eBillme Teams with Affinion Group

MODASolutions has partnered with Affinion Group to offer eBillme customers the enhanced features of “Price Protection” and a “Return Guarantee”. It offers the highest possible protection for online cash shopping, including a return and lowest price guarantee, as well as fraud and shipping coverage. The new Buyer Protection Program, which costs nothing to use, takes the fear out of using cash online. It’s the same protection offered by premium credit cards but it covers cash. All new merchants who add eBillme to their online checkout payment options will be automatically equipped with the Buyer Protection Program as an offering for every eBillme customer. Merchants can benefit by becoming a part of the eBillme network of retailers offering consumers the safest way to pay cash online. Affinion Group is an affinity direct marketer of value-added membership, insurance, programs, package enhancement programs, and services to consumers. MODASolutions is a provider of payment solutions that extend the convenience of online banking to the merchant’s checkout.

Paymetric Introduces XiPayNet Service

An on-demand Web-based service for accepting, managing and integrating credit card transactions in enterprise resource planning systems, such as SAP, has been launched. Houston-based Paymetric has released “XiPayNet.” The new service manages the payment card acceptance workflow – from payment origination, to card authorization, to transaction settlement – all without additional hardware, installation of software, or costly maintenance. “XiPayNet” also provides interfaces for multiple credit card processing institutions and most enterprise applications. Additionally, iPayNet enables secure payments to flow directly from an organization’s on-premise enterprise system, through the secure “XiPayNet” service at Paymetric’s PCI-certified data center, to a multitude of card processors or banks.


Maybank and China Unionpay have signed partnership agreements
that will allow CUP customers access to the Malaysian banking network.
This will benefit Chinese nationals, tourists and students in Malaysia
whom are customers of CUP and in need of banking network access.
This network will consist of 2,000 Maybank ATMs and 1,000 merchants
by 2008. These developments are also in response to research and statistics
that have shown that for 2007 it is expected that 600,000 Chinese in
Malaysia are projected to spend over US$400 million. Throughout the
country, Maybank currently has card acceptance with nearly 45,000

College Students Use Cards for Education

A Nellie Mae study says that older graduate students carry nearly twice as much credit card debt as their younger counterparts, with just 20% of all respondents paying off their monthly credit card bills in full each month. Moreover, the average outstanding balance on credit cards held by graduate students has increased 10% since 2003 to $8,612. The study also sheds light on the fact that increasing numbers of graduate students are using credit cards to finance a college education. About 94% of graduate students who responded to the Nellie Mae survey said they used credit cards to pay for some portion of their direct education expenses, primarily textbooks. Twenty-eight percent admitted paying for some portion of their tuition with credit cards.


Recent research sponsored by Vocalink shows that many bank associates
believe that Euro-wide reach will be among the fundamental difficulties
with the SEPA solution. Research statistics also show that over half of the
respondents are concerned with meeting the January SEPA deadline and
that 81% don’t believe their customers will migrate payments until after
2010. Additionally, 54% of the banks disclosed concern in convincing
customers of the SEPA migration, 32% said the most important customer
incentive was the ability to send all payments through a single channel
24% felt this would be “message reformatting”.

ProtectHost EFT Product is Introduced

SafeNet has launched the “ProtectHost Electronic Funds Transfer” product, a hardware security module that prevents identity theft and other e-crimes by encrypting PINs, passwords, and online transaction data. The PH EFT is built upon the successful Luna platform and is designed for EFT and payment system processing environments, providing powerful end-to-end security for online banking transactions and applications for credit, debit, and chip cards. The PH EFT encrypts data at the client browsers and decrypts it at the host, so the transaction remains secure from point of entry through processing and authentication. To prevent compromise of financial data via the printing of security keys, the PH EFT features an ATM Key Management System, allowing the custodian key data to print directly to secure key envelopes. This also allows for automatic ATM key distribution and initialization. Likewise, the PH EFT PIN Mailer System enables printing of PINs directly to secure PIN envelopes, eliminating the need to hook up to a different machine. SafeNet is a provider of information security.


To aid its corporate customers in preparation for evolving global
payments, Unisys will be introducing new solutions on its Open
Payments Platform. In conjunction with Clear2Pay’s Service Oriented
Architecture(SOA), the Open Payments Platform solutions address the
SEPA changes to credit and debit platforms throughout Europe.
Additionally, Unisys will be partnering with Sterci to provide its “Stelink”
messaging platform to assist bank customers in modernizing financial
messaging systems. This modernization will assess new regulations of
financial institution standard-setters and replace SWIFT messaging
systems. The Unisys Open Payment Platform allows banks to reform
operations and create products intent on maintenance cost reduction.

Multiple Card Patents Up for Auction

CardSelect reports the pending sale of patents in Canada, Europe and Japan pertaining to the issuance of financial transaction cards and identity cards via multiple vendors. The lot will be offered at The Ocean Tomo Fall 2007 Live IP Auction on October 25th at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. The Company says its system offers card issuers a better way to acquire new and more valuable customer accounts while keeping acquisition costs low and customer retention rates high. The system can also be tailored for use in either magnetic stripe or smart card environments and creates a virtual mall bringing together global card issuers, loyalty partners and consumers.


A six-month pilot of mobile payments led by LogicaCMG and Schuitema, owners of the C1000 supermarket chain, in close
cooperation with Rabobank, KPN, NXP Semiconductors and RFID Platform
Nederland has been going well. The solution uses the existing online PIN payment infrastructure, with the debit card replaced by a mobile phone. The mobiles are equipped with NFC technology. The payment system is one of the first European mobile payments applications that is directly linked to online debit accounts.

Diebold Introduces Bulk Deposit Technology

Diebold has become the first major ATM provider in the USA to introduce bulk deposit technology. The Company released “Intelligent Depository Module,” an advanced technology that receives and processes both checks and bill payment documents in bulk. An enhanced, fifth-generation solution, this module accepts and magnetically reads checks inserted in any orientation-even upside down-through an insertion slot placed identically on all of Diebold’s “Opteva” ATMs for a consistent consumer interface. The bulk document IDM’s paper-handling capabilities can process crumpled, curled and creased checks. An envelope-free, high-volume deposit module, the bulk document IDM enables financial institutions to improve their financial self-service investment through migration of deposit transactions from the teller line to the ATM, and through image processing opportunities enabled through check truncation.

RBC Centura Banks Inks Fintura for Cards

Atlanta-based Fintura has signed an agreement with RBC Centura Banks to use Fintura’s “New Account Origination” solution to help the bank grow its credit card accounts in the U.S. The “New Account Origination” solution accelerates portfolio growth by devising innovative and timely credit card offerings designed to motivate consumer response in this highly competitive environment. The company applies its proven targeting methodology to identify the right product for the right consumer. From there, Fintura manages the entire direct marketing campaign from strategy and offer development to printing, postage and mailing. The company has developed a “pay-for-performance” compensation model. This custom compensation structure shifts the marketing investment risk from the financial institution to Fintura, while accommodating each financial institution’s budget parameters. RBC Centura Banks, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada. Fintura is an account origination and portfolio management company.

A New High-End Credit Card is Coming

WY-based ThinkTank Holdings says it will introduce a high-end credit card utilizing a patent pending credit card concept that includes carbon and/or carbon based material. The code name for the company is “Next Card.” The actual name of the company will not be announced until its release date. The new card will be available to individuals and corporations for an estimated annual fee of $495. It is expected to come with a 24-hour concierge service, a points and rewards incentive package as well as many other benefits.