loyalty-driving campaigns get integrated right into the merchant’s existing POS system, making it easier to track all of that amazing data on who’s coming back and how often, as well as what they’re ordering. The LevelUp network offers zero interchange for 0% in processing fees.

Starbucks Advances Mobile Payment Experience

Starbucks Coffee kicked-off its three-day Global Leadership Conference in Houston where the company will inspire nearly 10,000 store managers by investing in their development. Customers will be able to use Square Wallet to pay with their mobile phones at U.S. Starbucks stores beginning in early November. Customers will also be able to use the Square directory to find more than 7,000 U.S. company-operated Starbucks stores. Starbucks also announced it will enable digital tipping on its existing mobile payment applications and on Square Wallet for its U.S. store partners (employees) in summer 2013. As a further testament to the company’s innovation in mobile payment, the Starbucks mobile application is now integrated with Apple’s Passbook allowing customers’ Starbucks Cards to appear on their iPhone screen automatically after they enter a favorite Starbucks store.

Discover Fan Loyalty Poll Shows Pizza is Favorite Game Day Snack

The latest Discover Fan Loyalty Poll finds that pizza is king and diets go by the wayside when fans are watching their favorite team play. When asked what their favorite snack was, 23 percent said pizza. Additionally, fans said Wings, 15 percent, Chips and dips, 14 percent, Nachos, 8 percent, Hot dogs or sausage, 6 percent, Pretzels, 4 percent, Something else, 20 percent, Not sure, 10 percent. When asked do game day calories count, 46 percent said ‘No, my diet goes out the window when I’m tailgating or watching my team play;’ 39 percent said ‘Yes, but I still indulge in a few favorites;’ and 10 percent said ‘Absolutely, I don’t overeat or drink when I’m tailgating or watching my team play;’ while 4 percent were unsure. College football fans still have a healthy appetite for Alabama as nearly half, 49 percent, chose them as the best team in the country right now. The Crimson Tide has secured the top spot each week since the beginning of the season. West Virginia also sneaked back onto the list and into the top five after falling off of last week’s poll.

MPR Remains Above Historical Average

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] Fitch’s August Monthly Payment Rate Index reached a new record of 22.34% in August, advancing 29 bps from the previous high of 22.05% achieved in July. Monthly payment rate (MPR) was up 5.68% YOY and has consistently remained well above the historical average of 16.55% since 2009. MPR, which measures how…

Chase and Hyatt Enhance Hyatt Credit Card Benefits

Chase Card Services and HyCard of Hyatt Hotels partnered to offer cardholders more travel benefits on the Hyatt Credit Card. Cardholders will now get more for spending on the Card, receiving two Hyatt Gold Passport points per dollar spent at restaurants, on airline tickets purchased directly with the airline and at car rental agencies. Cardholders will also earn status faster by receiving two stay and five night credits toward Diamond status when they spend $20,000 during the calendar year, and an additional 3 stay and 5 night credits when they spend $40,000 during the calendar year. For a $75 annual fee, cardholders begin with 2 Free Nights at Hyatt properties worldwide after spending $1,000 within the first three months from account opening; no foreign transaction fees on an EMV chip-and-signature card. They also can earn 3 Hyatt Gold Passport points for every $1 spent at Hyatt; 2 Hyatt Gold Passport points for every $1 spent at restaurants, on airline tickets purchased directly with the airline and at car rental agencies; 1 Hyatt Gold Passport point for every $1 spent everywhere else and 2 stay and 5 night credits toward Diamond status when you spend $20,000 in a calendar year and an additional 3 stay and 5 night credits when you spend $40,000 in a calendar year.

2Checkout Mobile Launches on Android Platform

2Checkout online payment processor partnered with Inexika to launch its Mobile app on Android devices. The iPhone version of 2Checkout Mobile was recently released and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from 2Checkout customers. This demand was in response to the Instant demand for an Android version of the application. Sellers can check their account balance and view sales history, issue refunds, or call and email customers directly from within the app.

Chase Refines Spanish eBanking Experience

Chase announced consumer and business banking customers can now manage their accounts, including conducting many transactions, in Spanish. Customers now can perform many of the same functions in Spanish as they can in English, to manage Chase checking, auto, student, home loan, credit card and business accounts; view account activity and transaction history; pay bills and transfer money; and use tools such as Chase “QuickPay” to send money to nearly anyone with an email address or mobile telephone number. Chase also provides bilingual customer service in-person and via phone, the option to use ATMs in Spanish, bill inserts and account statements in Spanish, and printed product and services information available through branches for many personal and business banking needs.

Intracoastal Bank Implements Fiserv Solutions

Fiserv announced Intracoastal Bank, a $167-million community bank headquartered in Palm Coast, enhanced the bank’s digital services with Fiserv solutions. Intracoastal Bank has utilized the Premier bank platform from Fiserv since the bank opened its doors in 2008. The bank’s most recent enhancements to its digital channel include Mobiliti™ for mobile banking, ATM Source Capture™ for check deposits at ATMs, LinkLive Banking for instant messaging and AccountCreateSM for online account opening. The bank has in place a host of digital products and services from Fiserv, including Retail Online™ and Business Online™ for online banking, CheckFree® RXP® for bill payment, Popmoney® for person-to-person payments and Merchant Source Capture™ for check capture. The ATM Source Capture works with image-enabled Diebold ATMs to capture a customer’s check image, determine the check amount, assess image quality and transfer deposit images and related transaction data.

Servebase Launches New Payment Platform

Servebase multi-channel payment solutions launched its next generation payment platform, “ANYpay,” allowing merchants to address the demands of consumers. It allows merchants to “Mix and Match” on a modular basis, elements of its multi-channel payment solution to best fit the buying habits of their customers. The “ANYpay” solution also allows merchants to manage any payment device across any application, from a centralized intelligent hub via the Cloud. The hosted platform integrates seamlessly into any application and allows merchants to select their chosen sales channels while enjoying further value added services such as Real- Time Analytics, Dynamic Currency Conversion, Tax Free Shopping, Electronic Charity Box and Mobile POS. ANYpay has evolved over the last three years from Servebase’s extensive payment experience and has already been proven at scale by a number of customers within the retail industry in over 30 countries.

Ingenico Terminal MasterCard PayPass Certified

Ingenico provider of payment solutions has received certification for the MasterCard PayPass 3.0 terminal specification for its countertop iCT250 terminal. Ingenico offers each market segment a comprehensive range of PayPass 3.0 leading-edge approved terminals for the latest terminal specification from MasterCard, suporting contactless card acceptance as well as other PayPass enabled form factors such as mobile phones, stickers, and wristwatches. Ingenico has certified the full specification which enables the terminal to accept payments where the cardholder can authenticate the transaction by entering their PIN on the mobile phone handset, and then tapping their handset on the terminal.

Economic Confidence On the Rise in September

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] The Discover U.S. Spending Monitor was up 2.7 points to now sit at 91.3 in September after a 4-month decline, 14.3 points higher than the year ago figure, thanks to increasing consumer economic confidence. This is due in part to those rating the U.S. economy as good or excellent increased 2…