InfoVista Launches Self-Service Management App

InfoVista launched its “Vista360 2.0” award-winning self-service performance management Web 2.0 application. Giving flexible and simplified management of operational and customer reporting for service providers and enterprises, the “Vista360” update lets users in network and IT service operations centers pinpoint, analyze and collaborate in real time on network performance and service quality degradation, gain a high-level perspective of network utilization and return on investment, and improve operational troubleshooting on the entire service chain. Vista360 2.0 promotes collaboration both inside and outside of the NOC by enabling one-click sharing of any dashboard as well as access to the underlying performance information through external web-based applications.

ACI Worldwide & TCS Introduce Payment JV

ACI Worldwide payment systems has signed a teaming agreement with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) IT services, consulting and business solutions. This will leverage the TCS Centre of Excellence in Payments to deliver financial institutions and processors with the best combination of payments products and services to meet their specific needs. ACI Worldwide provides payments solutions for 15 Indian financial institutions, providing functions such as authentication, authorization, routing, settlement, device driving, merchant acquiring and fraud detection. This gives organizations the option of working with a service provider when deploying payment systems from ACI Worldwide.

Mobile Operators Seriously Lack PCI-DSS Compliance

Research now indicates 25% of mobile network operators are not currently PCI DSS compliant, of which the average cost is approximately $700,000. Meanwhile, annual maintenance for PCI-DSS compliance totals an average of $1,390,000. These findings, according to Vesta Corporation electronic payments, also indicate 35% are unaware of the financial penalties levied for non-compliance by the card associations and only see the greatest risk of non-compliance being the loss of customer confidence. Currently, only 37% of all payments are made with cash or check.

Telrock Partners to kickoff power utility mobile bill payment

Scottish and Southern Energy energy retailer teamed with Telrock mobile payments to launch technology to revolutionize the way millions of customers manage their energy and telecoms accounts. This allows customers to confirm their energy bill is accurate and make payments directly via their mobile phone as a simple alternative to call-centres, post or internet. To make payments, they simply respond to the payment request directly in the app making payment as quick and simple as the touch of a button. The option is also available for 2-way text messaging as the secure payment mechanism.

Squid partners to Expand euro-Transaction market

Two innovative UK start-ups responsible for millions of contactless tickets and payments per month have joined forces to create a new European leader in smart transactions. Applied Card Technologies (ACT) and digital payments company sQuid have joined forces under a new corporate umbrella, Smart Transactions Group, in a deal valued at $87 million (£53.3 million). Both companies currently operate contactless smart card-based networks, and now share plans to launch NFC and mobile phone-based solutions in the near future. Smart Transactions Group will have pro-forma 2011 revenues of approximately $15 million (£9.5 million) and its payments revenue, measured on a Total Payment Value (TPV) basis, is growing at a significant double digit monthly rate, while transit transactions are also expected to grow 50% in 2011.

epay Deploys Microsoft Prepaid Services in EMEA and APAC

epay οf Euronet Worldwide аnԁ a prepaid аnԁ payments processor -n thе U.S. has implemented multi-country agreements w-th Microsoft. Stretching across Europe, thе Middle East аnԁ Asia-Pacific regions, thе agreements allow epay tο discharge Microsoft POS-activated products асrοѕѕ the epay network, consisting of over 278,000
tradesman locations. Consumers саn b…у thе Office 2010 POSA product tο е-thеr clear Office
2010 program already commissioned οn thе-r hardware.

Starbucks UK to Launch contactless pilot with Barclaycard

Starbucks has signed a deal with Barclaycard and Visa Europe to make available contactless payments in its coffee shops, allowing customers in selected stores to pay by holding their contactless credit or debit card to a payment terminal. Subject to a successful initial pilot of contactless in Starbucks shops, the technology will roll out across the bulk of Starbucks coffeehouses in the UK and Ireland. Starbucks joins a number of high street retailers in announcing the introduction of the payment technology. Barclaycard has led the industry on rolling out contactless payment terminals and together with Barclays have issued over 80 per cent of the contactless-enabled credit and debit cards in the UK.

Queensland Teachers’ Credit Union Implements Fiserv

Queensland Teachers’ Credit Union (QTCU) has selected “Aperio” customer channel management from Fiserv financial services technology solutions and “Teller” multi-currency, full-function, branch tellering and transaction processing solution. The implementation of “Aperio” and “Teller for Signature” will present QTCU with the opportunity for immediate benefits in terms of increased efficiency and enhanced member experience. Also, Aperio provides a business process-driven solution that will increase the efficiency and productivity of QTCU’s staff and provide intelligent prompts for more relevant interactions with its members. Teller for Signature is the multi-currency, full-function, branch tellering and transaction processing solution built around an easy-to-use graphical interface and provides efficient management of cash and transaction activities, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, currency exchange and general ledger transactions.

MCB Bank implements Logica Payments Screening

MCB Bank Limited has selected and implemented the Logicaits “HotScan” payments filtering solution. Now using “HotScan” to monitor and filter its SWIFT messages in, MCB has a customer base of approximately four million and a nationwide distribution network of over 1,100 branches and over 450 ATMs in the market. This will also allow MCB regulation compliance and to scan transactions in real-time, to ensure that every payment has received the highest level of compliance verification and achieve end-of-day payments deadlines.

Consumers 39% More Likely to Manage Card Accounts Online Since 08

Between 2008 and 2010, consumers became 39% more likely to manage their credit card accounts online. In 2010, 61% of consumers used their credit card websites to manage at least some aspect of their credit card accounts while in 2008, just 44% of credit cardholders managed their accounts online. This, according to research recently published in Cardbeat market research, also shows in 2010 consumers were 60% more likely to go online to review recent credit card transactions, versus just 40% in 2008. Further, consumers were twice as likely to go online to order a replacement card (for a card that was lost or stolen) as they were in 2008 (36% vs. 18%).

Mastercard Prepaid Fleet Card Focuses on Refuelling Ease

Typical fuel cards are brand-tied to a particular chain, so if a driver’s holding a fuel card for ‘Garage A’, but needs to fill-up in an area where the fuel stations are mainly ‘Garage B’, they could have a big problem. A prepaid card, such as the “Cashplus” prepaid Gold MasterCard, is the answer for many fleet managers and their drivers as these cards provide access to fuel from any petrol station that accepts MasterCard. The increased control should be a significant help in reducing the risk of fraud while the card could be set up to allow out of pocket expenses – such as garage, breakdown and recovery bills or even unexpected hotel bills if a journey has to be extended. The “Cashplus” prepaid Gold MasterCard are topped up with the company’s money, so there’s no interest to pay, no unexpected fees and no late payment penalties.

InfoVista Unveils New Cloud Service Performance Assurance

InfoVista service performance assurance will introduce its new unified solution for cloud service assurance at TM Forum Management World in Dublin. Extending its flagship VistaInsight for Networks and VistaFoundation to support cloud-based technologies, InfoVista’s best-of-breed carrier grade performance assurance platform offers end-to-end performance assurance, visibility and reporting for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and other private or public cloud-based applications and services. InfoVista’s solution provides comprehensive support for all virtualization technologies, including the Virtual Computing Environment coalition Vblock infrastructure packages, a collaborative development of Cisco, EMC, and VMware in concert with their vendor ecosystems that integrates virtualization, networking, compute, storage, security, and management technologies, accelerating the service provider’s time to market for launching cloud services.