In an effort to help pass House Bill No. 175, which would add features such as
biometrics and smart card technology to drivers’ licenses, Senior Business
Development Manager Frank Barbalace and Jim Curran, President of CIS, Inc.
testify on behalf of ORGA Card Systems in front the General Assembly of

The Public Hearing on Identity Theft will begin on Wednesday, May 9, 2001.
ORGA Card Systems is currently one of the world’s leaders and specialists in
microprocessor-based Smart Card solutions and systems. ORGA has pioneered in
the area of Smart Card Technology and has played a major role in defining the
Smart Card environment in Europe since 1985.

Frank Barbalace and Jim Curran will demonstrate the effectiveness of smart
cards for identification purposes, using the smart card and biometrics-based
Indian State of Gujarat as a reference.

“It’s not a question of if we will have a smart card driver’s license in the
United States,” stated Frank Barbalace, “but rather when will we have one.”
House Bill 175 would require the use of smart card technology and biometric
imaging on all Pennsylvania commercial and noncommercial driver’s licenses and
state identification cards. Smart Cards, which contain an embedded chip, and
the use of biometrics could decrease identity theft.

Stored information on the chipcard will include the following license number,
the driver’s name, date of birth, address, physical description, digital
signature, fingerprint image, license expiration date, class of vehicle the
driver is authorized to drive, and any restrictions or endorsements. The
of the license would remain the same, except for the addition of the chip.
The driver’s license issuance project in the Indian State of Gujarat
demonstrates the use of cutting edge biometrics and chip cards. The smart card
license stores the cardholder’s fingerprint and digital signature, as well as
personal information. Gujarat is the first authority in the world to introduce
a smart card driver’s license project that uses fingerprint biometrics.
ORGA Smart Card Issuance stations provide a one-stop location that allows for
the entire process to be completed in one trip. The issuance stations consist
of smart card personalization equipment, which consists of a PC, smart card
printer, video camera, fingerprint capture device, and a signature tablet, as
well as customized software.
At the project’s completion, approximately 10 million smart card licenses will
be issued.

ORGA USA is the North American subsidiary of ORGA Kartensysteme GmbH
Germany, a
pioneer and global leader in smart card technology since 1985. Application
areas include telecommunications, health care, retail/loyalty, banking,
personal ID, and other emerging markets.
ORGA has established subsidiaries, branch offices, and joint ventures in
Brazil, China, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, South
Africa, and the United States. Visit our Web Site at
Curran Information Systems, Inc. provides marketing and information and
database management for the insurance and financial service industry. As part
of CFG, Inc., the company has provided consulting and management services to
providers of insurance and benefits for individuals and companies.


CheckFree i-Solutions, the leading provider of interactive e-billing and
e-statement applications and unit of CheckFree Corporation, announced an
agreement with Xerox Europe to provide Diners Club Austria with CheckFree
i-Series, the world’s leading electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP)
software, as part of the Xerox total e-Document solution.
Following Austria, the new e-Billing service will also be rolled out to
cardholders in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.
Diners Club, which is marketed in Austria by AirPlus Travel, is the leading
credit card and service provider for Austria and Eastern Europe with over
150,000 business and consumer customers. Diners Club Austria prints and
distributes 165,000 bills, 60,000 account statements and up to 15,000 reports
each month.

Moving to electronic bill presentment not only reduces administration and
significant time and money, it also provides a whole new level of customer
care. “Launching a truly interactive EBPP site that enables customers to
statements online permits us to stay at the cutting edge of customer service,”
explains Manfred Buchacher, CEO of AirPlus Travel. The long-term strategy
is to
encourage Diners’ customers in all markets to receive their monthly statements
exclusively online. With CheckFree i-Series, Diners will be able to scale to
accommodate future demand for e-statements.
Xerox Europe chose CheckFree i-Series for Diners Club because of its superior
speed of implementation, cost-efficiency and proven technology. Says Tim
Industry Solutions & Services Marketing Manager-Financial Services at Xerox
Europe “We knew CheckFree i-Series would be fast and easy to implement, and
would enable us to transform legacy applications into interactive Web
without the need to modify existing systems.”
Andreas Lesch, head of New Technologies Development at Diners Club Austria,
confirms this view. “I chose CheckFree i-Series because I didn’t want the EBPP
implementation to interfere with other IT projects and here was a very modern
interface that could be easily grafted onto existing structures.” The fact
CheckFree and Xerox delivered the Proof of Concept in under two weeks
Diners that they could achieve optimum speed to market.
One of the most important selection considerations for Diners was security. A
careful evaluation of the CheckFree i-Series’ security features convinced Mr.
Lesch that it had some of the most advanced security options available,
supported all popular Internet security mechanisms and would work seamlessly
with Diners’ existing database to automate the password process.
The next phase of the EBPP project will be to add online bill settlement and
statement archiving. Diners also has plans for an interactive Web-based
for customer relationship management and an EBPP/call centre link. Says
Gaechter, senior consultant at Xerox Europe “Competition in the credit card
market has increased dramatically. Diners has been quick to recognise that
e-Document management, EBPP and one-to-one marketing all play a major role in
building customer loyalty, increasing market share and optimising business

Steve Wright, Director of Marketing at CheckFree i-Solutions EMEA, is
enthusiastic about his company’s relationship with Xerox Europe. “The Xerox
Industry Solutions and Services group is Europe’s largest consultancy and
systems integrator dedicated to e-Document management. Leveraging CheckFree’s
years of experience in the EBPP market, we can offer a combined e-Billing
solution that gives customers leading-edge technology for e-business growth.”

About Xerox Europe

Xerox Europe, the European operations of Xerox Corporation, the world’s 6th
largest information technology company, markets Xerox’s products, solutions
services throughout Europe. Xerox’s mission is to be the leader in the global
document management market, providing solutions that provide a bridge between
the paper and digital worlds and enhance business productivity through the
sharing of knowledge. In 1999, Xerox Europe had revenues of $5.3 billion. The
company employs 19,000 people, has manufacturing operations in Ireland, the UK
and Holland and advanced research and development centres in Cambridge (UK),
and Grenoble in France. For further information visit

Diners Club Austria

Founded in 1961, Diners Club Austria is one of 165 Diners Club franchises
worldwide. With 170 employees and 150,000 cardholders, the company has 10%
market share of all cards in Austria with a 70-80% market share in the high
worth segment. Awarded `Best Franchise’ in 1999, Diners Club Austria is
consistently in the top 5 franchises in terms of revenue, market share growth
and innovation. For further information visit

About CheckFree i-Solutions

As a software group within CheckFree Corporation (NASDAQCKFR)
(, CheckFree i-Solutions is the
leading provider of end-to-end business-to-consumer and business-to-business
solutions for e-bill and payment and e-statement delivery. Its flagship
software suite, the CheckFree i-Series, is a next generation solution for
e-bill and e-statement creation. CheckFree i-Solutions is committed to helping
billers, Consumer Service Providers (CSPs) and Biller Service Providers (BSPs)
leverage electronic bills and statements as interactive conduits to customer
relationship management, marketing and customer self-service applications.
CheckFree is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with CheckFree i-Solutions’
European operations located in Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom. For further
information visit

Juniper Bank

The Federal Reserve Board this week approved the application of Juniper Financial Corp. to become a bank holding company by acquiring First Bank CBC, Maryville, MO. Juniper is in the process of closing its third round of funding in the range of $50 to $100 million. The latest round of funding, which is expected to close by the end of May, is contingent upon the approval of the acquisition of the Missouri bank. First Bank has $106.3 million in assets. Juniper intends to merge First Bank with and into DE-based Juniper Bank, a de novo bank that is not yet open for business. After the merger, Juniper will sell the assets and liabilities of First Bank back to Citizens Bancshares, the current owner of First Bank. Juniper will then purchase the assets and assume the liabilities of the credit card division it currently operates with Columbus Bank & Trust. Juniper specializes in online and wireless banking services and launched a MasterCard in October. Juniper was founded by Richard Vague, co-founder of First USA and Jim Stewart, former CEO of and EVP at First USA. (See CF Library 5/25/00; 7/31/00; 10/25/00)

CyberCash Closure

CyberCash announced yesterday the closing of its asset sale and a name change to CYCH, Inc. The winning bid made at a bankruptcy court-approved auction April 12 will produce net proceeds of $23.9 million to CyberCash. The company’s Internet payment services assets were acquired by Verisign and the company’s software assets were acquired by First Data Merchant Services. Excluded from the transaction are CyberCash’s financial assets, including cash on hand and accounts receivable. Also excluded are CyberCash’s interest in CyberCash K.K., its Japanese payment processing joint venture with SoftBank, as well as CyberCash’s investments in Commission Junction, and Outbounder, Inc. (formerly UUCom). CyberCash intends to liquidate these financial assets through subsequent auctions.


SCM Microsystems, Inc. has shipped the E-25, the first
personal multi-functional smart card reader aimed at broadening the use of
smart cards. SCM developed the E-25 reader to match the new generation of
smart cards that offer several different applications on a single card. As
previously announced, Dalmatinska Bank Zadar in Croatia will use more than
100,000 E-25 readers for their Secure Internet Banking implementation based on
public key infrastructure (PKI).

Slightly bigger than a smart card, the E-25 reader can be kept around a
person’s neck as a corporate badge or simply attached to a belt. The reader
features a keypad for secure PIN code entry and an LCD to read data from the
card. It also features a Radio Frequency transmitter to open doors, access
courses for students or facilitate “on the spot” payment in cafeterias or on
public transportation.

The E-25 can also be connected to a computer via USB or RS-232 serial
ports for conventional smart card applications such as secure authentication
to networks, Internet payment or e-couponing downloads and loyalty

“The E-25 makes smart card usage more secure, more convenient for
multi-application situations and also more cost effective,” said
Mladen Filipan, executive vice-president of PC security at SCM Microsystems.
“This one device will literally permit secure access to any service, from
anywhere in the world. For instance, whether at home or when traveling, users
can securely access bank accounts or sensitive corporate data on the Internet,
by plugging the E-25 into the USB port of any PC. The E-25 reader is
absolutely unique in the market and firmly shows SCM’s commitment to
developing new technology for secure, multifunctional smart card deployments.”

The E-25 reader offers a cost effective solution for OEMs building systems
in corporate security, higher education and business-to-consumer fields
involving e-commerce and loyalty applications. The reader features a tamper
evident casing, has been tested with all the major smart cards on the market
and is available in different plastic casing and colors. SCM has direct
relationships with the world’s leading smart card manufacturers, to ensure
corporations and OEMs have strong reasons to buy the E-25 for their smart card

For more information on the E-25 reader, please visit http//

About SCM Microsystems

SCM Microsystems is a leading supplier of solutions that open the Digital
World by enabling people to conveniently access digital content and services.
SCM’s advanced silicon, hardware and software solutions enable secure exchange
of electronic information for digital applications from e-commerce to
broadband content delivery by providing controlled access points to platforms
such as PCs, digital cameras and digital television set-top boxes. Known as a
premier supplier to OEM companies around the world, SCM also serves the retail
market through its Dazzle, Microtech and FAST product brands. Global
headquarters are in Fremont, Calif., with European headquarters in
Pfaffenhofen, Germany. For additional information, visit the SCM Microsystems
Website at http//


Gasco Energy, Inc., a company that acquires and explores petroleum and natural
gas properties in the United States, announced that it had entered into a
memorandum of understanding with First, Inc., a global provider of
electronic payment processing solutions, concerning a proposed merger of the

The intended results of the merger, should the transactions proposed in the
be completed, will result in First Ecom owning all of the outstanding
shares of
Gasco so that Gasco is wholly owned by First Ecom. As part of the proposed
transaction, First Ecom would transfer all of its e-commerce assets to a
separate company and distribute all of its holdings in this company to First
Ecom’s shareholders of record as of a date to be determined. At the conclusion
the transactions, the survivor of the First Ecom – Gasco merger would have no
interest in the new e-commerce company; the former shareholders of Gasco would
own a majority of the merged company’s shares; and the name of the merged
company would be changed to a name that better reflects the business of
exploring for and developing natural gas resources. The current
shareholders of
First Ecom would have shares in both the merged company and the new e-commerce

Consummation of the transactions outlined in the MOU are subject to the
completion of satisfactory due diligence investigations by both First Ecom and
Gasco, negotiating and executing a definitive agreement, and obtaining the
necessary corporate and regulatory approvals.
“This merger could present Gasco with an opportunity to immediately increase
its market capitalization, obtain a listing on the NASDAQ market and increase
shareholder value” said Mark Erickson, president of Gasco Energy. “In
if completed, this merger will provide us with the resources to pursue our
objectives of developing our existing properties within the highly active
Basin of the Rocky Mountain area as well as pursue new acquisitions that
compliment the company’s growth strategy.”

About First

As a global provider of electronic payment processing, First provides
secure, easy-to-implement and low-cost online payment processing services to
banks and their merchants worldwide. Through strategic partnerships with
ISPs, e-commerce product suppliers, system integrators and storefront solution
providers, First will process credit card transactions made over the
Internet in multiple currencies, either domestically or offshore in a
tax-neutral jurisdiction.
For more information, visit
or contact First at (852) 2801-5181 or by e-mail at
[email protected]

About Gasco Energy

Gasco Energy, Inc. is a US company trading on the NASD-OTC BB under the symbol
GASE. Gasco Energy acquires and explores petroleum and natural gas properties
in the United States. The Company currently holds interests in properties
located in the Uinta region of northeastern Utah which are being developed
pursuant to an agreement with Phillips Petroleum, as well as properties in
California and the Rocky Mountain region.
For more information about Gasco please contact John Foulkes or Peter Forward
toll free at 800-645-9254 or email [email protected]


Orlandi Valuta, a subsidiary of First Data
Corp., Banco Nacional de México, S.A. (Banamex) and California
Commerce Bank announced that they have entered into an agreement
that will facilitate consumer money transfers to and from Mexico.
Banamex and CCB, both subsidiaries of Grupo Financiero Banamex-Accival
(Banacci), will become a principal agent in Mexico for Orlandi Valuta consumer
money transfers. As Mexico’s leading bank, Banamex will offer Orlandi Valuta
money transfer services at its approximately 1,700 bank branch and sub-agent
locations within the next few days, strengthening the Orlandi Valuta agent
network in Mexico, which currently includes more than 900 locations throughout
Mexico. With Banamex, Orlandi Valuta will now offer customers the added
convenience of receiving their money transfers in the form of a cash pay-out,
improving upon the company’s current check-based disbursement.
“We are very pleased to establish this alliance with Orlandi Valuta,” said
Manuel Medina Mora, chief executive officer for Banacci. “The new services
offered under our agreement will provide even greater value to consumers
sending money to and receiving money in Mexico. The simplified process backed
by Banamex’s ability to pay cash throughout Mexico will ensure a safe,
and convenient way for consumers to send their hard earned money home.”
“The simplicity and confidence offered to consumers as a result of our
agreement between Banamex and Orlandi Valuta greatly improves the ability for
Orlandi Valuta customers to send their money home quickly and safely,” said
Charles T. Fote, president and chief operating officer for First Data Corp.
“Orlandi Valuta has been a leader in providing a simple and secure money
transfer service to Mexico, this agreement with Banamex extends that
position to the benefit of our customers.”

About Banacci
Grupo Financiero Banamex-Accival is Mexico’s leading financial group.
a universal banking strategy, the Group offers a variety of financial services
to companies and individuals, which include commercial and investment banking,
insurance, and fund management. Banamex, founded in 1884, is Mexico’s leading
commercial bank in terms of equity.The Bank has an extensive distribution
network of more than 1,300 branches and 3,000 ATM’s located throughout the

About California Commerce Bank California Commerce Bank provides full banking
services for companies and individuals that do business in Mexico and the
United States. As part of Grupo Financiero Banamex-Accival, CCB is the U.S.
banking arm of Banco Nacional de Mexico (Banamex), Mexico’s leading bank. As
such, CCB is the gateway to and from Mexican financial markets. With over $2.1
billion in assets and advanced international information technology systems,
CCB is a valued resource for customers with interests, which cross national
boundaries. For more information, visit California Commerce Bank at

About Orlandi Valuta

Orlandi Valuta, a subsidiary of First Data Corp. (NYSE FDC) provides same day
and next day electronic money transfer service from the United States to
locations in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and all 32 states in Mexico. In
operation since 1986, Orlandi Valuta has established a safe and reliable agent
network with more than 4,500 locations.
About First Data Corp.

Atlanta-based First Data Corp. (NYSE FDC) powers the global economy. Serving
nearly 2.5 million merchant locations, more than 1,400 card issuers and
millions of consumers, First Data makes it easier, faster and more secure for
people and businesses to buy goods and services, using virtually any form of
payment credit, debit, stored-value card or check at the point-of-sale, over
the Internet or by money transfer. For more information, please visit the
company’s Web site at

New ABNH Plant

American Bank Note Holographics, a leader in the origination, production and marketing of holograms for security applications, has built a new holographic production facility inside one of Crane & Co.’s high security paper facilities in Dalton, MA.

The new plant will complement the production of ABNH’s other two plants in Elmsford, NY and Huntingdon Valley, PA, and has been designed as a high security holographic production facility. ABNH is the world’s leading producer of security holograms for credit cards, and is a leading innovator of security holograms for a wide variety of applications including bank notes, identification documents, pharmaceuticals, and consumer and industrial products. Crane & Co. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high security paper for bank notes, and is the supplier of all of the paper in United States currency. Crane & Co.’s plant is a high security facility which has been approved for security work by the United States Treasury, among others. It is one of the most advanced facilities for secure banknote paper in the world. The addition of ABNH’s holographic facility inside this plant continues the tradition of producing the most advanced security devices to protect critical documents. ABNH has worked in partnership with Crane & Co. to build this facility, and leases space and certain services from Crane & Co.

ABNH has relocated Susan A. Morwald and William C. Morwald, two of its most experienced production and product development managers to manage the new facility. Susan Morwald has been named the Director of Manufacturing of the new facility. Susan has been with ABNH for over 16 years, and was previously the Production Manager of the company’s Huntingdon Valley plant. William Morwald has been named Director of Operations of the new facility and he will be directing the company’s product design and development efforts for bank note holograms. William Morwald has been with ABNH for over 16 years, and previously was responsible for managing the Quality, ISO, Slitting and other areas of ABNH’s Huntingdon Valley facility. Both have relocated from Pennsylvania to Dalton, MA to assume these responsibilities.

Kenneth Traub, President and CEO of ABNH, commented, “We appreciate Crane & Co.’s support in helping us to create a state-of-the-art, high security holographic facility within their plant. This facility will enable us to collaborate more closely with Crane & Co. on projects of mutual interest, and give us expanded capacity and greater flexibility to serve our customers. I would also like to congratulate Susan and Bill Morwald on their new and important assignments.”

Douglas Crane, Manager of Strategic Planning of Crane & Co., added, “We are delighted to be working closely with ABNH and would like to welcome them to Dalton. Both companies share a rich heritage and a 200-year tradition that has culminated in a close partnership this year. We are both committed to providing the most effective security devices to protect valuable documents from the increased risk of counterfeiting.”

About ABNH

American Bank Note Holographics is a world leader in the origination, production and marketing of holograms. The Company’s products are used primarily for security applications such as counterfeiting protection and authentication of transaction cards, identification cards, documents of value, consumer and industrial products as well as for packaging and promotional applications. ABNH has production facilities in Elmsford, NY, Huntingdon Valley, PA and Dalton, MA. Additional information on ABNH can be obtained on the world wide web at [][1].

About Crane & Co.

Crane & Co., Inc., founded in 1801, is internationally renowned for its fine 100% cotton social, business and bank note papers. In addition to supplying the United States government with its currency paper since 1879, Crane & Co. also makes paper for international bank notes as well as a variety of technical applications and non-woven materials. Additional information on Crane & Co. can be obtained on the world wide web at [][2].



Sungold Entertainment Corp. announces that an agreement has been completed for
the acquisition of the entire world wide right, title and interest to the
internet payment system technology of SafeSpending Services Inc. The internet
payment system business is a growing multi billion dollar market.

The acquisition agreement with SafeSpending includes all copyrights,
trademarks, source codes and SafeSpendings’ intellectual property. Under the
terms of the agreement Sungold has agreed to pay a 7.5 percent royalty of net
revenue relating to the technology and 330,000 common shares in the capital of
Sungold Entertainment Corp. upon Sungold or it’s subsidiary Horsepower
Broadcasting Network Inc. receiving $1,000,000 in net revenue from the sale or
license of the technology. The SafeSpending internet payment system is a
pre-paid spending system that uses cards with a unique PIN number which can be
used to make purchases online from merchants or individuals.
A survey by Odyssey Online found that 83 percent of respondents said that
payment security concerns prevented them from shopping online.
The alternatives to credit and debit cards being offered as more secure
alternatives, such as Smart Cards, fail to address consumer concerns about

SafeSpending has developed a system which allows consumers to pre- purchase
spending cards of a certain value that will enable the consumer to purchase
online without divulging any personal, confidential information as would be
necessary if one used a credit card or any other traceable transaction

The pre-paid cards will be of a certain value (e.g. the cards value will come
in $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 and $100.00 increments), allowing the consumer to
choose which card best suits their purchasing needs. The cards will be
available behind the counter at most major retailers.

Online merchants can be assured of almost immediate payment, and pay a smaller
fee to the Company for use of the SafeSpending payment system than they would
usually pay to a credit card company. Merchants accepting prepaid spending
cards would be immune from fraud. Music and media outlets, looking for ways to
tap into the vast teen market online, may find prepaid spending cards a
solution to their current marketing dilemma. Individuals selling on auction
sites could receive payment from bidders by providing SafeSpending with an
account number. Conversely, auction sites are looking for solutions to the
fraud for which their sites are becoming infamous. Online gamblers can monitor
their wagering by using age restricted SafeSpending cards instead of credit


LML Payment Systems Corp. has signed an
electronic transaction processing contract with Sun Foods of
Sun City, Arizona.

LML will provide check authorization processing along with credit, debit
and EBT card authorization and selective routing services to Sun Foods for
five supermarkets located in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

“We are pleased with this contract and look forward to providing these
services to Sun Foods. Checks are a particularly important tender-type for
supermarkets, making this retail segment very attractive to us. We also look
forward to the opportunity to provide additional related check services in the
months ahead,” said Corporation President and CEO, Patrick H. Gaines.

The Corporation, through its subsidiary LML Payment Systems Corp., is a
financial payment processor providing end-to-end check processing solutions
including Electronic Check Conversion (whereby paper checks are converted into
electronic transactions), electronic check verification, electronic check
re-presentment (whereby returned paper checks are re-presented for payment
electronically), and primary and secondary check collection to supermarkets,
grocery stores, multilane retailers, convenience stores and other national,
regional and local retailers. We also specialize in providing selective
routing, including real-time monitoring of check, debit, credit and EBT
transactions for authorization and settlement through our flagship transaction
processing product REPS (Retail Electronic Payment System). The Corporation’s
intellectual property estate, owned by subsidiary LML Patent Corp, includes
new U.S. Patent No. 6,164,528 regarding Internet checking transactions, in
addition to U.S. Patent No. 5,484,988 which describes a “Checkwriting point of
sale system,” which, through a centralized database and authorization system,
is capable of providing and administering various electronic payment services
for customers and businesses. Also included in our intellectual property
estate is a recently received Notice of Allowance from the United States
Patent and Trademark Office for a new patent based upon United States Patent
Application Serial No. 09/562,303. The new patent describes corporate checks
and electronic fund transfers (EFT) and relates to existing U.S. Patent No.
6,164,528 and U.S. Patent No. 5,484,988 (described above).

FDC Denver

First Data Corp. confirmed yesterday it is moving its global corporate headquarters from Atlanta to Denver. President and COO Charlie Fote will relocate to Denver upon completion of a new building in mid-2002. Fote has been based in the Denver area for more than 17 years. He will assume the CEO post at First Data in January, succeeding Ric Duques, who will remain Chairman of the Board. FDC has about 2,600 employees and a core team of senior managers based in the Denver area. In April, FDC broke ground on a new 166,000-square-foot Douglas County office complex in the Meridian International Business Center just outside of Denver. Several First Data business units are already headquartered in Colorado, including Integrated Payment Systems; SkyTeller; govONE Solutions; First Data Payment Services; and Western Union Financial Services. First Data has more than 27,000 employees globally.


British Airways announced a partnership with
Royal Bank of Canada to introduce a new Visa credit card designed to reward
Canada’s international frequent flyers.

Called the Royal Bank/British Airways Visa Platinum Card, it’s the only
credit card in Canada that earns cardholders rewards and services on British
Airways. Those international flyers will now be able to accumulate frequent
flyer miles faster with every card purchase, redeemable for flights and other
rewards, while receiving extensive features geared to their special needs such
as free out-of-country medical insurance and worldwide cash advances.

“The Royal Bank/British Airways Visa Platinum card is the ideal
complement to Executive Club membership,” said Bob Brunner, British Airways’
director of Business Travel Marketing. “Part of being the leading airline for
the 21st Century is offering the most attractive rewards to our customers.”

Every dollar of spending charged to the card generates one Executive Club
“mile.” Upon approved enrollment, each cardholder receives 5,000 bonus miles
and a complementary companion ticket that can be used in conjunction with full
fare travel in any class on British Airways. For each annual renewal a member
receives 2,500 bonus miles and can earn another complementary companion
ticket. Every dollar charged for British Airways products and services,
including flights and British Airways Holidays land products earns two miles.
“Mileage” can be redeemed for flights on any of British Airways’ airline
partners Aer Lingus, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, America West
Airline, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Finnair, Iberia, JAL, LanChile and Qantas.

“Royal Bank’s credit card strategy is to offer cardholders the widest
variety of options and features to meet their needs,” said Mark Tonnesen,
executive vice-president, E-Commerce and Cards, Royal Bank. “We’re very
pleased to partner with British Airways to offer customers this co-branded
credit card with superior rewards and benefits.”

Membership of British Airways Executive Club North America is free.
Further information can be obtained from The Executive Club Customer Service
Centre in Toronto (416) 250-9429 or Toll Free on 1-800-463-3932. For more
information on the Royal Bank/British Airways Visa Platinum Card visit the
British Airways Website at or Royal Bank’s Website at