RushCard and Green Dot Ink Distribution Deal

UniRush and Green Dot low-cost banking and payment solutions forged an exclusive multi-year distribution agreement, under which Green Dot Bank will serve as the exclusive issuer of the retail version of the RushCard, with Green Dot Corporation serving as a co-manager on the portfolio with UniRush. The introduction of RushCard through the retail channel is expected to significantly expand UniRush LLC’s customer base by allowing consumers to purchase RushCard at many of their favorite retailers nationwide, while providing Green Dot with new, incremental sales through its large, nationwide retail distribution channel. Russell Simmons co-founded UniRush, LLC in 2003, and the subsequent launch of the RushCard was one of the first prepaid Visa Debit cards available to the underserved consumer.

BofA Adds Check Deposit Feature for Apps

Bank of America launched new mobile banking for Mobile Check Deposit, Person-to-Person Email and Mobile Transfers and Mobile App Alerts. This will allow customers to manage their finances through their mobile device – from depositing a check, to paying friends and family, to reviewing balances and much more. Bank of America’s Mobile Check Deposit function allows customers to deposit checks easily and securely without making a trip to the ATM or banking center. Once customers download the updated mobile application onto their tablet or smartphone, they can use the app to snap photos of the check and follow a few simple on-screen instructions to complete the deposit. Mobile Check Deposit is currently available on iPad and will be available in the coming weeks on iPhone, Google Android smartphone or tablet and Windows Phone. Person-to-Person Email and Mobile Transfers allow customers to easily conduct person-to-person transfers via online banking or a smartphone using only an e-mail address or mobile phone number.

Lettuce Entertain You and Mocapay Expand Mobile Offering

Mocapay mobile commerce expanded its strategic partnership with Lettuce Entertain You independent restaurant groups. This will mobile deploy Lettuce Eats Frequent Diner Club. Lettuce Entertain You patrons will be provided a more convenient and engaging channel to earn points and redeem rewards for food at its over 80 restaurant locations in seven states. Lettuce Entertain You will now mobilize its 25-year-old frequent diner club that includes over 100,000 members, giving patrons easy access to their frequent dining membership and real-time updates on points and rewards. Patrons can interchangeably use their plastic loyalty card and mobile phone to collect points and redeem offers from a single account, providing more choice and flexibility. Lettuce Entertain You is able to integrate mobile into its existing POS equipment, loyalty program and application provider through Mocapay.

AJB Accelerates Retailer EMV Migration

AJB Software Design integrated payment solutions announced a new EMV migration path for U.S. Retailers, designed to accelerate EMV implementations, while making it easy for merchants to integrate with emerging Mobile and other POS initiatives. AJB completed numerous large-scale EMV Chip and PIN integrations with merchants throughout Canada and the United Kingdom. AJB’s software enables merchants to accept EMV transactions; resulting in fewer disputed charges, lower chargeback rates and reduced levels of fraud, saving time and money for retailers. Its EMV compatible software has been PA-DSS validated with EMV transactions, simplifying the compliance effort for merchants to verify their payment processing meets the PCI & EMV security standards.

Liaison Tokenization Passes PCI-DSS 2.0 Audit

Liaison Technologies announced the Liaison Protect Tokenization-as-a-Service (TaaS™) cardholder data environment successfully passed a PCI-DSS 2.0 audit and other major payment card association security requirements related to the protection of cardholder data. Through Trustwave. The cardholder data environment consists of the perimeter and internal firewalls, the Liaison Protect Token Manager application, the production VLAN, the Web VLAN and the VzCaaS Management VLAN. The PCI requirements are comprised of VISA’s Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) and MasterCard’s Site Data Protection (SDP) program, as well as Discover’s (DISC) and American Express’s Data Security Operating Policies. The Liaison ‘Format Preserving Tokenization’ offers on-premise and as a managed service in the cloud, giving customers a choice on how to tokenize any type of confidential information, including credit card numbers. and ATMIA Establish Donation Agreement forged agreements to contribute to the U.S. Defense Fund for every ATM machine ordered using the promotion code “ATMIA2012”. The U.S. Defense Fund helps ATMIA continue to employ the right professional resources that actively work with lawmakers and regulators for the protection and longevity of the ATM industry. is a leading wholesale supplier of retail ATM machines, parts, supplies and repair service in the United States, and has been an active member and sponsor of the ATMIA and the U.S. Defense Fund for several years.

Discover Expands Rewards Redemption Options

Discover has partnered RewardsPay consumer payment service to provide cardmembers Cashback Bonus to make online purchases for Apple iTunes®, Facebook codes® and at Disney’s Club Penguin. Discover also kicked off the hot days of summer with a new set of rotating quarterly 5% categories. From July 1 – September 30, 2012, Discover cardmembers can earn 5% Cashback Bonus on up to $1,500 in gas, movie theatres and theme parks by simply enrolling online through the Discover Account Center. Once they reach the 5% spending limit, cardmembers still automatically receive up to 1% Cashback Bonus on all other purchases. A complete list of merchants offering between 5% – 20% Cashback Bonus can be found at

Fiserv Forum to Host Business and Technology Strategy

Fiserv announced speaker and agenda details for its annual credit union client conference Sep. 10-13 in Las Vegas. Fiserv Forum – Fall 2012 is the largest annual technology-focused event for credit unions, and is expected to attract more than 2,000 credit union and financial technology professionals. Strategic decision-making, growing credit union membership, expanding digital channels, managing risk and payment portfolio opportunities are among key areas that will be addressed. The conference will feature a 35,000 square-foot Technology Showcase, where clients can interact directly with the latest financial services solutions. Attendees will have many opportunities to network with their peers and exchange best practices for serving members. A preliminary agenda is available at

Frost Bank Expands ATM Offering with Cardtronics

Frost Bank and Cardtronics announced a significant expansion of ATM locations available for Frost customers, who will have access free of charge to all 615 ATMs at Valero Corner Stores in Texas by August 15. Cardtronics retail ATM owner is an exclusive provider of ATM services for Valero Corner Stores. This will double the number of free ATMs for Frost customers and add to the 469 ATMs operated by Frost.

VantageScore Solutions Addresses How Credit Scores Are Impacted

VantageScore made available its consumer-facing white paper to explain how and why credit scores change often, how certain common credit-related activities impact credit scores, and how to improve one’s credit score. The “Assume the Role of Managing Your Credit Prudently and Watch Your Credit Score Improve” white paper includes easy-to-follow graphics demonstrating the impact on a credit score from such things as missed payments, a credit inquiry and closing a credit account. It also includes sample consumer profiles ranging from consumers with high credit scores, those with low credit scores and those in between, as well as ways each type of consumer can improve one’s scores both in the short- and long-term. VantageScore Solutions created these profiles so that consumers can have a directional guide that easily explains how certain activities might impact their own credit scores.

Visa Takes Hit on Interchange Litigation

[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”0″ ihc_mb_template=”1″] Visa posted its fiscal 3Q/12 (2Q/12) net loss of $1.8 billion, inclusive of a litigation provision of $4.1 billion, related to the settlement agreement in the Multi-District Litigation case. The Company signed a memorandum of understanding to enter into a settlement agreement to resolve the Class Plaintiffs’ claims in the Multi-District…

Payza Names New CEO

Payza payment platforms for e-commerce, corporate disbursement and remittances appointed Alastair Graham Chief Executive Officer. Bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in strategic direction, Graham was the founder and director of 5 Grams of Plastic, which provides strategic guidance to companies in the payments industry. Before leading 5 Grams of Plastic, Graham helped start up several companies and co-founded TransSend Payments Ltd., a financial services company that focused on the rapidly growing stored-value card market, that generated $100 million in card program volumes within two and a half years from startup.