Visa Extends FIFA Advertising Campaign

Visa and international football organization FIFA have extended its “Go Fans” marketing campaign.
Go Fans was developed to connect with football fans worldwide to drive preference for and usage of Visa products, promote Visa’s association with the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa and reinforce the ways in which Visa enhances the fan’s FIFA World Cup experience. The global campaign, which originally debuted in Latin America in 2009, includes television, print and out-of-home advertisements, usage promotions, experiential offers for cardholders and merchant discounts. To date, 78 markets throughout the world are activating Visa FIFA-themed marketing programs with over 200 clients.
Utilizing the flexibility of the “More people go with Visa”campaign, advertising creative from the Go Fans campaign will be customized and will appear in 30 markets around the world to strengthen the campaign’s relevance in those regions.

Accenture Now Offering High Speed Mobile Financial Solution

Accenture has partnered with mobile financial services provider Fundamo
to offer mobile financial transaction
software. The mobile money management solution incorporates the Fundamo
Enterprise Mobile Financial Services (EMFS) platform and combines it
with Accenture’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP). Mobile money
management is available from Accenture Mobility Operated Services, which
provides services for mobile operators,
financial institutions and large retailers for
revenue-generating services. It allows
customers to conduct traditional banking transactions, automatically
adjusts to fluctuations in network traffic, such as sudden peaks of
traffic at the beginning of a business day, and can facilitate thousands
of simultaneous transactions.
The mobile money management solution makes it possible to process
micropayments in real time, which helps companies take advantage of new
business models.

nFinanSe Reduces ATM & Payment Fees

nFinanSe reloadable prepaid card provider is significantly reducing its
fees to cardholders for ATM withdrawals and for electronic bill pay
transactions to facilitate greater trial and use of the Visa and
Discover Reloadable Prepaid Cards. The Company is immediately reducing
its fee for an ATM withdrawal to $0.99 from $1.50 regardless of where
the ATM withdrawal is made and reducing the fee on an electronic bill
payment transaction to $0.44 from $1.00 with no restrictions as to payee
or number of transactions for both existing and future cardholders of
nFinanSe Visa and Discover Reloadable Prepaid Cards. The major fees that
will appear on the Company’s packaging include a Retail Price of $3.00;
a monthly fee of $2.95; free employer direct deposit; free bank transfer
to card; a reload fee of $2.95; free PIN and signature transactions; and
an ATM cash withdrawal fee of $0.99. FL-based nFinanSe financial
services company and provider of stored value and prepaid card solutions
has developed the “nFinanSe Network” to connect retail merchants and
other value load stations located throughout the United States.

LifeLock Ranked Best Overall in Service

Identity Theft Labs, an industry-leading blog
which compares various identity theft protection services, has ranked
LifeLock as the “Best Overall” service and provided an overall rating
for LifeLock as “Excellent.” The “LifeLock Identity Alert” system offers broader identity coverage,
greater control, and early notification of both credit and non-credit
related identity threats by searching more than 45 million data points
daily and 30 million consumer transactions each month. This advanced
detection system can identify fraudulent applications for many forms of
both credit and non-credit related services. These include many retail
credit cards, mortgage loans, and auto loans, as well as non-credit
related transactions, such as wireless services, utilities, peer to peer
loans, and non-credit related payday loans.

MetaBank Introduces Campus Dough Prepaid

CO-based University Parent has teamed with prepaid card provider StorValue and issuer
MetaBank to offer the “Campus Dough DebitSmart” Visa
Prepaid Card. The “Campus Dough” prepaid card will be reloadable and
funds can be allocated from a payroll direct deposit, checking account
or GreenDot and Western Union retail locations nationwide.
The reloadable card enables students to receive discounts
on purchases at thousands of brick-and-mortar and online retailers –
from leading pizza chains and fast-food restaurants to bookstores,
coffee shops and downloadable music sites. In addition, students and any
family members holding the card will be able to receive prescription
discounts at more than 56,000 pharmacies across the country.
The Campus Dough card will be available to all university
students and their families nationwide in April. University
Parent will detail the cards rewards and features in the coming weeks in
print and online University Parent Guides, as well as on Facebook and

Hypercom Expands ZKA Folio in Germany

Hypercom Corporation has expanded portfolio of high security payment and digital transaction solutions validated in compliance with the EMV POS specification of Germany’s Central Credit Committee, the Zentraler Kreditausschuss (ZKA). With ZKA approval of the already-approved Artema Hybrid, now configured with cardholder-facing S10 PIN Pad, Hypercom strengthens its position as the leading provider of payment and digital transaction solutions to the German market. The latest approval follows ZKA certification in May 2009 for Hypercom’s “Optimum T4200” countertop terminals with options for ISDN, TCP/IP and GPRS connectivity, as well as the M4240 Bluetooth and M4230 GPRS mobile models, all with integrated smart card readers.

Mastercard Grants Calypso Canada EMV Approval

MasterCard has granted Calypso Canada Transaction Network Services company and ABM processor EMV approval as part of Canada’s drive to switch to secure EMV and Chip-certified technology. With less than 12 months until the deadline set by the Interac Association passes, owners, operators and deployers of automatic banking machine (ABM) estates across Canada are now furiously ensuring they can meet the imposed mandates. These mandates require at least 50% of non-deposit-taking ABMs upgraded by the end of the year. The MasterCard EMV approval for Calypso Canada’s PCI DSS certified ABM processing environment is the latest in a series of investments made by Calypso Canada, after the Interac Association had certified its EMV Chip platform.

Heartland To Offer Payment Network for Martin Eagle Oil

Martin Eagle Oil Company has selected Heartland Payment Systems’
“SmartLink” technology for payment transaction data and back-office
information. Heartland’s “SmartLink” telecommunications technology
consolidates multiple in-store communication lines into one high-speed
broadband line to streamline network services and enables critical
business data transmitted quickly over a secure, SSL-encrypted
connection. The “SmartLink” Network delivers first-of-its-kind
technology that can transmit both transactional data as well as integral
back-office information, allowing store owners
to spend less time managing networks. The payment gateway allows them to monitor their point-of-sale
terminals, money-order terminals, check verification, ATM, fleet card
and loyalty card transactions. With “SmartLink”, businesses receive a
single network-related invoice and can rely on one customer service
resource for troubleshooting and network monitoring, reducing in-house
support costs and the need for additional IT staff. Heartland is one of
the largest payments processors in the convenience store and petroleum
industry, offering services for card processing, gift marketing, prepaid services, check
management, payroll services and more.


Transaction Network Services has renewed
its agreement with MasterCard to provide payment server software for MasterCard’s ecommerce platform, the MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS).
This renewed agreement cements the relationship between the TNS Payment Division and MasterCard which began in 2007. MiGS provides an outsourced payment gateway service for MasterCard’s bank acquirers and merchant customers. The MiGS platform provides Card-Not-Present transactions for online activities, including eCommerce and purchases via mobiles and telephones. It is used worldwide by more than 70 bank acquirers and over 17,000 merchants.


Processing solution provider VersaPay Corporation has signed a three-year, exclusive partnership agreement with the Business Improvements Areas of British Columbia (BIABC), a not-for-profit organization that promotes business improvements in British Columbia on behalf of its merchant membership base. VersaPay will provide all BIABC members preferred rates when implementing any VersaPay on-site or online payment processing solution. As a not-for-profit organization, BIABC provides networking opportunities, works on outreach, lobbies the government, assists with renewal efforts, hosts an annual spring conference, publishes electronic newsletters and promotes members. VersaPay provides enhanced financial technology solutions such as VersaEFT – the Company’s proprietary Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment solution – which enables merchants and consumers to easily transact with one another.

Blackhawk Program Named Paybefore Best in Category

Blackhawk Network’s “” was chosen as the Best in Category winner in the Best Web Sales Channel category at the Paybefore Awards on February 22. Presented annually by Prepaid Media, Paybefore Awards, now in their fourth year, are the most prestigious recognition of excellence in the worldwide prepaid and stored value card industry. The “” online shop for gift cards offers consumers convenient access to hundreds of cards to choose from. The gift cards are available in standard and occasion-themed designs and many can be customized with personal photos and images. The cards can be used online or in store. The “” reaches more than 165 million people each week through an exclusive network of leading grocery, mass, convenience, drug, and specialty stores.

Campus Cards Go Contactless With Blackboard

Blackboard has made available its “Blackboard Transact,” offering a unique contactless campus ecosystem seeking to make the student experience significantly more convenient and secure.
Developed specifically for higher education institutions in the United States, the fully integrated technology platform transforms the way students navigate life on and off campus.
Already used by hundreds of institutions to support campus commerce and security, Blackboard Transact is the first platform to fully support the industry leading, standards based Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless technology. And while there are more than 400 million cards and mobile phones worldwide that carry Sony’s FeliCa contactless technology, Blackboard’s platform is the first to bring FeliCa to U.S. colleges and universities to enable a faster, safer, more convenient system that integrates better with many technologies already on campus.