Inside Secure and TazTag Launch NFC-enabled Android Tab

Inside Secure and TazTag launched the “TazPad V2” seven-inch Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich, or ICS) tablet computer. Available now from TazTag, the “TazPad” tablet combines the EMVCo-certified secure near field communication (NFC) capabilities provided by the INSIDE Secure SecuRead(R) NFC module and Open NFC(TM) protocol stack with biometric authentication capabilities and an extensive array of wireless connectivity technologies to enable solution providers to efficiently support a variety of commercial, professional and consumer mobile applications. The TazPad uses the EMVCo-certified secure element of the SecuRead module to securely store fingerprint images, which can then be compared to those gathered through the built-in fingerprint scanner for authentication purposes.

MasterCard Launches PayPass Software Development Kit

MasterCard launched its “Mobile MasterCard PayPass User Interface Software Development Kit” (UI SDK) for Android and BlackBerry OS 7 mobile OS. This helps issuers, mobile network operators and third party developers rapidly build innovative new mobile applications that give consumers the speed and convenience of PayPass Tap-and-Go contactless payments – directly from their smartphone. MasterCard is providing a programmer-friendly set of functions that make it easy for application developers to rapidly deliver payment apps to consumers – without having to become smart card programming experts.

Silicon Valley Bank launches SME payment platform

Silicon Valley Bank released SVB “PayAbility” online and mobile payments service. Co-developed with MineralTree, SVB PayAbility integrates easily with accounting systems like QuickBooks and allows businesses to save time, streamline processes and enhance the security of their payments function. SVB “PayAbility” addresses a gap in payments services available for small and medium-sized businesses and streamlines communication and offers multiple payment options, such as ACH and checks, and innovative documentation management capabilities.

Amazon Payments Expands Through partnered with Amazon Payments to offer buyers an additional payment option on its site. Sellers on the site now pay 2.4% plus $0.30 per transaction (regardless of the sales volume through Amazon Payments), rather than the usual rate of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction, until at least October 1, 2013. After the introductory period, rates are subject to change, but will not exceed 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction (for International Orders there is an additional 1% fee per transaction).

Outstanding Revovling Credit Down 6.8%

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] With the Total outstanding revolving US consumer credit having leaped 5.3% in June since the year ago figure, it was down again in July 6.8%, according to the Federal Reserve. Down from the June figure of $855.5 billion to $850.7 billion, outstanding revolving US consumer credit compares to the year ago…

Barclaycard US Adds Google Wallet

Barclaycard US will promote mobile and online commerce by encouraging its cardholders in the U.S. to save their card to Google Wallet which enables consumers to securely and easily shop online where they see the ‘Google Wallet Buy’ button or in-person using the Google Wallet mobile app. Consumers who use their Google Wallet with their Barclaycard account will receive all the benefits and rewards they typically receive when using their Barclaycard – as part of a new, simple and easy-to-use experience.

Diebold Opens Data Center

Diebold opened two data centers located in Verizon’s Terremark facilities in Richardson, Texas and Manassas, Va., allowing them to connect to Verizon’s global networks. This integrated fabric of advanced data center capabilities with Verizon’s reach, reliability and global scale will increase performance and disaster recovery capabilities for Diebold’s customers with optimal geographic diversity and business resiliency. Diebold’s data center strategy focuses on providing a highly-scalable virtualized platform that optimizes network performance and security, and will allow for regional growth. The advanced technology enables Diebold to manage large amounts of data at a single site while simultaneously providing centralized monitoring of ATM networks, including endpoint security, software deployment, content management, OpteView® Resolve™ (terminal status/fault monitoring with remote fix) and Diebold Transaction Services (processing of card transactions). These services can be provided to a customer in a dedicated or shared business structure.

ABA Throws in Endorsement for NCR SelfServ ATMs

The American Bankers Association (ABA) endorsed the ATM and branch transformation solutions of NCR Corporation, for its transformation solutions allow banks to reduce costs, improve efficiency and grow their business. This endorsement is made through ABA’s affiliate, the Corporation for American Banking. The ABA will subsequently offer its member institutions preferential pricing on NCR ATM hardware, software maintenance and managed services.

MasterCard and the United Nations World Food Partner

MasterCard and the World Food Program forged a global partnership to use digital innovation to help people around the world to break the cycle of hunger and poverty. This will combine MasterCard’s electronic payments systems with WFP’s global reach among the world’s hungriest populations. In doing so, MasterCard will help WFP to create an enhanced online donation mechanism that will enable more people to donate through a wider variety of online payment methods. This enhanced online donation mechanism is part of an “Integrated Giving” platform that will allow brands to integrate donation mechanisms onto their products. Retailers can offer donations at checkout so customers can donate to WFP without having to leave the site. In addition, mobile applications or game developers will be able to offer options to support WFP right from within their applications or game. All donations will be tracked and credited to both the brand and the consumer, offering new opportunities for consumers and brands to work together and have a meaningful, measurable impact on the fight against hunger.

Dynamics Launches Triple-Interface Device at Finovate

Dynamics next-generation payment cards launched its “Triple Interface” next-generation payment device at Finovate, creating a central platform for all three primary payment technologies on a single piece of plastic in a re-writeable format. For magnetic stripe readers, a card-programmable magnetic stripe – Dynamics’ proprietary Electronic Stripe™ – is included, which can re-write any bit of the magnetic stripe at any time. For EMV contact readers, a card-programmable chip – Dynamics’ proprietary Chip and Choice™ product – is included, which can re-write a contact chip profile at any time. A card-programmable contactless chip – Dynamics’ proprietary Chip and Choice™ contactless product – is included, which can re-write a contactless chip profile at any time.